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Swimsuits – Here’s the best of the worst.

Although Mother Nature is clearly off her meds, one day it will be summer. And, no matter what your size and shape, it always feels really damn good to put your body into some form of water. Unless you are super confident, or an exhibitionist, chances are good you’re gonna need a swimsuit. A client of mine sent me an email this week asking where the best places are to shop for bathing suits. Before I gave her my answer, I made sure to do a little online research to see what is out there this year. As far as challenge levels go, swimsuits are off the charts difficult to find one that you like, and  that fits your body. Let’s face it, you are basically buying something that fits like underwear, and wearing it in front of either perfect strangers, or in front of people you casually know, but you don’t really want them to see you half naked.  Before I can give you my picks for the best places to shop, I absolutely could not resist giving you my recommendations for the worst of what is out there. Here’s hoping I don’t offend anyone..

all suits below from Nordstrom…

Best suit for showing off your love handles.


Best suit for “that time of the month.”


Best suit to screw up any option of wearing a strapless sundress.


Best suit to wear to a modern art exhibit.

Best suit to make everyone wonder if you are actually naked.

Best suit to give you the strangest tan lines.


Best suit to wear if you can’t fully commit to a bikini.


Best suit to confuse everyone, including yourself.

Best suit to make everyone wonder if you bought it at Gymboree.


Best suit with a slight phallic suggestion.


Best suit to wear when you’d rather just be hanging out in your jeans.

Best suit to wear to when you’ve gained a few extra pounds, even better if you are pregnant.



And finally, my favorite…Best suit to wear when you want to make everyone uncomfortable, including yourself. 


*Insider Tip –  Mail Order

Unless you think fluorescent lights are fun, I strongly suggest doing some online shopping. Save yourself some time and tears by ordering a few different styles and sizes online. Try out some different shapes than you might usually go for, maybe even some different colors. Putting them on at home, in the daylight, in front of a full length mirror is the best way to see if you really like the fit. Then take it one step further and make sure you can lay in without things falling out the side. Can you sit in it without it wedging up your bottom? You want to make sure you can wear the suit for more than just standing in front of the mirror.

Here are my favorite places to look:







Lord and Taylor

Rue La La

TJMaxx/Marshalls – look for good quality brands like Tommy Bahama, Trina Turk, Nanette Lepore, Gottex and LaBlanca


Thanks so much for reading!



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