Is your closet ready for fall?


It may still feel like summer but any day now we will wake up to a crisp fall morning. Don’t wait to the last minute to dig through boxes and bins to locate your favorite fall essentials. Head on over to  Social Stylate where you can read my guest post,  find out how you can prepare your closet for the fall changeover without losing your sanity!


Photo: Today we are so excited to have Suzie Gaffney Wardrobe Consulting share with us easy ways to get our wardrobe ready for fall. Read all about it here:


*Insider Tip – Be a follower.

Social Stylate is a creative marketing boutique that provides social media management, content creation, SEO, web design, public relations and more. Follow their blog by clicking here. They cover everything from local events to international style, all presented in their signature stylish design. Also check out their Instagram and Facebook pages.

social stylate

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