Is your wardrobe ready for Fall?

Whoomp! There it is! Smacked by cooler temperatures this week you might find yourself scrambling to dig out your jackets, coats and boots. What should be in your arsenal to prepare yourself for rain, sleet and snow?

1. A Sweater Shaver Remington Battery Operated Fabric Shaver: Beauty

Yes, there is such a thing. And yes you need one. This one pictured above is under $10 and available on Amazon, click on the pic for the shopping link. You know when you go to take out your sweaters and they have these annoying little balls hanging off them? Gross. A sweater shaver will essentially vacuum all that fuzz right off.  Now your sweater will look good as new.

2. Shoe protector

Leather Protect All :: KIWI care products Scotchgard(TM) Suede and Nubuck ProtectorFrye Leather Conditioning Cream | Nordstrom

Don’t subject your beautiful boots and shoes to the winter elements. Take the time to protect them. It sounds like a pain but preventative maintenance is so worth it. I like to scoop up all my leather and suede boots and shoes, place them into a huge laundry basket, line them up outside and do them all the same time. Pick a moderate temperature day. Start in the morning and let them dry all day. Don’t freak out if you spray and they look darker, they will dry lighter. Just make sure you use the right spray. Suede for suede, leather for leather. It does smell so that is why I say to do it outside and give them the day to air out.

3. Restock your Eggings

C9 by Champion® Women's Compression Tight - Assorted Colors

Last January I wrote about my favorite pair of exercise leggings, aka Eggings.  Read my post HERE to find out why these fleece lined leggings from Target are a lifesaver. I was just in Target last week and they are back in stock for the season.

4. A long sleeve No Belly Show shirt

The Contessa by No Belly Show | No Belly ShowThe Contessa by No Belly Show | No Belly Show

These shirts are quickly becoming my HAVE-TO-HAVE staple. So much so that I now keep bins of them here in my home office for my clients to buy. They are so comfortable, so flattering, and never ride up. They are a perfect outfit base back to the Eggings above.  I love them as a layering piece under all my sweaters but they also look great on their own. When it is cold and rainy I put on one of these shirts and instantly I feel polished and pulled together. Love them.

5. Rain Boots

I have talked about these boots endlessly but they are worth every penny. I tried to stay with buying the cheap ones, but they fall apart and they leak. The Hunters are super comfortable. You can buy liners for the boots and turn them into instant snow boots.  Yes they are tall but when you are climbing in and out of your car in the rain nobody likes that feeling when you get mud and water from the car onto the legs of your pants. Or how annoying it is when you the cuff of your pants gets wet and you are left with that ick feeling when they just won’t dry.  These boots almost make me look forward to a rainy day. At least when it is a yucky rainy day I don’t worry about what I have to wear. I know I can start with these boots, put them over the Eggings pictured above, then the No Belly Show long shirt in black, throw on a sweater or jacket and I am done. Easy.

They are available locally at Ashley Austin here in Kennett. And the cute liners!

*Insider Tip – Call in an expert.

Hate the seasonal switching of your closet? Call me and we can do it together in under an hour. If you don’t need a full closet clean out I can do the switch over for you. To be operationally efficient your closet really should be arranged slightly differently by season. I can do this for you and make it quick and painless. I will pack up the shorts and bring out the sweaters. Oh and I can shave ’em for you too!

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