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It has been an eternity since I had the opportunity to give you a recap and personal review of The Red Carpet. If you haven’t read one of my posts before please keep in mind that this is just a fun review and not meant to upset anyone or induce anyone getting up from their seats and getting upset (I’m talking about you Will Smith and unfortunately everyone is talking about you today). I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion about fashion and there is no right or wrong, this is just my opinion. I think everyone who steps foot onto that carpet is brave just for showing up. If that was me I think I’d try a dig a hole and crawl through it if I had view all the styles and looks. I view fashion as a work of art and a form of expression. It can be a bit of escapist fantasy to enjoy seeing beautifully made gowns in an industry that has certainly seen it’s share of struggles lately. So that being said I’ll review some of the trends that were on the carpet, as well as some of my favorite looks and some of the looks that maybe should have been left alone.

Red on the Red Carpet

So much red last night! In ruffles, and gowns and even on a tux. Red is a standout color and says “Look at me!!” It’s bold and self-assured and best worn with a ton of confidence. Normally I’m a huge fan of Tracee Ellis Ross but last night I was so nervous for her nipples. Everything up top was so close to falling out and it just felt a bit too much like they ran out of fabric. It’s a shame because I love the length of the dress and adored her red stiletto heels.

In my mind I just kept thinking how great it could be if it was a classic strapless instead of those wide set minnie mouse ears. See my hack job of an altered photo below.

Rosie Perez looked old Hollywood glam with that deep side part with the wave and the classic red lip. She is a petite powerhouse and this gown fit her well. Her curves were on display but I felt confident they were being carried securely. My only stress was the fear that someone was going to step on that very long train and strangle her. I think the dress would have been just as lovely without it.

Then we have the classic beauty, Jennifer Garner. This was of course gorgeous but there is a part of me that would love to see her experiment with just a bit more of an edgier style. She wasn’t nominated and was there as a presenter so I get her going the safe route but I’m just dying to see her try something a bit unexpected and have fun with it.

When I first saw Ariana DeBose’s 3 piece look I wasn’t quite sure. It had such similar lines to the dress that I wondered if it was from the design house. (It wasn’t though, Tracee’s was from Carolina Herrera and Ariana’s is from Valentino) But as I kept seeing her I started to love the look more and more. It seemed to fit her personality and when she was presented with a rice krispie treat during an interview she showed us how it would fit into her pocket. Then I was sold. Snack pockets in her pants? That’s a win. Seriously though her hair and makeup and simple diamond necklace all came together perfectly and the real lock for me on this look was the dramatic cape that she still had fun with. The cape elevated the whole look for me from a night out look to award winner look.

Pretty In Pink

While red is loud and bold the popular shade of pink on last night’s carpet was a pale light shade of pink. It reads as soft and romantic and is subtle. Keeping it simple and classic last night was the always stylish Zoe Kravitz. I mean, it’s physically impossible not to exude constant cool girl vibes when your mom is Lisa Bonet and your dad is Lenny Kravitz. Since Zoe already has that edge I love that she went so soft with this column dress with the bow. She has Audrey Hepburn vibes on full flow, even down to the short bangs and updo and I think it works on her. Just wish I found a picture where she looked a little more happy.

Also in pink was this lacey number on Lily James. This dress is classic Versace in every way – the slit, the fit (like a glove), and the bra cut of the top. It veers dangerously close to feeling a bit like bridal night lingerie but the platform heels remind us she is in a gown.

And not to spoil the surprise but here is my favorite look of the night. Mila Kunis in Zuhair Murad was perfection. Her eye makeup was stunning, her hair was perfect and this dress fit her so well. It was the first time for me that she looked like a mature movie star versus her usual laid back guy’s girl kinda vibe, which, to be clear, also works on her. But it was fun to see her glam it up with a bit of Catherine Zeta Jones feel. I think this shade complimented her perfectly and the whole look was grown up glamourous.

Back in Black

We can always expect to see black gowns on the red carpet. They feel sexy, chic and sultry and are usually a safe bet. It’s also an easy way to go more bold with design since the classic of black can keep a look more grounded. Rita Moreno is 90 years old and she outworked women in the 20s last night. That sculptural shoulder ruffle was a statement and so was her feather hat. She looked like she was having fun and her dress reflected that. Oh and take note of the shoes, she is wear flats! Turns out you don’t have to sprain an ankle to walk the red carpet.

