Do you walk into your closet and feel overwhelmed, frustrated and discouraged?

Is your closet jammed with clothes but you still feel like you “have nothing to wear”?

Are you going away and stressing over having to pack and plan out what you will wear?

Is there an event coming up but you can’t get excited because you don’t feel like shopping for a new outfit?

Don’t  have the time or the patience to shop?

Welcome to Suzie Gaffney Wardrobe Consulting.  What exactly is a wardrobe consultant? Think of me as a personal trainer for your clothes and your closet. Together we will whip your wardrobe into shape! We will “audit” your closet by taking inventory and getting rid of what’s not working. Along the way we will discuss why something works or doesn’t work, as well as make a constructive shopping list to help you fill in any gaps.

There are clothes out there that will work for you and make you feel good! There may even be some fabulous outfits waiting in your own closet that you never thought to put together. Over time people change – our sizes, our coloring, our style – your wardrobe should grow and change with you as well. Getting dressed in the morning or for an event should be fun, easy and without stress. I can help you achieve this. It has been said that we wear 10% of our wardrobe 90% of the time. Let’s turn this percentage around and make your closet and wardrobe work for you.

Each and every client is unique in their needs and their goals. Give me a call today and let me help you look and feel your best. 


Prices are $75 an hour for in home consults.  Most initial consults take about 3 hours for a full edit.

Short on time? One hour mini sessions are available.

Gift certificates and gift basket packages are also available. Give the gift of a clean closet and a fresh take on style!

“Suzie is the absolute best- this is about the greatest gift anyone can give to themselves or someone they love. It’s made permanent changes in the way I shop, dress, organize my closet…Suzie is just unbelievably super and kind during what can be a pretty emotional process.”

– Whitney H., Chadds Ford, PA

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