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New Years Eve and Nude hose…to wear or not to wear? I have the answer!

There is one question I hear in the winter more than any other and that is…

Is it okay to wear nude pantyhose?

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That’s a dog. Wearing pantyhose. So wrong.


My opinion is no.*

*with these few exceptions….

Do you work in a conservative or a corporate environment? Don’t lose your job to make a fashion statement. Go to work and wear what is appropriate.

Is your name Kate Middleton? You are a princess and etiquette is everything. Oh and you are oh so perfect in every single one of your outfit choices that you get a pass.

Are you a dancer? Rockette, ballerina, Beyonce, etc. Your job is about wearing a costume and keeping bits and pieces from jiggling and moving. Go ahead and rock that nude hose with sheen.

Are you over 70 years old?  Then you have earned your right to wear whatever you damn well please if it makes you comfortable and keeps you warm. I dare you to go tell Grandma that she is not fashionable. Odds are she will throw her gin and tonic in your face faster than Selena Gomez running back to the Bieber.


But in this context I am specifically addressing New Year’s Eve and formal events in the winter. Yes it keeps you warm and it can cover up veiny or pale legs. It will also easily age you 10 plus years or so. I am not saying you have to freeze, or invite comparisons to Casper the friendly ghost, or a member of the Cullen family of vampires. There are options.


Option 1

Rock the tights, pantyhose, stockings, whatever you want to call them in a darker color. Sheer black, off black, opaque black, gray, ribbed, textured, etc. You get the idea. Make the tights complement your outfit and even complete your look. In general the heavier the fabric of your leg wear, (opaque tights being the thickest and giving you the look of a legging, sheer black being the lightest), the heavier your shoe should be. You want to consider the footwear even more so than the dress so that you are balancing out your look. And even then I strongly suggest sticking to a more substantial shoe if you decide to wear anything on your legs as opposed to a strappy sandal. A super easy solution is pairing a dark tight with this season’s super hot ankle boot. Only have the traditional black pump? Go with a more sheer hose to contrast the shoe and show off a little leg.

Option 2

Prepare and bare. My legs have so many veins and bulges they could be compared to a topography map. But tights and me only work in short-term doses before I feel the crotch falling and the waistline rolling. Not fun. This solution is a triple threat. And if you are going bare on your legs opt for more coverage up top. Try to avoid spaghetti straps in favor of sleeves, sheer sleeves, or a wrap or jacket. It will help you to feel less bare and give you some more warmth and coverage. Even then I still recommend going with a more substantial or closed toe shoe or short ankle boot. It helps define your dress into a winter outfit.

1. Jergens natural glow.

Exfoliate first on the dry places and start about a week in advance.

2. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

I have written about this miracle product before (click here) and I cannot say enough wonderful things about this powerhouse product. I personally prefer the mousse. I can put it on 5 minutes before I have to walk out the door and I am good to go. If I can’t do steps 1 or 2 I make sure not to miss this step because it is so easy.

3. Hard Candy Glow All The Way

From Walmart, yes Walmart. None of us want to go there or admit that we go there but let’s be honest, it has everything and it has it cheap. Oh and it about 2 minutes you can get a Jennifer Lopez/Victoria’s Secret Model glistening glow. And trust  me, highlighter on the legs does not “highlight” inperfections, it makes your entire leg look tan, sparkly, and pretty.


*Insider Tip – Put your pants on.

Just because everyone else is wearing a dress doesn’t mean you have to. I am always more comfortable in pants, probably because I never really learned how to exit the car gracefully like a lady. Oh and I am always cold. Pants are now black tie and wedding acceptable, provided you do super glam heels, makeup and accessories. Want to wear want no one else will be wearing? Try a formal maxi dress with a short fur shrug (can be faux!) or a jumpsuit! Totally fun, totally unique.


Still want to wear your nude pantyhose? Go for it. Really. It is only my opinion. And the most attractive thing you can wear is confidence so make sure you are comfortable and wearing what makes YOU happy above all else!

Happy New Year! Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to keep helping women to feel fabulous for 2015!!





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