My Daily Essentials

My Daily Essentials

Lately sleep is not something that I am getting a lot of. It’s fall, it’s busy and there just isn’t enough hours in the day. I swear sometimes I feel like I am solar-powered so getting up when it is pitch black outside or being productive after the sun goes down isn’t my jam. I count on these products to help me look my best.


 I am tempted to stockpile this deodorant by the case. A good friend told me about it a few years back and I know I am addicted to expensive deodorant. But here’s the thing…it never shows white marks and it always smells subtle and perfect. Usually a silk shirt has me running the other way for fear of having underarm marks to rival a linebacker but this stuff works.

People have actually asked me about my eye shadow. It is the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze. Coupled with the lash liner from Physicians Formula I actually have a shot at looking rested.


The question I get all the time from clients is about pale legs. This is your solution. It truly blurs out my varicose veins, is waterproof and sweat proof (I’ve worn it on my legs during degree outdoor weddings), and is super easy to apply.

Burt’s Bees lip balm. There are maybe 30 of these floating around my house in every flavor and variety between my whole family. I give the plain ones to my kids for chapped lips at school and keep the pomegranate one for me. It gives just the slightest amount of color and never ever feels waxy.

Perfume is an admitted luxury but admittedly sometimes so is finding the time for showering so I consider this a must. My two favorites are Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel and Ralph Lauren Red White and Blue, which is actually a men’s cologne but I love the scent.

The Sally Hansen Gel Nails (no light needed) is a game changer. The top coat is what literally seals the deal and it does work as well as the salon version. The added bonus is it comes off with regular remover. Although nothing takes the place of a relaxing manicure done by someone else, not to mention their skill level. I love dark shades but I have to stick to light when I DIY it because I just don’t have the ability to not get it all over the place.

Coconut oil. Call me hippy dippy but this is an absolute essential in my family and the only lotion we all use. Plus it really does solve a ton of skin ailments. You know that movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding where the father is obsessed with Windex? That is me with Coconut Oil.


All of this stuff doesn’t matter if you are not happy with your skin. This REVERSE system was recommended to me Erin Smolenski, who also happens to be a client and a friend. It has changed my skin and I am so grateful. I threw out all the countless jars I had and have simplified down to this easy numbered system that takes me 5 minutes a day. Check out her site here to see what system fits your needs.

What are your go-to products? Please share in the comments below as I love getting feedback on what works and doesn’t work with beauty products.


*Insider Tip – Put it on refill.

Let’s face it, we all need less items on our never ending shopping lists. but there is nothing worse than running out of an essential. Companies like Rodan and Fields can put you on an auto ship schedule. Knowing something is coming to me instead of having to write it down on my shopping list and run out to get it is so much easier. is another site that will save your previous orders and favorites, making it easy to reorder and quickly ship to you.

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  1. Another great blog post! Some of my favorite go to items are L’Occitane’s Hand Creams. Most of them are made with Shea Butter which does a great job keeping my hands soft. They come in many great scents and the small tubes are easy to keep in my purse, car, kitchen windowsill, etc. I love these!

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