I know most of you reading this are just as busy as I am during this time in the year. There are sports, spring festivals and fundraisers, and more activities to pack in with the longer daylight hours. In an effort to keep things short and sweet I  am going try a new type of posting, with shorter posts, posted more frequently.  I’ll focus on some of  my current must haves, in life and in fashion.  I am always preaching to anyone who will listen, including perfect strangers at the grocery store, ways to make your life more fashionable, and most importantly, easier. I will still make time for the feature posts,  which will be longer and more in-depth,where I focus on a specific client or closet tip.  In the meantime I am going to give this a shot. Let me know your thoughts!

Current Fav…

 Sally Hansen Airbrush legs.

My kids took many things from me. My brain, my dignity, my sleep. They also gave me things. Like varicose veins. Oh and love, lots of it 🙂  Like instant plastic surgery for my road map legs, this product is a miracle worker. Run, do not walk, run to get this product.  The spray works best if you spray into the palm of your hand and then rub onto your skin. It literally erases any lines, veins, dots, etc. Available in 4 different shades.  Delivered by a perfect creamy glow without any hint of that awkward glistening glitter look deposited by some other creams. (They do make one that says shimmer, but stick with the one you see above for the most natural look). It dries quickly and stays on, even through sweat.  It comes off easily with soap and water and a washcloth in the shower. I love it. I have even used it on my shoulders and upper body for a strapless dress.

Another reason to love it even more?

It now comes in a cream. Perfection.

Check back in tomorrow to see what else is a must-have!


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6 thoughts on “Changing…

  1. I don’t know what I love more about you…your sense of humor or sense of style. But having both makes you a deadly combo. Thanks for the laugh and for the tip. I would never have tried this without someone saying it works. I still long for the days were I could delude myself that the sun was my friend. Those were the days!

  2. That was. Nice compliment I like the short blog gret tip

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  3. Thanks for another great tip! Like the new format and totally agree with Kristy, you have a great sense of humor. I always enjoy your updates, short or long!

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