Like so many other women I know I have trouble sleeping through the night. Three o’clock in the  morning seems to be that witching hour that I struggle to stay asleep. Sometimes it’s because my to-do list decides to start adding more to the list, other times it’s hormonal and I find myself drenched in sweat and contemplating sticking my head into the freezer. Two nights ago it was the latter so I got up and roamed the house looking for a cooler place to sleep. I went it to my son’s room because I knew he had the fan blasting on him. I figure I gave birth to my kids so I can call eminent domain on anything they own. I would have crawled into his bed but there was no room. Although he has a generous queen size bed it was jammed with stuff as it always is. It’s been like this since he was in his crib. Even at 1 year old he would point to objects in his room and insist on sleeping with them, and not just the usual suspects like stuffed animals. Books, toys, shoes, nothing was off limits. And as soon as he had what he figured was the right amount of “stuff” he would then go easily off to sleep. I never fought him on this because sleep is sleep and we all need it.

Yesterday I decided that I could not remember the last time I had washed the kid’s sheets. Yes, that’s gross. I am claiming the laziness known as summer as my defense. In order to get to the sheets on my son’s bed I had to dig through mounds of stuff. This included but was not limited to: 3 sports themed pillow pets, an assortment of stuffed objects won at a claw machine, at least a dozen other stuffed animals, 2 keychains, 1 hockey puck, 1 street hockey ball and 3 books. The crazier part of this is that he completely panicked when I made his bed and only put back about 2 stuffed animals. He went through and put the exact same things back on the bed with him, explaining to me what each and every one meant to him and why he wanted them so close when he slept. Crazier still is that I understood. He had true sentimental value to all the stuff that I just saw as inanimate objects. He knew how he got each and every item, he had named each and every stuffed animal, and he had a sort of order to what I saw as a bunch of things thrown on the corner of his bed. I let go of the fact that his bed always looked messy and accepted that it made him happy.

Letting go of things sometimes has to happen to whether we want it to or not. This has been at the forefront of my mind this week with my kids getting ready to go back to school on Monday. My kids are going into the fourth and sixth grades and if I could freeze time I would. In fact I may even reverse it just a year or so to keep them both together at elementary school. Other friends of mine have children starting Kindergarten, for some families this is the first time that their child will be out of the house for a huge part of the day, every day of the week. They have to let go of time they get to spend with them and accept that their kids are starting to grow up and carry backpacks with homework.

2015-08-26 14.39.31

I like to stay organized, particularly in my closet. If you can believe it I really don’t have that many clothes. Except for a few vintage items I am not even emotionally attached to my clothes, so it’s easy for me to keep up with editing and purging. My downfall? Shopping bags. Yep, totally weird I know. Not all bags make the cut. The prettier the better. Thick corded and colored handles? Love. Thick, sturdy bottoms that reek of an expensive purchase? I swoon. Stores like Lulu Lemon and Athleta with their eco-conscious reusable bags? Super hard to get rid off because they feel like real bags!  I find myself having as much appreciation for the shopping bag as the purchased items inside of it. This is silly. I tell myself I will use these bags again, after all it is the socially responsible thing to do. I fold and stack them nice and neatly inside our front coat closet, ready to use. When I do use a bag I even find myself not just picking one out for it’s capacity but also for it’s style. In my mind each bag tells the recipient something about me because of where the bag is from. A Lulu lemon bag says I can afford overpriced and expensive workout clothes and I have the body of a Pilates instructor.  A Lilly Pulitzer bag brightly covered with one of their signature prints? This says I am preppy and cute. A bag from anyone of the cool local boutiques in our town? Of course this must mean that I am hip and local. This is utterly ridiculous and I know it. These are bags I use to drop off a leftover dish from a party or send with my kids into school to carry a project. I don’t think anyone ever notices what kind of bag something is in nor are they making any assumptions about me and my family.

With school starting on Monday my head is a mess. I am already stressing over where they will store their book bags and where they will do their homework. These stupid shopping bags are actually in my way, and in reality I end up using them about 3 times a year. After all, I own about 3,000 of those reusable grocery bags that live in the dark corners of my trunk. Even there I never can remember to bring them into the store with me so I can actually use them. So I let go of all the beautifully constructed and printed shopping bags and in their place I gained an empty space. But that empty space gave my coat closet room, and that space and room gave my mind such peace, as weird as that my sound. Maybe I’ll use that space for book bags, or maybe I’ll keep it empty. I may have had to let things go but in turn I received so much more. And yes, don’t worry I did put the bags in recycling.

