Spring, The Ugly Stepsister of the Seasons

“Oh my gosh I am so excited to go shopping for spring clothes!!” – said no one ever.

Poor Spring, it’s one of the prettiest seasons and one of the most overlooked. Much like Thanksgiving is being wiped away by the rush to get to Christmas, Spring is being overlooked as buyers go straight to shorts and swimsuits. I also feel sad for plaid. It gets so much attention in early fall and then after Christmas, even if it is freezing cold, most people feel it can look too Holiday. The same goes for items in red, leaving us with a sea of gray that mirrors the gray weather of January and February.

The weird weather patterns don’t help us out much either. Mother Nature can be one moody chick, and these random temperature spikes show us that she may very well be in menopause. In most parts of the country we have four seasons, even if the temperature doesn’t transition as smoothly as we’d like it to.  Spring has that random cool in the morning and warm rain in the afternoon type of weather that makes us want to pull our hair out when it’s time to get dressed. We are sick of our winter clothes and busting out our summer stock just seems premature.

Even Spring Break itself is geared toward shopping for summer clothes, mostly because people are traveling to warmer climates. Let’s face it, unless you have a truly glamorous staycation planned you aren’t going out shopping  to hang out at your house. And if you do get the chance to go away for Spring Break this will undoubtedly complicate your wardrobe. You still have to pull out all of your warm weather gear, see what fits and what needs to be replaced, and shop for updates. Stores make this easy on us because they know how excited we are for warm weather and sunshine. This is exactly why your local Target has placed all the colorful bathing suits right near the entrance of the store. Like moths to a flame we are drawn to all the bright colors and pretty patterns.  Again, all this is great when you are going on vacation but what happens when you get back. It’s depressing because you have tasted summer but March is still doing its “in like a lion, out like a lamb” thing. This is where most of my clients get so frustrated with what to do and when that they end up leaving the suitcase out after they returned, half unpacked half in limbo. Do you put out summer? Do you put away winter? What you need to do is put out Spring.

So what pieces are needed to have a successful spring wardrobe?

Think layers and versatility. This is a great time to up your basics (tanks and t-shirts) and invest in lightweight jackets and sweaters. Lighter shades of these will take you right into and through summer, while neutral shades will work again into the fall. Cardigans, blazers and even suede or faux leather can take a basic tank and jeans and elevate it into an outfit that is casual, chic and looks effortless. 





Having cute basics to wear underneath your jackets will allow you to work around unpredictable weather.



Casual button downs are so important in your wardrobe because they can be worn under sweaters in the winter, by themselves in fall and spring, and open over a tank from spring to summer. I never use to give these type of shirts any thought and then I discovered the softest most amazing button down shirts from Chantilly Blue in Kennett Square. I’m not going to lie, at first I thought it was a little pricey for a button down. But after I invested in one I was hooked because I realized how vital they were to my wardrobe. They feel cozy in the winter under sweaters and they keep me cool and comfortable in the summer back to shorts. They elevate my casual look just enough and they make me feel pulled together in a flash. Fabric and cut are key so make sure to find the right style for you to maximize your cost per wear.

Ref: SPL834916 060914

Picture by: Webber / Splash News


Same shirt, same shoes, same bag, different looks. 



For occasions that require something other than denim, choose a lighter weight jacket or a lighter color to bring to ease into your summer dressier pieces. This is why getting dressed for an Easter brunch or dinner makes women want to punch someone. 

Ready for some ankle or cropped cuts? These look great with wedges to anchor the heavier denim. Just throw a wrap on top and you are all set for cooler mornings. 

You will see a lot of the cropped look this season when it comes to pants. Tread carefully with this trend as it can be tricky with regard to proportions. With the right shoes and the right cut it can bring something new to your closet. The blush colored crop pant below looks amazing with this longer sweater jacket and sleek heels.

Maybe your feet are ready for summer but the rest of you is still warming up. This is the perfect time of year to break out some fun stilettos to lighten up a cute blouse and simple skinnies. Ashley Austin in Kennett Square keeps posting drool worthy kicks in all kinds of fun colors and styles. I like to treat myself to one new pair every spring so it’s about that time!


*Insider Tip – Real Style Is Timeless

When I was searching for celebrities showing off their transition style, it suddenly occurred to me that I was pulling pictures from all over the past 10 years, not just this season. I can’t say it enough…trends will come and go but if you invest in classic pieces that speak to who you are as a person you will always look modern and up to date. Take a look at these stylish women below and you’ll see just how cool classic is.

Jackie Onassis knew that a classic trench would always work for her in nearly every season.

(Photo by Ted West/Getty Images)

A simple t shirt and bright color leather is perfect for spring. Lauren Hutton is the queen of cool and she rocks this look.

Can a simple button down be sexy? Take one look at this pic of Jane Birkin and you can tell it’s all about HOW you wear it, not just WHAT you are wearing.

Cindy Crawford could be wearing a $10 tank or a $1,000 tank…it doesn’t make a difference because it’s a great fit and creates two different looks when paired with denim and heels and again with white jeans and sandals.

Oh and you know how people always worry about white style jeans are in or not in? Here’s Cindy rocking some flair….timeless, classic and chic, because they flatter her shape and her figure.

Classic doesn’t mean old, classic means that it has stood the test of time. So go grab some great pieces for Spring ….your closet will thank you!!

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