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Valentine’s Day

So let’s be honest, flowers die. Candy makes us feel happy while we are eating it but not the next day when our jeans feel tight. Here is my list of things that I would like to “BE MINE.”

1. Red nail polish.

Perfect for your nails, or your toes! Or for both. I am kinda into the mathcy-matchy thing again. Basically because it is too hard for me to decide on one color, let alone two that I like together. Too many choices!  This shade is called Come to Bed Red, at Chantilly Blue. 

2. These super cute earrings.

Available at Green Eyed Lady  in the store or on-line, these cuties are simple and sweet and under $10.

3. A thoughtful book.

This book by Drew Barrymore (yes, the actress Drew Barrymore) shows pictures of hearts found in everyday objects. From a straw wrapper on the ground in the shape of a heart, to the plastic tab on a bread bag, Drew shows how hearts are everywhere if we just look. Think of it like the grown up version of the hidden mickey’s at Disney World.

4. Spring shoes.

No woman has every said “I have too many shoes.” And I bet most women do not have this shoe. This d’orsay style, (front and back with cutouts in the middle), is classic but making a resurgence this Spring. These are adorable from Alice and Olivia.

5. Cashmere.

Cashmere is always a good idea. This piece looks perfect to brighten up all black right now and equally chic with white jeans in the spring. From Polka Dots in Paoli.

6. Starbucks

In a perfect world I would drink 64 oz of water every day. But frankly it’s boring.  So I love this Rose Gold cup from Starbucks. It’s so pretty that it will motivate me to take my water with me on the go.

7. An everyday bracelet. 

Stella and Dot appropriately named this the Love Bracelet. And lucky for you all I know someone who is offering a this as part of hostess gift package. Check out the details here on Kelly’s Figueroa’s Stella and Dot page. 

8. Pink perfection – a super sweet clutch.

Pastels are huge for Spring. This is one of those bags that I gasped when I saw it in person the other day.  I would create my whole outfit around because it is so pretty.  Available at Ashley Austin.  And yes they ship if you are out of town.

9. Phone case.

I am on the hunt for a new phone case. I dropped my phone in water, specifically the water located in a place I don’t particularly like to put my hand into. Yes, ewwww. This is what happens when you stick your phone in your back pocket and then try to use the lady’s room. My phone is in a bag of rice as I type this. I am hoping I only need a new case and not a new phone.

10. Wine.

Because after watching my phone be immersed in water I need a drink. And how cute is this label? So cute I would have to re-purpose the bottle after it was finished. If you are local you can find this at Flickerwood Tasting Room in Kennett Square. 

*One more…

I’m also added one more to my Valentine list…a client of mine just introduced me to House Industries in Hockessin Delaware and I am smitten with this shirt.

*Insider Tip – Redefine the Valentine

Yes, traditionally your Valentine is supposed to be for your significant other.  Really this is a chicks’ holiday. I don’t know any male that is counting down the days until they can demonstrate their love. We’ve been together for about 15 years so I’m kinda out of ideas for my hubby. If only we lived in Texas…

This is 2014 so we can all think outside the box.  Ho about a friend you’d love to show thanks to? A sister that is always there? Maybe a single friend who is dreading the forced reminder holiday? Wouldn’t it be fun to surprise them with something special?  I’m not saying it’s more fun to give than to receive because I love getting presents,  I’m saying I’d rather do both!

Thanks for reading!


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