Fashion Myths Debunked

A friend recently contacted me to ask about wearing white after labor day.  It also happened to be the same day I came across this post on Pinterest.

Do you find yourself asking WWJOD (What Would Jackie Onassis Do) when getting dressed this time of year? To end the style debate—here is the definitive answer on when wearing white is appropriate. Design and copy by Amy Sly for BuzzFeed

This particular friend is very stylish, but it reminded me that are some old fashion rules out there that women are not sure if they can break.  So let’s have a little fun by breaking some so-called fashion laws. And I did just happen to give my kids pancakes for dinner Monday night. There has to be some perks to being an adult.


This is an absolute DO. Do not banish those white jeans to the back of your closet for 3 other seasons. White denim can look chic all year long.

Denim under v-neck sweater; fall or springrainy day in the tuileriesCapitol Hill Style - Wearing White After Labor DayJ.Crew Inspiration: 10 Outfits to Pin NowVictoria Beckham - and this is how you wear white after Labor Day!

White after Labor Daywhite jeans for fall/winterIn The Fashion World, We Wear White After Labor DayBanker-chic by Alterations Needed

Preppywhite denim in fall

*All images above via Pinterest

Keys to making this look work?

Keep your pairings heavy. Think wool or cashmere sweaters, a classic blazer.

Winterize your accessories. Riding boots, suede ankle boots, a wine colored handbag, all help to transition white denim into a working part of your fall wardrobe.

Watch your fabrics. White denim and pants in wool blends absolutely work. Anything linen or shorts I do send off for the fall and winter months.


It used to be considered by some to be a no-no to pair these two together but the combinations looks fresh and modern.

Loveee the heelsBlack and Navy

This black & brown, so and brown <3

*All images above via Pinterest

Keys to making this look work?

Mix up your textures.  Putting a chunky woven brown sweater back to to smooth black pants breaks up the outfit. It also makes sure that your pairing was intentional. Whereas a brown cotton smooth t-shirt back to the same pants may look like you got dressed int he dark and grabbed the wrong color top.

Start with an accent.   Not ready to take the full mix and match plunge? Try accenting with just a simple contrasting accessory. It looks super chic.

Pawleys Island Poshbright blue bag with all-black outfit

*All images above via Pinterest


Once thought of as having to always match our jewelry women are free to experiment with this combo.

mixed metalsnecklace: Forever21, ring: c/o Stella & Dot, bracelets: Noir Jewelry, c/o Stella & Dot. Click through to post for where to buy links!

Keys to making this look work?

Go bold or go home.  This looks best when done with intention on a large scale. Stacking mixed bangles of silver and gold, pairing two chunky pieces the same but different metals, all look like a statement, as opposed to just throwing on gold hoops when your necklace and bracelets are silver.

Use a pre-mixed piece. Many fall items from jewelry lines like Stella and Dot are showing necklaces with a mixed metals approach. This is one stop shopping for accessorizing and an easy way to try this look.

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*Insider Tip – Be you!

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  1. Just had this conversation with a student the other day. I referenced the Pinterest quote from the top of the page! 😉

  2. I love white for the winter. Years ago, I had a winter white outfit. It looked like a jumpsuit but it was separates~wore it to death. Never wore black and blue together…I will now. Thanks for the great idea!

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