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The ONLY place to go for premium denim is….

I have a love/hate relationship with my jeans. They are like that loyal friend that you’ve had forever and will be honest with you no matter what. We need those kind of people in our lives but sometimes the truth is hard to hear. Jeans won’t let you get away with 5 or so extra pounds – in fact they will be the first to tell you when you’ve been hitting the Girl Scout cookies just a little too hard. They are not like our stretch pants leggings, who gently and softly hug us and tell us, it’s okay, I’ll still be there for you to wear even if you do down that entire sleeve of thin mints. Out jeans are also super loyal. They are the strongest item in our wardrobes. As long as we maintain our size they will hang in there and do their job for 10 years or more, even when we have put them through hell and back by wearing them thousands of times. I’d dare any other item in your wardrobe to stand up to that kind of use and abuse. Jeans are open-minded, they are that friend that says “Sure, why not? I’m up for anything!” You can count on wearing them to business casual days at the office, a night out with your girlfriends, and on a plane to travel anywhere in the world.  But finding an honest, loyal, up-for-anything friend, or a pair of great jeans, can be hard. It can take a long time to find the right one and sometimes you don’t even know where to look. Sometimes we need a living, breathing real friend to help us find our soul mate in the denim department.

It was about 9 years ago when I clumsily entered into Chantilly Blue, awkwardly trying to maneuver a double stroller with a 2-year-old and a 6 month old. I had been sweating and struggling to shed some of the baby weight and although I wasn’t yet where I wanted to be, I was in a state where I just needed to know that I had one pair of jeans that would fit me right then, and I needed them to be versatile enough to go from the playground with sneakers to a night out in heels with my husband. It was a tall order, and I had a tired toddler and a cranky baby, which meant I had about 15 minutes before all hell broke loose. I needed a miracle. Enter the one and only Lisa Baldwin, the owner of Chantilly Blue in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.

Fast forward a few years and I have been to Lisa’s store hundreds of times. When I decided to launch Suzie Gaffney Styling I told every single client that THIS was the place they had to go for jeans. Some didn’t believe me. They were frustrated, overwhelmed and convinced it was too much work to find jeans that fit their body. Then they meet Lisa. Lisa and her amazing staff break through all the bullshit lingo of matchstick, skinny, boot-cut, mid-rise, straight, rinsed, whiskered and find you a pair of denim for your body. This is not the place to go for trendy, disposable denim, and Lisa will tell you that herself. This is the place to go to buy premium denim jeans that you will stay loyal, year after year. Every brand of denim is made in America and Lisa is steadfast in her commitment. I’ve had the pleasure of accompanying her on a buying trip to New York and she makes sure to touch, stretch and examine every detail and only buy the best quality.

Lisa checking out the fit at the Hudson booth in NYC. photo via

But the real reason I recommend Chantilly Blue to everyone I know is because they are that honest friend. When you come in to the store they will politely direct you toward the jeans that fit your body. The wrong pair of denim can age you by making you look frumpy. The right pair can flatter you and take off years. They will ask you to come out of the fitting room. They will look at your butt, grab the fabric at your thighs and examine your waist. If it’s not right they will tell you. And they will save you time by bringing you the pair that fits your shape.  I am not kidding when I say you can be in your perfect pair of jeans and out the door in less than 15 minutes. Lisa is so good she has even done prescribed the perfect pair of denim for me to take to a client’s house, simply by looking at some photos of my client.  That’s a gift and that’s why I call her the denim doctor.

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Remember when you were a kid and you would go shopping for new sneakers? You would find the right pair and they would be so nice and new. They’d feel so good you’d ask to wear them out of the store, throwing your old, stinky, sad pair into the box to take home to most likely toss. I can think of at least 5 occasions where my clients were so happy with their new jeans that they asked to have the tags cut so that they could wear them right out of the store. That is the best!

Dayanne in her new jeans! image via


This week Chantilly blue will be celebrating…

10 Years of Honestly Awesome!

Thursday, March 10, 10-7!


And did you know there’s more than just jeans at Chantilly Blue. Lisa has curated a complimentary selection of flattering pieces that feel as good as they look. Jackets, tees, dresses and unique accessories are easy to shop for. I will be popping in throughout the day so be sure to say hello and ask me if you need help completing your look. Personally I am coveting this ever so soft microfiber pink trench that feels as good as it looks!


*Insider Tip – Take a pic!

Already a denim devotee of Chantilly Blue? Wouldn’t you love another pair? How about for free? Enter the contest below for a chance to win your own FREE pair!


Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing you this week!


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