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The Holiday season is rumbling in like a swiftly approaching freight train. I’m wiling to bet you will have at least one event that requires you to dress up. Unless you are a sixteen year old girl going to a winter formal, chances are you don’t want to wear a short dress with tiny straps and freeze to death. Nor do you want to go through the whole tights debate and debacle. For the record dark tights are good (provided you have the right shoe) and nude tights only work for Kate Middleton. Oh and please don’t try them on your dog. It’s so very disturbing but I dare you not to look.

Chinese fascination with dogs wearing pantyhose? I guess someone besides The Queen has to wear them.:

So what’s a gal to do? If you are an introvert like me you will probably want to stay at home and hang by the fireplace in your sweatpants. Add a martini and good book and I’m in full on happy hermit mode.  But I have extrovert friends and family that I love dearly. When they do convince me to leave my house I always have a great time.  However, I refuse to be cold and I refuse to be uncomfortable. Pregnancy was uncomfortable. I did that twice and I still have nasty flashbacks. The solution?

Meet your new best friend, the sequin maxi skirt.


This skirt can go from funky to glam to preppy. It’s pretty much perfect. The pairings above are just suggestions but really the options are limitless. How kick ass would biker boots or even black cowboy boots look? And maybe with a chunky, comfy,  oversize turtleneck sweater? I could go on and on…but the best part of the skirt is it’s fishtail hem. The slightly flared silhouette balances out hips, thighs and/or bellies. This particular maxi is really only a medium because it is only 33 inches long. I love this length because I can wear a short (comfortable) heel. If you are tall, or more petite, don’t worry. Check out all your alternative options as far as length HERE and HERE.

And the VERY BEST PART?? I found this skirt today at TJ Maxx for $29.99. Yes 30 bucks people. It’s currently for sale at Neiman Marcus for $140. You can get it for 80% off. That’s called a steal.  Quick tip? Size up. This has a banded waist and sequins are not known for stretch since after all they are plastic discs. I sized up one whole size and the skirt fits comfortably right under my belly button. Keep in mind this is meant to emphasize and create curves so it really needs to sit at your waist, as opposed to your hips.

Sequin maxi:

I know the next question will be what to wear as a jacket. They are 2 great options. One is an oversized wrap. Could be cashmere, wool or anything warm and cuddly. It could be black, red or even tartan plaid (so very Ralph Lauren!). Wrap it up and over your shoulder and go.

Women's Over-sized Bi-layer Cashmere Plaid Scarf and Shawl. A gorgeous wrap to keep you cozy.- Length 185CM- Weight 300G:

The second option is a cropped jacket, one that hits at the top of the skirt and has some weight to it to balance out the heftiness of the long skirt. My suggestion is to go fun with a cropped faux fur. Don’t break the bank on this piece unless you plan on incorporating back to jeans and other items in your wardrobe. For trendier items worn infrequently look to stores like Forever 21 and H&M. This one below would work great.

Boxy Faux Fur Jacket:

*Insider Tip – Cuddle Duds to the rescue.

Still cold? Remember how when you were little you used to wear an undershirt? Or even as a baby a onsie? Men still wear undershirts so why don’t we? I get angry when I am cold. Kind of like when I am hungry I get hangry (hungry and angry), I get cangry and cranky when I can’t warm up.  In the winter I pretty much wear one of these bad boys every day. They are my go-to undershirts.

Softwear with Stretch Long Sleeve Crew:

Throw on some fleece lined leggings underneath the skirt and add a cashmere turtleneck over your black cuddle duds shirt. You’ll be warm enough to party with Goldie and Kurt in Aspen.

Hollywood legends Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell brave the cold to go shopping at Ralph Lauren in downtown Aspen, Colorado...they were in high spirits and even smiled and waved at the paparazzi.:


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