In my job I see clients struggling to let go all the time. A new client will sometimes ask me with fear in their eyes and a quiver to their voice if I am going to make them get rid of everything. I always tell them that I’ll never make them part with anything they aren’t ready to let go of. Forced interventions only work temporarily anyway, and that’s because they only deal with the physical aspect of our clothes, when in truth there is a huge mental aspect to our wardrobes. There are pieces in our wardrobe that hold specific memories, sometimes even scents. I remember how hard it was after my grandmother died to part with one of her sweaters because it still smelled like her perfume. Maybe it’s a dress you wore on your first date with your now husband, or a jacket from your high school sports team. I get it and I promise to never pry these things out of your hands. We are all allowed to keep a handful of items that make us feel something. The key is deciphering between the item and a memory. A bridesmaid dress you hated but wore for a friend you love? It can go. Letting go of the dress doesn’t mean you don’t love your friend. It means you don’t love the dress, and that’s okay because the fond memories from a great weekend will stay stored in your head and in your heart.

When you are ready to truly get rid of things you will know. The results will change your life, truly. Having less clothes to choose from actually leads to more outfits.Trust me on this. Keeping only what you love and makes you feel good is the real way to show others who you are. So much better than sending that message out in the form of a single shopping bag. In reality we are all somewhat of a mix. My Lilly shirt may be paired with cool local jeans and shoes, topped off with an overpriced athletic jacket from Lulu Lemon. But that’s okay, because that’s all me.

*Insider Tip – The 1 in 1 out rule.

Want to maintain a clean and organized closet? Try my 1 in 1 out rule. Or if you are already feeling too crammed make this a 1 in 2 out rule.Whenever you buy something new make sure to get rid of something else. Keeping a clean closet takes discipline. Too much input and not enough output can quickly add up and feel overwhelming, landing you right back to and overstuffed closet with nothing to wear. And this doesn’t mean if you buy another pair of jeans that you have to get rid of a pair of jeans, but make sure you get rid of something. Maybe it’s a pair of shoes that were always just a bit too tight or a sweater that is itchy. Just keep the flow and you’ll be good to go!

Thanks for reading and and extra special Good Luck to all my friends who are teachers. I don’t know how you do what you do but I am so grateful. Without all of you I would be homeschooling and that would be hell for both of us since I have the patience of a gnat. Oh and I stink at Science.


low back maxi

It’s August, I’m hot, I’m sick of my summer clothes and my legs are covered in bug bites from lots of fun nights outside. My secret weapon for this tough time of transition? The Maxi Dress. I could write an entire romance novel devoted to this particular fashion staple. When my mind doesn’t want to put together a complete outfit the maxi dress is a one and done deal. If I’m feeling like I would rather be home in my pajamas than out at a party the maxi dress will play nice with a little jewelry and funky heels and get the job done. Going on a road trip? Throw on a maxi and flip flops for a comfy ride and no sticking to the hot seats. No time to shave your legs and you want to avoid people wandering if you have taken your devotion to Whole Foods just a little too far? The maxi dress will help you out.  My favorite style is cut a little bit looser and with skinny straps. I love this style not just because I can eat in it, but also because I actually think there is something very subtle but still sexy and chic about being a little bit covered up while still showing flashes of skin like beautiful shoulders or an open back. I actually love my own collarbones much better than my knees so I feel super happy in this style.

The Field Day Navy Blue Print Maxi Dress from is perfect for a summer weekend look.

Blogger Karla Deras in the Shareen Bridal

50 Shades Of Style ~ Grey Maxi + White Converse - Style Estate -

ASOS Satin Split Front Maxi Slip

The best part is the maxi dress is the perfect companion to falls transitioning weather patterns. I absolutely love the look of throwing on a denim jacket and cute ankle boots for an insta outfit. If you are super excited for fall you can even swap the denim jacket for a lightweight leather or suede. It’s also fabulous with an amazing scarf. There is nothing better than being cozy and comfy.

