My Picks For The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.


Hide your kids, hide your husband and break out your credit card. THIS IS IT. I know it feels like a sauna outside but I promise you that fall will arrive, and when it does I want you to be ready. Just why is this sale so bananas? Because they slash the prices on brand new inventory for a short time and then the prices will go up. So this is not your typical leftover sale rack. This is big. While this is certainly a great time to invest in something big and possibly brand name that you may have had on your wishlist, my picks are going to focus on some building block basics as well as some fun prints to bump up your wardrobe. The best part? My picks are all $200 or under. I spent the past 3 days pouring over every single item in the sale. Yesterday I ignored my children and ate cookies and drank coffee for lunch (I don’t recommend it) so I could stay glued to my computer to find you the best finds. Some of the items I picked in 2 color ways not because I think you need 2, but so that you can pick the color that will flatter your coloring and mix and match back into your existing wardrobe.

TWO big things to keep in mind.

  1. They do sell out of some of these items so you can’t be afraid to pull the trigger. These are not final sales so you can always make a return.
  2. Some things will be restocked so don’t panic if you don’t see your size or if an item says out of stock.  Things will get returned (as I mentioned above) and some inventory will be replaced. So make sure to refresh your browser and check back on your favs.

Also….I’ve got a new way to show you my picks this year and I am so flipping’ excited!!!!!!

Here’s how it works…

  • click this link right here. – SALE LINK
  • enter my access code – Suzie
  • there are 2 sections
    • Finds – this is where you can see all of my individual picks as well as my comments on why I think this is a good pic. Clicking on each picture takes you directly to the Nordstrom site.
      • Lookbook – THIS IS MY BIG SURPRISE!!!! The lookbook section is where I show you my outfit ideas based on the Nordstrom picks. The best part is even if you don’t buy a thing from this sale, you can still use the outfits I put together in the lookbook as inspiration for outfit ideas using items you already own.

These are the insane faces I realized that I make when I am shopping. Here I am below shopping at Ashley Austin in Kennett Square – clearly concentrating on all the goodies they put out for a private client party I hosted in January.  Luckily you can’t see me making these faces while I am at home from my computer.



*Insider Tip – Get Personal

To my existing clients I am offering a personalized shopping list based on YOUR wardrobe and YOUR style. Think of it as your own digital stitch fix. Since I’ve been in your closet and I know your needs, I will sort through the sale and identify 10 items that I know you would need and love. The cost is only $65 for my existing clients and includes a phone chat so you can tell me if there is anything special you have coming up or that you are looking for. Please contact me via text if you are interested – 610-517-2983.


As always, thank you so much for reading!!




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