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Over the years of working in closets and with clothes there are a few items that I have tried and trusted and go to time and time again. Some are weird…sulfur on your face (trust me) and some our way expensive (cashmere travel wrap). But these are the things I recommend to all my clients and I promise you they will get used whether you gift them or you get them for yourself. All items are linked through a curated catalogue I created and can be accessed through this link.

This simple cotton tank from Target is a true layering essential. I have a small drawer that has about 5 white, 3 black and probably one of every other color. This is your grown-up bra friendly undershirt that I tuck into my pants and take on every trip.

This is my favorite brand of t-shirts that don’t cling, they aren’t see through and they have hemlines that don’t cut you off going straight across. Lots of styles and colors but the white is my favorite and go-to because of the texture and fit.

A weird but amazing stocking stuffer. I swear to you this works. It smells terrible for the 10 minutes you have it on but it is the only thing that has ever worked on those awful below the surface volcano like painful pimples that you can feel forming deep below the surface of your skin. It’s a life saver and won’t dry out your skin – a true miracle.

Life changer – perfect for travel and to freshen up your clothes. Easy to use and much easier than an iron. Great for delicate fabrics!

These are THE Spanx leggings and yes they really are great. I love these with the shine because you can dress them down with sneakers and hoodie. Grab them locally at No. 109 and size up and don’t feel bad because that’s just the way they are cut.

There are others but this one is the classic. I bought my cream one 20 years ago and it has traveled with me everywhere. My sister even had it on her during her labor in the hospital room – that’s a looooong story about I got “stuck” in the room!

Locally I buy this jacket at No.109. It’s deceiving because it looks cute but this thing has the kind of hood that comes up and over and stays up. It has kept me bone dry even through that torrential rain we had this year during Mother’s Day at the Willowdale Steeplechase. And it layers beautifully over everything from a dress to a sweater. Another travel must have.

Lisa from Chantilly Blue first told me about this amazing shirt, called The Shirt, that fits over any and all chest sizes and still fits tailored through the waist. It is a wardrobe essential. Invented by a woman, designed by a woman, for women’s bodies. Available at Chantilly Blue and online.


This is the collarless “going out” blazer from J.Crew. If you own this and a white tank or t shirt you just need a pair of jeans and you will always have a chic go to outfit.

Cuddleduds – this is long underwear for grownups. I wear these under all of my sweaters all winter and they keep me so warm but they are never bulky and everything fits over them perfectly without bunching.

These are my favorite jammies ever and I am super picky because I love sleeping so damn much. They are super soft, also come in set as shorts and come in prints. The best part? They are from Target and super affordable.

I love dogs. And dogs are hairy. And I love hugging my dogs, my clients’ dogs, strangers’ dogs. And of course I wear a lot of black. And how annoying is it when you can’t find the end of the roll to peel off of a lint roller or it’s trapped in a drawer stuck to something else. This beautiful little tool keeps each roll fresh and sticky for quick touchups. I have one in the car, in my closet and in my handbag.

I was first gifted one of these by my friend Ashley who sells this line at her Ashley Austin boutique in Kennett Square. Sara Happ herself came to an in store event and her own lips are just as heavenly as this gloss. This is another thing I keep one of everywhere – the car, by my bed, my desk etc.

Another favorite I learned about locally when Heather at No. 109 started to carry them. These are the only hats that do not itch my head because they are 100% cotton. The pom detaches so you can throw it into the washer if like me you get your makeup on it! And the best part is that 50% of the purchase price goes to pediatric cancer support and research.

My dear friend Jen created these bracelets several years ago after an accident left her with time on her hands during recovering. What started out as a small hobby is now sold everywhere from QVC to the Park Plaza hotel in NYC. So many designs, colors and charms and you can buy them locally at the first ever store to carry them – Chantilly Blue in Kennett Square.

It’s faux, it’s warm, it’s cozy and it’s easy to wear because of the built in slide-through. Keep it on all day and wear it like a necklace or layer it over your coat. They come in a ton of colors so grab a neutral and fun bright color.

My friend Kate gave me these and I feel bad ass when I wear them because they are called the Boss Babe earring from Uncommon James. They edge up everything from a t-shirt to a cocktail dress.

This is my favorite party trick. I have varicose veins and spots and practically translucent legs that look like they have purple and blue road maps on them in the winter. Simply spray this leg makeup/foundation into your hands and apply and it will only come off with soap and water in the shower. I’ve worn it in the summer at an outdoor wedding where it was 99 degrees and full humidity and it doesn’t budge. It gives the perfect “airbrushed” finish without the complication of a fake tanner mishap. Find it in the nail care section in stores like Target, CVS and Walmart.

This is the unique slipper in that in can be worn indoors or out and they are the warmest thing ever on my feet. Comes in many colors and styles but this black is my go to.

I hate putting water on my face for some reason. Especially before bed. When I’m tired I’m done and I’m really lazy. This takes it all off and leaves nothing behind. Works on all eye makeup too. And my face feels just right after, not greasy and not dry.

I can’t scream enough about this bag. It folds flat when you don’t need it. It has just the right size compartments and an inner and detachable storage bag. It fits my laptop. I can use it as an overnight bag. It’s been through hell and back and I can wipe it down with a Clorax wipe and it is always good to go. Simply the best.

I don’t know what is in this and I don’t care. I’ve tried everything else. This is the best if like me you are sweating even when it is freezing out. The smell is the most subtle ever but it is so good that even one my friends’ husbands starting using it!

That’s it! It’s not as good as Oprah’s but I stand behind all of these. Happy Shopping and thanks for reading!

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