Blogger The Fashion Guitar wears a bright yellow maxi dress, matching bag, and denim jacket

a casual long black dress and denim jacket on Amanda Kerr

I actually have a mustard maxi, leopard scarf, a leather jacket & black belt. Idk why I haven't those of putting these items together.

Rachel Zoe in a flowy printed maxi dress with LEATHER if that's not a great example of contrast, I don't know what is.

Feeling too big and baggy? Look for a jacket in a more shrunken and cropped style, so that the bottom falls at the skinniest part of your torso to give you back your shape.

maxi - so cute!

As much as I love black I also love bold jewel tones. I think they are so striking.

Sensual Backless Dresses For 2015 (1)

bright blue maxi dressJ. Crew silk maxi dress in cobalt blue. #JCrew

Want to try the look without breaking the bank? In the midst of the misery known as back to school shopping with my kids I found these beauties on the sale rack.

Women's Matte-Crepe Maxi Dresses | Old NavyWomens Matte-Crepe Maxi Dresses

The best part? Old Navy was having a promotion of 40% of their sale priced merchandise, which made the cost of this dress LESS THAN $7!!! You cannot beat that! While their extra promo sale has passed, they do still have this dress available online for $19.99, with a current offer of an additional 25% off. If you don’t see your exact size online you may want to try your luck in the store as there were many left when I was there.  Fair warning, you may have to DIG through the sales racks as they are not known as the most organized area of the store. Make sure not just to check in your size but all the sizes as they are frequently mixed up. I nabbed the orange color and I have already worn it twice since Sunday, and you can bet you will see me with it on in the fall. I’m thinking gray short suede booties back to my favorite denim jacket and major funky earrings. And I may even use it again for a fall wedding. I love the creation of making a wardrobe item do double duty and this dress  totally works it!

*Insider Tip – Undergarment 411.

Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface

I really wish I could pull of that whole look of Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface but mother nature had other plans for me. I went through a love/hate relationship with anything that had spaghetti style straps because I could not find a strapless bra to be friends with. Then I found the Stunning Support style from Soma. Hallelujah! This bra lifts up and separates, without giving you that “My cups runneth over” look that just doesn’t work in a slip dress style, and the sides are wide and supportive, with a no slip band. Unfortunately this means that I have to Know my limits and steer clear of the low open back style dresses. If you don’t need all the support up top but you’d like to avoid letting everyone around you knowing when it becomes cold, try these cover ups from Hollywood Fashion Secrets. As for the bottom half you want smooth and seamless, with a vanishing edge. These microfiber boy shorts will do the trick.

Thanks again for reading and enjoy these last few weeks of summer!


I am sure you have heard that saying about how the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Thank goodness that is not how it works in our relationship or I would have been dumped the minute I asked my husband how to boil water. What about the way to a woman’s heart? Is it flowers? Is it candy? How about diamonds? I think every woman has their own idea of the ultimate romantic display but for me it is a thoughtfully designed closet. I’m with Carrie, offer up a walk-in closet and I’m all yours.

Pearls and Peacocks: happy 15th bday sex and the city!!!!!! here are 10 reasons why I love you
via Pinterest

And it’s not just about size (I’m talking about closets people! Get your mind out of the gutter!), it’s about design. It has to be equal parts aesthetic and ergonomically correct. Basically I need it to look pretty and be functional. You can have the world’s largest closet but if it doesn’t make sense to you and how you get dressed it’s useless. Likewise it can be as orderly as boot camp cadet’s locker but that doesn’t mean it’s pretty.

Enter my hubby. If I didn’t love him so much I would find him incredibly annoying because he is one of those people who can pretty much do anything, and do it really well. If he doesn’t know how to do something he will learn and inevitably be successful.  I am so not one of those people. But lucky for me house projects are his form of unwinding, he actually needs to create and build things or he gets very restless. When we moved into our new (old) home one of the concerns from all of those who care about me was regarding closet space. I was not concerned because my prayers had been answered. This house comes with an honest to goodness (I swear you can check the description on the original blue prints) dressing room that is attached to the master bedroom. Neither rooms are terribly large but basically our bed is in one room and the other room is for our clothes…and shoes…and accessories!!!! Heaven on Earth!

