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A quick disclaimer….

I said it last year and I’ll say it again, asking the media not to talk about their outfit is just stupid. I get it, you want people to focus on you and not your outfit. But here’s my issue – we know you are important, you wouldn’t be invited if you weren’t. And because The Academy thinks you are important you get to walk the red carpet. And guess what happens when it is time to get dressed? Thousands of people work thousands of hours to provide you with dozens of options of dresses for you to wear – FOR FREE! All they are asking for in return is a quick acknowledgement of their design. Is that really such a big deal? And if it is than why don’t you fire your stylist and go shopping and find your own dress…off the rack…at the mall…like the rest of us who don’t get asked “Who are you wearing?” You can be just like the rest of us at weddings and other formal functions. Let’s see how that goes for you. that I got that away…who looked outstanding and who just stood out?

Boobs. That’s what stood out.

Front boob and side boob. I’m looking at you and your boobs Olivia Wilde. Olivia is drop dead gorgeous, with a face that looks like it was sculpted out of marble. Let’s keep the focus there. Not on your boobs. Call me prude or old-fashioned but I think the Oscars are meant to hold a little bit of formality and class. I just don’t think there is anything classy about strapping two tiny strips of fabric over the center of your boobs. If it’s the MTV Movie Awards I expect this. But this is the Oscars!! Stay classy San Diego!

olivia wilde oscars 2016 - Google Search:


Liquid Gold

I’m not saying you can’t show any skin. I’m just saying to keep a balance. Margot Robbie did this perfectly. She is almost completely covered except for the front v. And she looks like a perfect Oscar Statue.

This is it: the red carpet to end all red carpets (until the Tonys that is).:

And let’s take a second to drool over that clutch with the really, really, really long tassel. I want one. Now.

This Is the Best Margot Robbie Has Ever Looked on the Red Carpet -

K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)

Sometimes simple works really, really well. Olivia Munn absolutely slayed it in this one shoulder pop of color. I think it’s perfect because it is slightly understated. She’s not nominated for an award, she’s a presenter. This dress gets attention without stealing the show.  The funky wrap cuff bracelet keeps it chic and modern.

Olivia Munn in Stella McCartney on the Oscars red carpet (Photo: Noel West for The New York Times):

Weird but worked? Lady Gaga.

She’s Lady Gaga. We expect some type of shenanigans. But she saved the silly costumes and showed off her elegant side.  She threw in the funk with the unexpected pants/train combo and it worked.  She nailed the pop star at The Oscars look. Loved it.

This is it: the red carpet to end all red carpets (until the Tonys that is).:


She’s back in black.

Do you know anyone that doesn’t love Jennifer Garner? I think we all root for her because she keeps it real. She’s been lying low since things fell apart with Batman and I think we were all rooting for her to come back strong. Read her recent interview in Vanity Fair to see how she is doing, you’ll love her even more. Is this black dress her best look ever? No but it is strong and elegant. It doesn’t try too hard or scream “Look at me!” but at the same time it’s a dress only a true movie star could pull off.

Jennifer Garner Oscars Gorgeous:

Bridal Shower Gone Wrong

If you have ever had the unfortunate experience of decorating for a bridal shower or a wedding you know it involves a trip to Walmart and a whole lot tulle. So much tulle that you could pull it together into a dress. But even though you could doesn’t mean you should.

Heidi Klum:

High Wattage.

Naomi Watts brought the glam and it looked gorgeous. This dress is totally different and I love the ombre of purple hues. Sometimes a bold jewel tone can look jarring on fair skin but her jewelry and lip color pull together the whole look.


Speaking of her jewelry. Let’s just take a minute to focus on the fabulous that is this Bulgari stunner. I’ll take 2 please.

The winner was Charlize Theron who appeared near the end of the event wearing $3.7 million worth of Harry Winston Diamonds. The show stopper was the 48-carat Secret Cluster Diamond Necklace:



This is what Kate Winslet’s husband/stylist/best friend should have shouted to her before she left the house. This dress looks like it was from the oil spill left over after the Titanic sank. Why? She is lovely. This is a trash bag. A very expensive trash bag made by Ralph Lauren. Apparently Ralph must have fallen off his polo pony and got injured because he just checked out on this one.  The whole thing makes me sad.

No, Kate, no!:


The Great Cate Debate.

My pick for best dressed? Cate Blanchett. I know there will some people who will hate it but I absolutely love it. It’s high fashion and high glam and only could be worn by her. I don’t even know that I would have liked it on anyone else but that’s what makes for a best dressed award. It’s just about the dress. It’s the combination of the dress and who is wearing it. This is a unique color but it works so well on her. The fit of the dress is tailored to show every single curve in a sophisticated manner.  Her hair and the jewels? Just P-E-R-F-E-C-T. And only a movie star knows how to nail that pose, that stance, in that dress. Love.

This is it: the red carpet to end all red carpets (until the Tonys that is).:

Dumbest thing I saw online all night…


Really US Magazine? They “bring” their bump with them??? As if they had an option of leaving them at home. My guess is that a guy wrote that statement.

Insider Tip – Hue Knew?

Please excuse my poor excuse for paintshop skills.

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When it comes to getting the right look for a big event color is key. The right dress with the right cut can go wrong very quickly when the color is off. In looking at the actress above, the dress fits her beautifully, but the color fades into her skin and right on into the background. Now imagine if it was a beautiful shade of jade green. With her striking red hair this look would have stood out instead of faded away. Taking the time to find the best shade for your skin can make all the difference. Also take into consideration if you are going to go the spray tan route. I always look so pale that people ask if I’m okay. For a big event I love a spray tan. Plus it enables me to where several colors that normally would not work on my skin. If you are really not sure what is your best shade then take a sec to flip through some old pics of yourself. You will be able to quickly tell which shades looked fab and which fell flat. 

Who were your favorites? Hits? Misses? Let me know!

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