Maddie Ziegler went big for her strapless black dress and I think it worked pretty well but I would have liked to see it without all that extra fluff. She’s young, she’s only 19, so I think I would have preferred a slightly more sleek version of this dress or even something a little shorter. And maybe her hair down, or, if she was going to wear it up, make it more modern by doing something more sleek instead of the wispies down the side and from the back which just felt a little sloppy. Maybe I’m just jealous thinking of all the fun things I could wear if I was 19! But I did love the jewelry and thought it was a good changeup from the traditional bright diamonds.

Vanessa Hudgens wore her black dress with one of the trends that we are continuing to see from this past year with the side cutouts I loved the pop of emerald in her necklace but I really would have liked to see her hair down. I feel like when a dress has sharp cuts of tailored lines it’s nice to see a contrast with something less severe with the hair. I also would have liked to have hemmed the dress a few more inches and show off a pair of killer heels.

Prettiest Use of Purple

These are two very different dresses but both of them made me swoon. The detail of the lilac Miu Miu dress on Demi Singleton was exquisite. The detail was of the beaded flowers was so beautifully and the length was perfect as it didn’t overwhelm Demi, who, by the way, is only 15 years old. Even at her young age she carried this gown with complete grace.

I think it’s got to be a delicate choose on what to wear when you are just a regular person but you are married to a movie star. I’m sure there’s a slight feeling of not wanting to overdo it compared to an actress that is a nominee, but, at the same time, it’s the freakin Oscars and you want to look glam. Kathryn Boyd is the wife of Josh Brolin and I am completely in love with her purple boho beach girl chic look in Etro. Her hair matches the feel of the dress where everything just this effortless look like she just got in from a beach in Bali a few hours ago. Definitely one of my favorites.

Umm…can you make me my own color?

If you are Nicole Kidman and working with Armani then yes, your wish is their command. The story goes that Nicole saw this dress but requested this custom shade of pale blue (I know it reads a bit purple/grayish in the photos). This dress is definitely couture and even if you don’t love the style you have to admit that only Nicole Kidman can carry off this type of dress like a runway model. She’s been doing this way too long and rarely makes me a mistake, mostly because she always look so confident in her choices. My favorite part of this dress was the beading on the train, such a beautiful detail.

Can you match my dress to my hair?

I wanted to love Jessica Chastain’s look because I like her so much but the bottom of the dress ruined it for me. The ombre sequins felt fun and unexpected and I was kinda okay with the Rainbow Bright nod but the bottom of the gown felt way too much like Mrs. Howell’s pajamas on Gilligan’s Island. The dress had enough going on and when you are a redhead that beautiful color feels like an extra accessory. She is so beautiful that I felt like it was too much noise and a classic case of wear you notice the dress before the person, and she is too talented for that.

I didn’t hear much about this look today, and maybe it’s because she changed during her hostess duties, but wow I thought Regina Hall totally looked gorgeous in this monochromatic look. Here hair, skin, and dress all were on the same page, and Damn it was a good chapter! By keeping the whole look tonal the focus was on her totally perfect hair and makeup which danced in complete sync with the dress. The soft color lets you totally appreciate the gorgeous layers and lines of her custom Vera Wang gown and I am so here for it.

Are you looking at my boobs?

Yes, it’s now come to this. Boobs as accessories. We already covered (or should I say what wasn’t covered) in Tracee Ellis Ross’s dress but here are a couple of others that really went for it. Venus Williams is fierce but felt the need to remind us of her femininity with this U-shaped front opening on her gown. I thought the dress was stunning, it has a bit of a mermaid cut to the skirt and her hair was super glam. But you don’t see all that because it’s literally distracting that the silver border looks like it is barely holding in all her bits and pieces. In fact, there was a slight mishap caught on Twitter where she did have a bit of one of the girls wanting to come out and play and you can see her holding her arm over her chest until she could tell that girl it wasn’t her match.

Slaying in Sequins

When Lupita Nyong’o came onto the red carpet some years ago she set the stage by being a star in the fashion department. She never phones it in and she always shows up. This year was no exception in her gold and floral sequined Prada gown. Her updo matched the texture of the dress, which included an exaggerated metallic fringe that felt like mini applause that followed her.

