Red, White, and DENIM…ode to the jean jacket

THE Denim jacket.


My denim jacket.


It doesn’t get more American than the iconic denim jacket. It’s timeless, a true classic. And while I can’t guarantee you will look and feel as cool as Lauren Hutton posting with her own motorcycle on the beach, it will point you in the right direction.  In the arsenal of trying to balance looking chic with looking effortless, this piece is a top notch weapon. . The best kind of jean jacket is slightly fitted and slightly faded.  It is almost always on the back of my chair because I am always wearing it. I throw it on with workout clothes, shorts, dresses and skirts. Even denim on denim is allowed, just make sure they are different washes. There really isn’t anything it doesn’t go with.  This is a MUST-HAVE piece in your wardrobe. Don’t believe me? Check out some pics for inspiration. All images below via Pinterest.

jean jacketReese Witherspoon denim jacket

jean jacket - wardrobe staple.Art Symphony: Jean jacket II


Jean jacketjean jacket.


Jessica Alba does some shopping with a friend in New York CityJean jacket

Red Maxi Skirt 2miriam | El mejor streetstyle | Chicisimo

Mollyatlantic pacific camo sweateshirt celine denim jacket

My favorite sources for a denim jacket?

1. The Gap.


I purchased mine from here in 2005 and it is still going strong. In fact it actually gets better with age. This is my favorite because it has just a little bit of lycra thrown in the cotton for the perfect stretch fit.

2. Old Navy


At a great price point and it really isn’t very different from its cousin at The Gap. The fabric content has a little bit of poly in the mix so it is a bit softer right away. Extra bonus points because the jacket is available in plus, tall, and petite sizing.

3. J. Crew

Stretch denim jacket

This classic is 100% cotton so it will take a little bit to break it in. But the fade and wash are beautiful, and the cropping is just right.

4. Levi’s

My second fave. With a 2% stretch content and signature Levi’s stitching it’s an instant classic you will have forever.

Whatever brand you try the goal is the make the jacket YOURS. This will take time to break it in and make it perfect for you and your lifestyle.

*Insider Tip –

Have a jacket already but you just don’t like the feel? Toss it into the washing machine over and over and over again within an inch of it’s life. Sometimes you have to help the breaking in process along. This will help it to stretch and fade just so.

*Insider Tip –

Don’t be afraid of vintage and/or consignment stores. They have some of the best finds. You will be amazed at what you can find. And make sure to check out mens and kids departments. There are no rules to finding the perfect jacket for you.

Happy Fourth of July!

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