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Ask and you shall receive…

The other day we went out to breakfast as a family. After the waitress dropped off our food she said “Just let me know if I can bring you anything else.”

After she walked away our son replied “How about a thousand marshmallows?”

Say what?

“Well, she said ANYTHING else.”

If only it was that simple. It usually isn’t. Sometimes you can ask and ask and you won’t get what you need. So what do you do? You take matters into your own hands.

I was lucky enough to meet a woman who did just that. Frustrated at not being able to find the perfect shirt, Paula DeBruin decided to create her own.

 The No – BS (Belly Show) line of t-shirts.

My friend Kristen called the other week and asked if I wanted to go to the launch party and trunk show for a new line of shirts created by her friend Paula. Did I want to go? Does poor Kate Middleton want to go into hiding so people will stop being on “Bump Watch?” Most definitely!!   No Belly Show was created when Paula could not find the perfect shirt that could meet all her needs. For the solution, Paula set out to design her own. I couldn’t wait to try them on at the trunk show and I was not disappointed There are 5 styles in all and they truly fit every body type. Read more about, (and Shop!), NO-BS by clicking here. I bought a black and a white and I already know I need to buy more. They go with everything from yoga pants to completing a cocktail party outfit. The fabric is amazing, the length is perfect, and they hide all lumps and bumps!

Here is Kristen placing one of Paula’s very first orders.

Here is the website for NO BS,

You can also check them out on Facebook


Don’t forget about mom on Mother’s Day! Call me today and I have will get a gift certificate ready to go! Your mom will think of you every morning when she gets dressed in an organized closet with an updated wardrobe!

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