Also showing how a simple sequin skirt can completely kill it on the red carpet was Zendaya, who has become one of the actresses we love to see on the red carpet. She’s always up for something just a bit different and has the confidence to pull it off. Wearing a custom cropped shirt and skirt by Valentino, she gave a nod to the white button down worn from The Gap that Sharon Stone famously wore some years ago. Her look is flawless and the updo lets us focus on the cut of the shirt. I’m also obsessing over the stacks of Bulgari Viper bracelets that give it just the right amount of edge.

Speaking of Menswear…

There were lots of looks outside the usually black tux box this year. From all pink to all red, to velvet and patterns, this was probably one of the most expressive years for the men. While I am all up for expression there is one that I didn’t like. Timothee Chalamet forgot his shirt. Don’t get me wrong, I love the sequin blazer and I would love to borrow it for myself, but I just didn’t feel this was the right venue. Call me a traditionalist but I think this look would have been better at The Met Gala or The Grammys. I guess to me he is an actor, not a rock star, so I’m not getting the whole “I’m too sexy for my shirt” vibe via 90’s band Right Said Fred. Although, he does the the skin tone to be the next Edward in Twilight.

One more that didn’t work for me was Daniel Kaluuya’s satin tux. I feel like this would be worn by the maitre d at a Disney World Little Mermaid themed restaurant.

For me best dressed male goes to Jason Momoa. With men it’s all about the tailoring and it’s no easy feet to get this guy into a well fitting tux. I believe he said it was custom made for him in London. Although he is naturally the kind of guy who stands out with his hair and size and his overall vibe, I like that he kept it simple and classic for this event. Oh and take note of his black satin scrunchie on his wrist for his ponytail…”Stars! They’re just like us!”…as I have gotten dressed up before and forgot to take my ever present pony-tail holder off of my wrist.

Wanna Trade?

Sometimes I see a dress I love but just not on that person. I would have loved to have Julianne Hough and Kirsten Dunst swap dresses. See my chopped up photo redo below. And yes, I realize I made their heads too big for their bodies but photo editing is not my thing and this was the best I could do.

I like big trains and I cannot lie.

Megan Thee Stallion dropped the bougie and ratchet and kept the classy with her custom Gaurav Gupta metallic blue gown with ruffles for days. It was glamorous and gorgeous and just the right amount of train. Her sleek updo complimented the look perfectly.

On the other hand sometimes a train should be stopped in its tracks. Forgive me Will but what is going on with Jada’s look? Is it an exploding can of Spinach? Or is it inspired by the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland? Again, maybe for The Met Gala which is known for dresses that women literally can’t sit in and delivering a shock and awe factor. She is tiny and beautiful and this dress looks like it is going to eat her alive. My second to least favorite.

Another look that left me super confused was Maggie Gyllenhaal’s gown by Schiaparelli. I respect that this gown is considered “haute couture” but I can’t get over the strange gold accents. It reminds me too much of those oversized hooks I always see in the bins of the sale room at Anthropologie. They look interesting at first but then I think, would I really want that on my wall? Definitely not on my dress. It would be so tempting to hang my purse on it if I ran into her in the ladies room.

And now, for my least favorite look of the night. Kristen Stewart can literally wear anything she wants from Chanel, and yet she chose to wear this. Does she look cool and badass? Sure, for a photoshoot, for a night out, for a runway. But for the Oscar’s? Even though I didn’t like Maggie or Jada’s dresses I can at least appreciate that the effort was put it to pull off a dramatic look for the Oscars. This just feels like Kristen gave up and said Eff it. Many fashionistas loved this punk look and what may be the first time we saw shorts on the red carpet but I just felt like it was a waste of a moment. She can do so much better and I feel like she was acting like a rebellious child and stomping her feet with this look.

I think this would have been great for the after-parties but I didn’t like it at all for the Red Carpet. Conversely, I loved what she wore to the after-parties and would have loved to see her swap these two looks. Her I think her hair looks sexy instead of sloppy and the lack of jewelry lets the dress totally stand out and show off those amazing metallic cuffs. Its beautiful on her and I think would have been so much better on the red carpet. But again, that’s the best part about fashion. It’s subjective. It’s in the eye of the beholder. And, in the end, everyone looks their best when they wear something that they love. Opinions are just different views and everyone is entitled to their own. No matter what I think I always celebrate fashion and the expression of personal style. The best accessory anyone can ever wear is a genuine smile.

So let’s hear your opinion! Who did you love? Who did I miss? Let me know as I could talk about this stuff for days on end and love discussing it!

Thanks for reading!


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