The Great White T-Shirt.

I was in a cold sweat the other morning tearing the house apart looking for my favorite white t-shirt. I was ripping through closets, drawers, dirty laundry, even accusing the dog of taking it.  Then I had the opposite of  a Oprah Aha moment, it was more like a Homer Simpson D’Oh moment.

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Remember my post the other week when I showed how great different necklaces look against a plain white t-shirt?

Yes, there it was. On my Marshalls/HomeGoods mannequin. Our 5-year-old son is already fascinated by the anatomy on it.  Okay so now all is right in the world. But it reminded me of the importance having that perfect white t-shirt in your wardrobe. I think we all know the horrors of pulling out last year’s perfect white t-shirt and seeing that tell-tale yellowing of the armpits. Why oh why must we have to sweat? It is just not fair, to us or our clothing.

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When shopping for a t-shirt, in any color, the cut is crucial. Do you have a rather large bosom? Aka the girls, boobies, knockers, ta-tas. Whatever you call them they can be a blessing and curse. Having been pregnant I have been on both sides of the spectrum. A v neck or scoop shape is the saving grace for the large expanse of chest. Not too deep and not too short.  Stay away from the higher crew neck which just has too much fabric over the expanse of boobs.

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Are you the opposite in the chest department?  You can do a v-neck but make sure the fabric has a little drape to balance out  your smaller frame. A classic crew neck is also a good option.

If I had Kelly Ripa’s arms I don’t think I would wear sleeves again. Ever.
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Somewhere in between? You can really wear any of  the above.

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As for sleeves. Cap-sleeves are a four letter word in my house. They are evil. They cut off at the worst part of every woman’s arm. If you have great arms you are better off in a sleeveless style. Otherwise opt for a little bit longer than the cap sleeve. Just the tiniest bit more fabric makes all the difference.

Scooped Neck Cap Sleeve T-Shirt
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Do you hate your arms? Opt for this season’s very popular cold shoulder top. A little skin is exposed at the top of the arm but is connected underneath the sleeve. Batwings be gone!

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The other biggie is fabric, very important with white. Just like with the denim it can be a Goldilocks situation, not too sheer, not too thick, just right. Just because the fabric feels great to the touch doesn’t mean it will be flattering on. I had a customer that kept buying t-shirts based on the way they felt but she hated them on. We had to re-work strategy for her t-shirt shopping. Some of the nicest feeling fabrics are the ultra thin ones. But the ultra thin ones often drape too much and hang funny and cling in all the wrong places. A t-shirt needs some structure to gently skim over your particular shape. One hundred percent cotton is great, but look for keywords such as ringspun or pima to ensure it is not too thick and has enough stretch. My favorite is a blend of cotton and modal. I pretty much walk across hot coals for an item with modal  as I love the way it feels on my skin and the way it fits.

Some favorite brands?

Low-cost $15 and under – Target’s Mossimo line has great options. And Hanes men’s t-shirts in small or even a boys large.

Mid range – $15-$25 – J. Crew, especially their vintage cotton, Ann Taylor Loft, Lands End semi-fitted.

Pricier but worth it- $25 and up – Splendid, Three Dots, James Perse,  and Michael Stars are some of my favs.

*Insider Tip – When trying on t-shirts I’ve witnessed so many women pull them down as far as they can go. Stop that! It should fit with a little bit of movement, even if you tuck in it shouldn’t be stretched taut. It looks more natural and relaxed if there is a little fabric gathering around the waist. Pulling down all the way to the hip just makes it too long and unflattering. If you are hippy than it stops at and highlights your hips. If you have a little extra in the middle then it stretches it right over it.

The iconic Lauren Hutton – looking amazing as always.
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*Insider Tip – It may be a t-shirt but wash it with care. Bleach is  not good for the fibers because it can break them down. If you have stains try oxy-clean or vinegar, diluted with water. Wash on delicate, throw in the dryer for a short stint, then hang to dry. Is this convenient and practical? Hell no. My husband requests this treatment with his golf shirts and I basically tell him to do it himself. I am a serious domestic failure.  But will it save you time and money when your perfect shirt is hanging perfectly ready to go in your closet. Hell yes. I’ve ruined too many to keep on being lazy about it. Or I’ve lost them on a mannequin.

Yes, it may be time to have a talk with our son.

Word to your Mother.