I was more than happy to give up the charming (that means small) closets in the dressing room to my husband if I could have the rest of the room, sounds fair right? He very sweetly agreed and even offered to make the space as functional and beautiful as possible. I already had several metal garment racks on wheels that made for great hanging storage but the shoes were becoming an issue. We needed to go vertical before someone broke their ankle tripping over a stiletto. Chris’s solution involved some old planks of wood he found in the attic of the detached garage. To keep the room from becoming too girly he paired the wood with galvanized pipe for a rustic and industrial feel. The result was sturdy and chic. It’s true love!


Shoe rack


We are still working on the rest of the room but we it is coming together really well. I have places for some of my favorite personal mementos and artwork, and the place feels feminine without alienating my husband all together. And for functionality I still have my large dresser from our previous home to house t-shirts, pajamas and of course belts!





*Insider Tip – Don’t wait for perfection.

Most people will wait to do a project until they know they can do it perfectly can completely. This usually makes sense when you consider both money and time. But when it comes to your closet there are ways to get around any type of permanent solutions. Metal garment racks are perfect for this because they can come on wheels so you can move them when needed and can be taken apart or collapsed for easy storage. At under a $100 a rack they are the perfect way to try out a closet system and get a feel for how much clothing you really have and how you would like it displayed. In order for me to fit the shoe rack along the back wall I had to edit out some of my clothes so that I could get the room down to 2 clothing racks. I admit I totally freaked when he had to attached the shelf to the plaster walls and screamed “Honey what about resale???” He looked at me like I was nuts and told me we are never ever moving again and we will both be buried in the back yard. I guess that is the good thing about finding your forever home. But I am still on the fence about putting up a permanent wall solution for the clothing racks so these metal ones on wheels are a perfect solution.  I haven’t even been able to commit to placing the chair in the same place. In the meantime I am putting together a job offer proposal to my husband to bring him on as construction consultant for all my clients who have unique closet storage challenges. I’m just not sure it is going to be enough to lure him away from his day job. But maybe if I learn to cook him a really good meal….

Ever feel like you want to light a match to the entire contents of your wardrobe?  I definitely do. Right now nothing fits.Maybe it’s because I was way active, constantly exercising and eating fresh fruits and salads, so everything feels too big.  Not quite. This summer I’ve been a   sloth who slurps margaritas and calls wine and cheese a meal. All my clothes feel too tight and I hate them. We are in the dog days of summer, July is ending and August is breathing her hot humid stinky breath upon us, reminding us that Fall’s chaos of activity will be here before we know it. It is the calm before the storm yet I feel unsettled with my current clothes and my current body.

1970s fashion

Mood is everything when it comes to our clothes. Some people think personal styling is a superficial job but it’s actually quite the opposite. I can’t think of anything more personal where we need to go deep under the surface.  In order to truly be happy with your clothes you have to start with your brain, diving into the depths of our own self-esteem. I can throw out the entire contents of your closet, and replace it with a  brand new designer wardrobe, but if you don’t feel good about it yourself it’s not going to matter. It’s so easy to beat ourselves up, in fact it is almost too easy, especially when we are the ones putting on the boxing gloves. Last week I tried to do some work on my Facebook page for my business. I discovered on the Insights tab there is a way to tell if people (it doesn’t say who, just a number) have unliked my page. Well isn’t that a soul crusher. Yet, conversely who am I to think that everyone has to like me or what I do? That’s decidedly self-righteous and equally uncontrollable. Even the lovable Taylor Swift has “bad blood” with Katy Perry. She can hire all the models she wants for her videos but she can’t force Katy Perry to like her because “Haters gonna hate.” (Can you tell I have had too much time with daughter in control of the car radio?!?!) Sure I should be focusing on the new “Likes” on my pages as opposed to any negativity, but sadly its human nature to want to dwell on what’s wrong instead of what’s right. The runaway train of self-esteem can is known to ride rather quickly in the wrong direction, making brief stops at Comparison City and Jealous Junction, neither of which are fun destinations.


So how do we turn the train around? Hit the brakes. Stop the negative thoughts. No one ever spent a good amount of time looking at themselves in the mirror, picking themselves apart and then afterwards thought, “Wow, I’m so glad I did that, I feel so much better!” If you are having trouble thinking positive than it’s time for a gut check. Are you alive? Are you loved? There’s a start.

Start slow. Put one foot in front of the other, heading in a more positive direction. Don’t give up. Effort isn’t failure but apathy can sure feel like it.

