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Think Spring! J.Crew Factory Sale…My Picks

Remember how excited you were as a kid to find out what was in your Easter basket? While now that you are a grown-up you can create your own basket. And why not fill it with goodies from J.Crew Factory’s 50% sale. And you can get an additional 20% off clearance items!!!

Here’s the code you need…HOPTOIT

click on it for the link to start shopping.

Read on for my advice as to what to stock up on ASAP!

You can shop these pieces and some additional picks from my Pinterest Board titled Spring J.Crew Factory Sale. Clicking on the pics on the board will take you to the site. 

The Classics…

Don’t kid yourself. You will need new white t- shirts. Do it now. Even if you think they survived through last summer I guarantee you will pull them out only to discover that it looks like a cat urinated under the arms over the winter. Start new. Start clean. Start fresh.

Choose this drop shoulder scoop for a boxier, looser fit.

Or go classic with the white v-neck. I always size up in these so that I can throw them in the washer and dryer.

Stripes and summer go hand in hand. Pick a lightweight tank, a classic boatneck, or simple summer sweater. Pair any of these back to white shorts, white denim or classic blue jeans and you are good to go.

It ain’t always sexy but it’s pretty much an essential. The classic cardigan can be left over your chair at work for over air-conditioned offices or grabbed as you are running out the door to throw over a sundress. Choose white as a no-fail or a pretty pastel to brighten up navy, gray and black.

Denim Jacket. I have a devoted love for these beauties. You can read about it further in this blog post here.  Both colors work  so just pick your fav.

Summer Staples:

Summer means parties – graduation, baby showers, bridal showers, backyard bbqs. You’re gonna need a dress.

These stretch blends can be dressed up or down. Hate your arms? Reach for the aforementioned cardigan.

Need more formal? Lace is always appropriate. Go classic in navy or bright in coral.

Want some more casual options? Again, stripes can be paired with anything from pearls to flip-flops.

The other summer staple. Swimsuits. Love ’em or hate ’em your probably gonna need one.

This black one piece is universally flattering.

Need straps?

Want more coverage? These are  2 cute cover-up options that work over your suit and look equally cute with denim.

Add in some color:

From work to weekend, inject some bright options into your everyday.


Keep summer simple with easy pieces that can dress-up basic solids.

For work…

For fun…

And don’t forget your feet!

Treat yourself:

Cute pajamas feel good for lazy Sunday lounging.

*Insider Tip – Show Some Sparkle

Buy the boring. I go through so many closets and find that most clients are missing some solids. We tend to overlook these mundane pieces when shopping because they just don’t catch our eye. But truth be told they are so important because they are the glue that holds together all of our other fun pieces. Stock up on these and you will have great foundation pieces in your wardrobe.

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