If you are lucky enough to have a mom, be a mom (pets count too), or know a mom then you know this is a holiday that celebrates women. It is so nice to get the gifts and homemade cards from the kids but it also is pretty amazing all the cards and well wishes I get from all the other women in my life.

It is such a blessing to be born a girl but there are plenty of trial and tribulations to make us earn that right. The emotional pressures alone are immense.As woman we are always concerned with our image. Did you know there have been studies that have shown that most woman would pick to be pretty over smart? That is scary. I think we can be both. We are our own worst enemies. The voices in our heads that tell us that we are not skinny, tall, or pretty enough. Well guess what? There will always be someone in the room that we will perceive as skinnier, taller, pretty and younger.  It is a waste of our time and energy to obsess over what we don’t have. Someday our 80-year-old selves will look back at where we are now and say “Damn, I had good legs! Why wasn’t I wearing shorts?!?!”

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So often what looks like perfection is an illusion. Photoshop and retouching have forever changed what is presented as standards of beauty in the media. You never know what it took for someone to look they way they do.

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Everyone has their flaws but it is how you own them that makes it work. Have you seen Megan Fox’s thumb? It is wonky – it just is and she will say so. But have you seen Megan Fox?? I would take her wonky thumb to have her face any day of the week.

Perfect Megan Fox and her not so perfect thumb.
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We can certainly make the effort to do the best with what we have. There are tools out there to fix just about everything conceivable. Have you seen the shapers with butt enhancing pads??

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The problem with that is we only will really look great on the outside when we feel great on the inside.  As women we can get muddled down in our insecurities. We should take the time to build each other up rather than break each other down. We have to remember that we are constantly setting examples for our daughters, nieces, cousins, sisters and friends.  We can’t help but soak up our attitudes and sense of style from those around this. I inherited a borderline obsessive love of anything shiny or sparkly from my mom. We both have enough sequins  in our closets to make Liberace jealous.

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We need to set the example that perfection is unattainable. True beauty comes from the inside and radiates out. This is the philosophy we need to pass on. Not one of looking in the mirror and judging our size, our imperfections. Our flaws and mishaps are what make us relatable to one another.

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*Insider Tip – This mother’s day pay another woman a compliment. Even if it is a complete stranger. I guarantee you will completely make her day. We went to a work function for my husband and I realized as we were arriving that I had completely gotten the wrong idea of the dress code from my husband. Lesson learned was that men easily mix up “casual” and “cocktail.”  I felt woefully unprepared being that this is after all what I do  – style other people.  I was feeling terribly insecure as I looked around the room at the sea of fabulously dressed women. Just then one of them approached me and introduced herself. She told me she was awarding me with best dressed in the room because my dress was so different. Now this wasn’t an official award but just a sincere compliment. She said she goes to a ton of these functions with her husband throughout the year. To keep herself from being bored and to meet new people she makes it her mission to go up and compliment the person whose outfit she likes the best. What a wonderful thing to do!

My not quite cocktail ready dress

*Insider Tip –  Be tough. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you aren’t good enough. Including you!

Clolthing is our way of playing dress up. And with so many options out there we are free to choose and express ourselves however we want. The key is dressing and shopping for the body you have right now. Sadly, tomorrow is not guarenteed. So what are we waiting for?

Need more motivation? If you haven’t already seen it check out this youtube clip of 4 year old Jessica and her daily affirmation. Too cute!

Writers Block

Do you ever walk into your closet and have what is the equivalent of writer’s block? You are just stumped. Not in the mood. You hate everything. Nothing fits. You feel uninspired. So you throw on the  yoga pants or whatever your go to is for an  I-didn’t-feel-like-making-an-outfit outfit. And trust me, this is more than okay. I do it way more than I care to admit. The problem with it is when I decide to leave my house. And of course these are always the days when I run into somebody I know. Or even worse  that mom from your kid’s school that has those eyes that sweep you up and down silently judging your outfit.  I feel bummed that I didn’t put in the slightest bit more effort. I find myself checking out everyone else’s outfits – “She looks cute and comfortable”, “Why didn’t I put that together – I have that?!” I also find myself muttering and mumbling something about “cleaning” and “working out.”  Unless I looked like Heidi Klum. Then I would just be all like “Um…I’m Heidi Klum…just look at me in countless magazines if you need to know that I clean up good.”