Ask for help. Find the positive people in your life and soak up their good vibes.

Embrace change. Nothing extraordinary ever came out of doing the same thing year after year and day after day.

Expect resistance. Most people are adverse to change. Change tells us that the future is not completely reliable. It shakes up our GPS and takes us off track, which sometimes is exactly what we need. A couple of years ago I had bangs cut and my own children cried. They didn’t like that I looked different. I thought I looked like a badass version of Joan Jett and insisted on collecting vintage rock t-shirts. It was awesome and I felt very cool. And I am not a cool chick.

JoanJett.jpg (432×290)

I tell you all of this because I have seen it so many times in so many closets of so many clients. I also see it in myself right now.  This summer I am driving my own train into a complete rut. I feel my own personal style changing and I am scared to make any purchases or to get rid of anything. I don’t know where I am heading exactly in terms of how I want to look and feel in my clothes. Even moving to our older, more casual home has influenced my style wants and needs. It’s going to be a cool journey.

Every day is a fresh start

Getting dressed sounds so simple and yet it can be so hard. I get this, I really do. Sometimes people are afraid to call me because they think I will give them a makeover or make them throw out things they aren’t ready to part with. Never. A true style consultation and closet clean out is collaborative. A client has to be ready, mentally and emotionally to want to make some changes. This isn’t an ambush it’s a consult. When you are ready you will know. It won’t always be easy but I promise there will be no judgement from me. It’s an intimate personal process and it can only occur when a client is ready. The best part of my job? Seeing someone who puts on an outfit and feels good about themselves. I love it when clients send me their photos of what they wore and when they tell me they got compliments. Those positive vibes are contagious and felt by everyone around them. It’s a good thing and it’s way having a wardrobe you love is so important.

*Insider Tip – Clean it up.

If you can get your mind and body agreeing upon your wardrobe you need to give them a positive place to hang out together. Your brain doesn’t need or want to work that hard to find what it is looking for to get dressed, and your clothes deserve a place of peace and respect. I like to help my clients organize their clothes in a way that is visually pleasing as well as functionally efficient. It needs to make sense to you and for your lifestyle. In my client profiles I like to know how their brain works. Ergonomics and aesthetics need to coexist but different people require different levels of each. If you are bored with your clothes try to rearrange them from their normal homes.

Things to try:

All below pics via suziegaffney wardrobe consulting.


Hang your jeans instead of folding them, or fold them if you usually hang them.

Denim organized by color and type

Arrange by type (all sleeveless together, all short sleeve together, all long sleeve together).

Defining your style in 4 easy steps

Arrange by color (all black tops together, all white tops together, all gray tops together).

Just Girls Boutique - love the colors!!!








Arrange by purpose through departments (gym section, casual section, work section.)

Want to know the number one most important item to have in your closet? Check out this blog post to find out!

Remember, it’s only clothes. You can always change it back. Give something different a try and you might discover pieces and combinations you hadn’t thought of, breathing new life into your outfits and a new confidence into you. Watch out Fall, this year my clothes are going to kick ass.

Photo below by one of my favorites , the great Arthur Elgort.

Spring Forward





There are some things in life we just need help navigating. For me, it’s the grocery store, or as I like to call it, the seventh circle of hell. Some people have a basic knowledge of food whereas I have absolutely none. I’d like to blame it on my failure to thrive in my middle-school home ec class but in all honesty I have never taken the time to educate myself. I’m working on it but I still require assistance. I ran into my friend Beth in the grocery store the other day. I lamented my disdain for having to figure out what to feed my family for dinner. She said she was making BLT sandwiches for dinner. I thought this was brilliant and probably something I could handle, 3 ingredients, plus bread, I got this! When our paths crossed again in the store I even asked her to double-check that I had everything I needed. She very politely asked if I wanted to use cabbage instead of lettuce in my sandwich. Seeing the glazed over look of confusion on my face she delicately  pointed out that I had grabbed a head of cabbage instead of lettuce. Whoops, my bad. She took me over to show me a proper head of lettuce. Thank goodness Beth is a nice person and didn’t flat-out ask me if I had been dropped on my head as a child. She also happens to have taught both of my kids in the 3rd grade, so I am sure she is now putting together all of the pieces of why my children had the same thing for lunch the entire year. I told you, I’m in dire need of help when it comes to food.

