I took my wine butt to the Polo Cup.


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If you backtrack to you how you met your best friend, or how you got your current job, chances are there were a series of right place right time events that occurred to make it all happen. A couple of years ago I was sitting in the chair at the dentist, (not my favorite place), and the dental hygienist asked what I do for a living. I explained my newly formed business. She shared with me that her husband co-owned a beauty academy. A couple of weeks later she contacted me to participate in a Women’s Expo event at a local country club. My table happened to be set up next to the Stella and Dot jewelry table. The women representing the Stella and Dot jewelry table was named Melanie. She was super sweet and we hit it off right away. A few months later I had a Stella and Dot party at my house. My sister Kelly attended the party and loved the jewelry. She decided to sell the line here locally under Melanie’s guidance. Fast forward some more time and Melanie joins the Women’s Turk’s Head Auxiliary branch of the Chester County Hospital. One of their Spring fundraiser’s is the Chester County Polo Cup, with a Hat’s off to Health Contest. Melanie contacted me to ask if I would like to be one of the judges for the contest. I jumped at the offer and soon received a few VIP passes to an amazing local event. All because I went to the dentist!!  My husband was super impressed that my VIP passes gave him full access to a free Beer Garden.

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He found his happy place!


I didn’t know what to expect, my extend of Polo knowledge stops at Ralph Lauren, but it was a beautiful event. There is a moon bounce for kids, food trucks for adults and the horses were truly beautiful to watch, quite an amazing sport.However people watching is truly my favorite sport of all time and this time I was supposed to stare at everyone because it was my job! But to be honest my stress level was high before we left the house. On weekends I can be somewhat of a hermit and socially quite lazy. This cold winter was not kind on my body and I developed a wine butt, the female version of the male beer gut. Most dresses and shorts were not fitting me the way I wanted them too. I know what I need to be doing differently but as I mentioned I am lazy. I had to follow the advice I give my clients which is sometimes you just have to suck it up and buy a larger size. I wasn’t about to starve myself thinner so I went with black to hide the any sweating I might be doing and the extra booty I had developed.

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image via suziegaffney.com dress: JCrew Collection/shoes: Ashley Austin Boutique/hat: That’s Hats Accessories Boutique
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My sister Kelly and her friend Jackie joined my husband Chris and I.


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Jackie, Kelly, me and Chris. image via suziegaffney.com



There were to be three categories total and four winners for the hat contest.

  • Young Miss (for fashionistas under 18)
  • Most Creative
  • Most Elegant Ensemble

The gathering of the ladies (and I think a fella!)

The ladies were to gather in a group during the halftime stomping of the divots. I give each and every one of them credit for showing up and standing there to be judged.

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My fellow judges, Caroline and Stefanie, assessing the competition. 


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We pick the winners!!


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It really was such a good time and I can’t thank Melanie enough for inviting me to be a part of it!


 *Insider Tip – Shop with the experts, and preferably small and local. 

I panicked a little about judging a hat contest when I knew so little about hats. My friend Paula from No Belly Show Shirts suggested I check out That’s Hat’s in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania.

Upon entering this jewel box of a store I met the owner Debby, who is exactly what you would picture to own a hat shop. She is refined, delicate and über knowledgeable about hats.  She even gave me a primer on what to look for in judging a contest. She was so helpful. Her store has every kind of hat, casual sun hats to formal fascinators, for women, men and children. The price points are fabulous too, prices ranged from under $50 to a couple hundred. Debby is great because she knows what questions to ask to make sure you get the right look.  Within 20 minutes she helped me purchase a hat that was formal yet functional. I will be sporting this by the pool this summer in an effort to stave off the wrinkles. Oh and right now she has buy one get one 1/2 off!

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