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So what to do when stumped and not in the mood? I love the old-fashioned and timeless K.I.S.S. acronym. KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID! When I over think putting together an outfit, anything really, I get frustrated and give up. Rarely does spending too much time dwelling on something inspire me or lead to anything productive. But when I take things back to basics it all seems so much clearer.

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When I am stumped I like to start backwards, at the end. Instead of finishing my outfit with accessories I start by picking out the accessory first. A favorite scarf or shoe. My favorite starting point is jewelry. And I ‘m not talking about Harry Winston diamonds. I mean simple colorful fun costume jewelry. When I start with the jewelry it inspires the rest of the outfit. Interior decorators suggest when decorating a room to start with a piece of furniture, rug, or fabric that you like.  Then build your colors from there for the rest of the room. They know it is much easier to match paint to a piece you like than when you start with the paint color and try to find pieces to match. I love to take a fun piece of jewelry and then keep the rest simple. Think of how chic it looks when a beautiful statement necklace is paired with the simple background of a white tee and jeans. Usually it is jewelry that makes me feel finished and put together. You know that fine line between looking like you made an effort and still looking like your look was effortless? I think that is what accessories can do for an outfit.  The looks below show  a variety of necklaces, ranging in price from  $5 – $50 dollars. All are paired back to the classic and simple white t-shirt.

Not sure where to start looking? Great, fun costume jewelry is everywhere. If you want to be overwhelmed with choices try Forever 21 – literally like stepping into a pirate’s jewel heist. And I have been known to paint the inside of the rings with clear nail polish to avoid the color coming off on to my skin. Scary, but true.   Many of the smaller chain stores carry great pieces as well. Ann Taylor, J.Crew, Anthropologie all have an amazing selection. Also try second-hand and consignment stores. Don’t be picky. If you try it on and like it then buy it. We recently attended a black tie function and we all oohed and ahhed over one of our friend’s chunky gem bracelets. She sheepishly admitted she stumbled upon them in Wal-Mart while running her errands. They were the perfect complement to her dress. And at under $10 it just can’t be beat.

Conversely don’t be afraid to spend money on a truly beautiful piece. We will so easily spend money on clothing pieces or shoes but not always on jewelry. Sometimes you feel guilty or feel it can’t be justified. But a beautiful piece is something that you will have forever. Certain pieces can even become sentimental heirlooms. I was very close with my grandmother. One of my favorite memories of her is when she would get dressed up for special events she always wore her gold charm bracelet. I loved the noise it would make as she would move around the room, lift up her drink, or talk with her hands. When she passed away I was so honored to be given this same bracelet to wear. Someday it will be passed onto my daughter as well. The best part? The centerpiece of the bracelet is a gold heart with my grandparent’s initials and wedding date. The charms the profiles of each of her six children, each one engraved with their name and birthdate. It now carries the charms of grandkids and my daughter, her first great-granddaughter.

*Insider Tip –  Display your jewelry. You will use what you can see. There are all sorts of ways to do this. It can be pretty or practical or both! But find a way to display it so that you will remember to use it. Jewelry cabinets and drawers are wonderful in theory but it so often leads to out of sight out of mind.  Try elegant trays and dessert stands. Or even simple garage organizer storage hooks.

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simple Home Depot hooks

And the best place of all to display your jewelry? On you!

Cleaning before the cleaning lady.

Those who know me well know I DO NOT cook well. I have tried. And failed. And failed miserably.  I do not even like to cook. I am a grazer. I hate the preparation of cooking a large meal. I lack the patience. And then I have to clean it all up? I am just as happy with veggies, humus and wine. Which would be fine if I didn’t have a family. My kids eat cereal – a lot. I do make sure it is organic and healthy but still it is a sad excuse for a dinner for my kids. Sometimes I force feed a side of carrots. And my poor husband. I really do feel terrible when he walks in the door from a long day at work and all I can really offer in the way of a warm meal is grilled cheese.

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When I walk into the grocery store I am overwhelmed. Following a recipe makes me stressed. I have completely avoided having people over to our home just because I get so anxious about what to feed them. I have a good friend who is a confessed “foodie.” She spends what I would consider a outragous amount of money on exotic foods and various cooking paraphernalia. I would be mortified to have her over for an actual meal at my house. Now that I think about it I don’t think I ever have and we have been friends a very long time. We tend to go out to eat when we get together so I can just avoid the whole thing.

