A good friend called me the other day and asked for some wardrobe advice. She was attending a work party that would be held outside on a country farm. So how do you create a look that is fall farm chic? My advice was to incorporate some essential fall pieces, as well as footwear that works from porch to patio and from gravel to grass. Because it is a work event her goal is to look casually polished, not too relaxed and not too glammed up.  Check out the pics below for examples of outfits that make you happy it’s fall.

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Plaid is popular because it is such a classic. Yet it can go from punk to preppy in a second, all depending how the print is used. You can wear a little of it (belt, shoes, etc.) or a lot (cape, jacket, dress).

Blackwatch Plaid Scotland Wrap: Wool plaid zip mini skirt | Gap:

Shop Devon Baer: weekend gear | style at a certain age:

Fur Vest (real or faux)

This is such a snuggling easy piece to wear yet most people think they can’t pull it off without looking like a high a maintenance Real Housewife. The trick is to pair the fur with something super simple (plain turtleneck or long sleeve t-shirt) or something opposite, like a plaid shirt. Oh and if they vest feels too bulky then try to look for one that has a knit back, so the fur is only in the front, giving the overall look a slightly sleeker feel.

Faux fur vest with plaid top: Clothes For Older Women: Tips For Those Seeking A Style Boost:

Trendy Combinations for Plaid Flannel Shirt: CAbi ize this with the Sleeveless Blazer over Fall 12 Tavern shirt with a contrasting denim on bottom (either lighter or darker than your denim top). Cabi Cocoon Scarf in Snow Flurry makes the perfect finishing touch!:

Tall Boots

Yes, I know, you haven’t been wearing them because ankle boots and booties have been all over the place. I never tell clients to get rid of something like this because regardless of what is in/out I think they are a classic. There is something about that riding boot style that just evokes that country fall feeling. Plus they keep your legs warm if you opt for a dress or skirt!

The Northeast Girl | A displaced northeast girl's lifestyle blog about family, fashion, friends, and the military. | Page 7: Would love to pull this off: pencil skirt, plaid shirt, riding boots, pearls, outfit-I would need a shorter skirt, add tights (maybe?)...:

White Blouse + Jeans: Like the look of the quilted vest. Found a similar one at Old Navy that I liked, but it was too boxy and just added bulk. Any chances that there might exist one a bit more tailored?:

Oversize Scarves

This makes  my inner toddler happy because it means I get to walk around with a little blankie to snuggle with all day. They also solve the “what necklace?” issue because they add texture, pattern and definition. And yes, they too will keep you warm at an outdoor party. Picture the outfits below without the scarves. They are still cute, but they definitely don’t deliver the same chic look. The oversize scarf can be belted, draped, tied or looped, basically you can accentuate or decentuate whatever you want.

What to Wear on a Plane: jeans, blazer, pashmina  Gwyneth Paltrow: Belted blanket scarf by batjas88:

travel tales | style at a certain age #overfiftyblogger: Bundle up with this cozy plaid button scarf, and add both function and style to your outfit! Plaid is a classic, timeless choice, yet on trend for fall. You have your choice of 4- color options.:


I absolutely adore a great blazer. There is something about putting one on that makes me stand a little taller and square my shoulders a little bit more. If there was a quest for world dominations I would want to be wearing a Chanel jacket. They add a pulled together polished look to almost any basic outfit.

Get a Style Nudge from over 40 blogger Cherie | Fabulous After 40: Screen shot 2014-02-10 at 4.59.21 PM.png:

Our favorite look: White button down, cashmere sweater, statement necklace, and tweed elbow patch blazer.: The Perfect Navy Blazer.:

*Insider Tip – Yes, really, you can wear white denim, ALL YEAR

Here’s the key: Pair it back to something in a neutral color that is textured or heavier (think of a classic cream colored fisherman’s wool sweater) and/or a classic fall/winter shade (navy and gray look great). Make sure you shoes reflect fall and you will stand out in a crowd for all the right reasons. Still not convinced? Check out these pics…

rainy day in the tuileries:


camel and white jeans - LOVE #fallfashion: White jeans in autumn? Why not?:

This is so classically elegant. <3: Gwyneth Paltrow:




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