Sometimes my clients get embarrassed if they need clarification. The new clients feel awkward telling me that they need very specific instructions for accessorizing an outfit, while some of my longer term clients feel like they should have learned by now. Trust me, I get it!! First off I am never judgemental and secondly, I don’t know that cooking and I will ever be friends. If I won the lottery I would hire a full-time cook. I wouldn’t feel bad about not knowing how to prepare a meal, I would feel grateful I had someone to do it for me. I think in life we sometimes feel like we have to become jack of all trades and that’s just not fair. I have clients who have 5 children, clients who travel for work 3 weeks a month and I have clients who would rather do other things with their time than shop. I think the older we get the more it makes sense to outsource what we don’t like to do, what we don’t know how to do, or what we simply don’t have time to do.  Once we have completed rounding ourselves out through schooling I think it is fine to narrow down what we are good at and focus on creating our own course list of what we want to learn more about. So really, truly, I don’t expect any of my clients to have to learn everything about getting dressed. That’s what I am here for!

So without further adieu, I wanted to break down the annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale into one simplified shopping list. As a bonus I decided to only include items priced at $100 or under. This sale is huge because instead of marking down summer items, they discount the brand new fall  arrivals. There are very few stores that offer this kind of opportunity. But when it is still 1,000 degrees outside it is hard to think what you will need in November. When it comes to great sales I believe in buying some discounted basics but also for updating with some current trends. All you have to do is click and shop, as easy as picking up the items for a recipe!

1. Little Black Jacket (L.B.J.)

An essential for work or roll up the sleeves and put over a tank with jeans.

One-Button Suit Jacket (Regular & Petite)

2. Perfect White Shirt

This tunic length can be tucked in or left out long.

'Perfect' Roll Tab Sleeve Tunic (Juniors)

3. A Statement Coat

Beautiful fall colors to wear anywhere.


4. Cashmere Sweater

The slouchy v neck style feels like a sweatshirt but goes with everything.

V-Neck Cashmere Tunic Sweater (Regular & Petite)

5. Oversize Wrap

Perfect for outdoor fall events. Can be dressed up with leggings and boots.

Plaid Blanket Poncho (Juniors) (Online Only)

6. Stylish Sneaker

When you need comfort throw these on with the cashmere tunic sweater and leggings.

'Internationalist' Sneaker (Women) (Regular Retail Price: $85.00)

7. Black Faux Leather Pant

Every age can wear these pants. Pair with a cashmere tunic sweater for extra coverage.

Faux Leather Skinny Pants (Online Only)

8. Floral jumpsuit

Wear now for late summer events and later with a crop jacket.

Floral High Neck Wide Leg Jumpsuit (Nordstrom Exclusive)

9. Suede Fringe Jacket

Wear with a simple white t-shirt and a skinny pant so you don’t od the boho look.

Fringe Faux Suede Jacket

10. Long sleeve multi-tasking dress.

This dress is a no brainer. It comes in black, navy or cobalt blue. It can take you from a wedding to a funeral (hopefully not in that order) . It has super flattering ruching around the sides and middle and oh yeah…sleeves!!

Side Ruched Jersey Body-Con Dress

All 10 items above are under $100! But make sure to act quickly, the sale is over July 31st. The items may still be there but their prices will go back up.

And just above budget…

Grid Print Ponte Fit & Flare Dress (Regular & Petite)

At $104.90 this dress didn’t make my above cut but it was way too cute to leave out!! I love the detail on the back at the waist. I also love that it is available in petite sizes as well. It’s made in a great stretch but substantial ponte knit and works well into fall with tights.

Eliza J Grid Print Ponte Fit & Flare Dress (Regular & Petite) | Nordstrom

Eliza J Grid Print Ponte Fit & Flare Dress (Regular & Petite) | Nordstrom

Want even more suggestions? Check out my Pinterest Board titled Nordstrom. Not everything pinned is under $100 but there are some fabulous deals to be had.

*Insider Tip – Make It Personal

No shopping list is universal. If you want one tailored just for you and your budget let me know! I’m happy to prepare a Pinterest board or personalized just for you. You’ll never even have to leave the house and you can try everything on at home. We can chat by phone regarding your needs and I’ll send your list! Send me an email at or give me a call 610.517.2983 for details and pricing.

Thanks for reading!