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Sometimes it’s just easier when someone tells you what to do. I’m not talking about someone who tells you to go jump off a bridge or to go rob a bank, I’m talking about what to wear. This is why uniforms can be brilliant. It’s one less decision. If, like me, your brain feels like it’s drooling after Christmas, getting dressed in the morning can feel like a mountain you don’t want to climb. It’s January, it’s cold and let’s be honest, putting on a bra really feels intrusive. So without further ado, let’s make things simple this week with some weekday wardrobe suggestions.

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Monday – Mix It Up

One of the best parts about fall and winter is the patterns. Leopard, plaid, stripes and checks add interest to any outfit. If mixing two patterns up close makes you feel dizzy and disorganized, try featuring one print and accessorizing with another. I’m willing to testify in any court that leopard truly is a neutral.

Stripes + Leopard
Stripes + Checks
Leopard + Plaid
Stripes + Camo
Stripes + Stripes!

Tuesday – Tuck It In

I can year you protesting right now. “I can’t! I’ll look fat! I never do that! I don’t have a belt! The shirt will be too tight! What about my love handles??” I hear you. But I see you too. TRUST ME. There are so many ways to do a tuck and the reason I want you to do so is because it will give you a waist and define your shape. Whether you are a 0 or a 20, all women want that symmetrical hourglass shape. It’s a classic magician’s trick to draw the eye to where you want it. The hemlines of tops don’t always hit exactly the way we want. I dread when a hemline breaks at the bottom of my hips, aka the widest part of my body. The key to changing that is to create a break where I want it, higher up at the waistline. Feel like your hips and waist are all the same? Use a tuck with a belt for further definition.

Use a belt with a great buckle to draw the eye in to the center.
This is the perfect way to give a little bit of shape to the traditional button down.
Break up neutrals and anchor a bloused out top with a classic belt.
The perfect little side tuck to bring the hem up just a bit.
Worried your top will be too fitted at the side? Layer a jacket or cardigan to hide any lumps or bumps you may be feeling self-conscious about.

Wednesday – Wear the White

Bright white, winter white, or off-white, all can add work to highlight your face and your wardrobe. In a sea of black and gray, white looks elegant, chic and fresh. Balance it with something heavier and textured and it will inject your winter wardrobe with some  new life.

Camel and cream make this outfit a classic.
Like wearing a fluffy cloud!
Simply stunning, winter white back to black.
The classic white shirt – the collar lifts you up and the pearls add a dash of glam.
Or make it more rugged with a great fitting pair of denim.

Thursday – Throw It On

It’s Thursday. You are over the hump. You’ve worked hard and you’re almost there. Today’s the day to be kind to yourself. Toss on a comfy, cozy oversize sweater. Worried about looking sloppy? Proportion is key. Use sleek and simple pieces to contrast the casualness of your sweater.

This oversized navy turtleneck looks so cozy,  but the velvet flats and  the purse are what polishes it all off.
This oversize poncho works because of the skinny denim and simply sophisticated suede booties.
This is a blizzard worthy sweater that can do double duty. Ad black leather look  leggings and it’s city chic.  
Layer up your sweater for a pop of color and to break up a chunkier knit sweater. 
This outfit is like being in your robe and pjs, except the sleek leggings won’t make you run for cover if your seen out and about.

Friday – Flaunt Your Footwear

Sometimes you need to start your outfit from the ground up, starting with the shoes. Usually we get dressed and then decide what shoes match our outfit. Switch things up and pick out a fancy, fun or just your favorite pair of shoes, then build your outfit from there. Too often we wait to wear a special pair of shoes, worried that we might look too dressed up. Life is short, wear the shoes. If anyone asks why the fancy footwear just tell them you have some fabulous Friday night plans, even if that means putting those fancy shoes up on your couch while you have a cocktail.

Sneakers CAN make the outfit, this pair takes this outfit from plain to fresh and fun.
With these shoes all you need is a simple pair of jeans and classic white t-shirt.
Rainy day? No problem, rain can be fun when your boots are this bright.
These fabulous flats finish this outfit to perfection.
Would flats be cute with this outfit? Sure, but these leopard heels are so much more fun.
Add some sparkle to your step with a pair of metallic flats, you’ll be surprised how many outfits they go with.

Insider Tip – Create a Fashion File

Once upon a time my husband and I went to a restaurant. The waitress asked what we would like to drink. My husband asked her what kind of beers they had on tap. Her reply was rather strange, as she said “Well we have a lot, so why don’t you tell me what you want and I’ll let you know if we have it.”  Ummm..that’s not how it works. I mean I guess for some that might be okay, but most of us do better when given a finite number of choices to pick from. The same thing happens in our own closets. Sometimes you feel like you walk to your closet and just stare and stare at the clothes. This doesn’t mean you have too many clothes, it just means that you need a little direction. Often times before I visit a client they will tell me that they have no clothes, or that they hate everything they have. Rarely is this ever true. Often, all they need is for me to help them put together some go-to outfits, along with some never before tried combinations. When I work with a client in their home we make sure to take pictures of these outfits, this way the client can go back when they are feeling stuck and use the pictures as a recipe of sorts for creating an outfit they like. They can follow it exactly or use the idea to get them started, so much easier than looking at all those choices. My clients then keep these photos on their phone, in an app we use together, or printed out on a paper they keep near their closet. Think of it like keeping your cookbooks and recipes in your kitchen, or having a file on your computer that you save recipes to. The next time you see an outfit you like, or you wear an outfit you feel good in, make sure to take a picture, because it definitely lasts longer than most of our memories!


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