When the local grocery store copies Amazon

My point of me confessing this is that I can relate to those of you who feel this way about their closet. I know people who won’t go places because the thought of picking out an outfit to go out it makes them want to head for the hills. I also know people who say they were embarrassed of me seeing the insides of their closets or their what was in their wardrobe.  If you feel that way about your clothes or your closet please know that I am not there to make fun of you, your closet, or your clothes. Don’t be like the people I know who have a house cleaning service and then they frantically run around cleaning the night before. I asked someone I know who does this why she cleans first and she said doesn’t want even the cleaning people to see her house that messy. She is paying them to come over and clean! The way I feel about closets and wardrobes is the messier the better. If your closet is perfect and everyday you are dressed like a movie star then you don’t need me. I love a challenge. I am like Jason Bourne and become totally brainwashed with a laser focus mission to complete your wardrobe. It is sick but I dream of shopping. Yes, very sick.

*Insider Tip- I try to defend my lack of cooking skills with humor but that fact is that I am embarrassed.  I would like to learn but I am scared to even try. Everyone has things they are good at. Everyone has things they are bad at. One of the best things we can do in life is take a risk. It helps us to grow and change as people. Don’t be afraid to ask others for help in any area of expertise you feel you are lacking in. Sometimes you find out more about something and find that you can do it and you do like it. Other times you find that it is better left outsourced to others and that is okay too. In the meantime I could use a pantry consultant or a cooking stylist…anyone? Bueller?

can't cook
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Crayola Style

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Remember that scene in the Devil Wears Prada where Anne Hathaway’s character Andy is schooled on the history of her cerulean blue sweater? You can watch it here on for a refresher. Sure Miranda was mean to Andy in her explanation but she was right. On a side note how amazing was Meryl Streep in that role?!?

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The birth and life cycle of a trend is directly related to how wearable it is to the mainstream of consumers. Trends start at first on the runways in New York and Paris and in the pages of Vogue and Elle magazines. Then boutiques start to carry them. Then some of the more affordable mall retailers like Gap and JCrew. Eventually they are all over and can be bought at Target. A sure sign a trend has reached its peak status  is when it is available to every consumer at every price point. Not every trend makes it all the way to the mainstream public because it may not be that practical. Floral print denim? It’s had its moment on the runways and in boutiques but you don’t seem to find it in all the mass retailers yet because it just isn’t that flattering on that many different body types. Different trends die at some part of their life-cycle (acid wash denim stops at Kate Moss) while others rock on and become integrated into our closets as classics because they just make sense. Remember when leggings made their way back into our wardrobes? At first it seemed so weird – especially since most of us can remember wearing stirrup leggings in the 80’s from stores like OutBack Red and Forenza.

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But eventually you probably caved and bought a pair.  For most woman they have now become a mainstay because they are so comfortable and versatile. We can wear flats! We can wear boots! We can hide all sorts of sins in long tunic tops!! If some fashion guru even tries to tell us they are “out” they will have to fight us to remove them from our closets because we don’t part with what is flattering AND wearable.

Jennifer Aniston – looking polished and comfortable. image via

One of the biggest Spring trends is color, and specifically color blocking. It may seem tricky at first but it is surprisingly easy to wear. You may already have pieces in your wardrobe that  you just need to put together.  The key is getting the hues of color right and not overdoing it.  Experts agree, and I think they are right with this, to keep the number of colors to 3 or under. More than 3 and you could be mistaken for Rainbow Brite, also from the 80’s and not a good look to replicate.

image via
Never, ever a good look. Not even on Halloween. image via

Think of mixing shades in terms of hue or intensity of color. A  good example is those paint sample cards you can pick up from the paint store. The are arranged in order of intensity so that you can take the top color of the card and if you follow it to the bottom of the card the saturation of that shade increases.

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When pairing colors stick to the same saturation  or intensity level. Really bright orange looks fresh with really bright pink.

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It can also be done with the less intense softer shades, like the pale peach, aqua, and lavender shown below.

Donna Morgan Pleated Colorblock Shift Dress
Dress from

Color blocking makes a statement in such a way that you are dressed and done. No need for fussy makeup, shoes, or jewelry. Your outfit is your focal point so keep the rest simple. Nude or metallic pumps or shoes are usually the best way to go. To quote from  Bobbie Thomas you want to avoid committing “shoeacide.”

KORS Michael Kors KORS Michael Kors  Upland Patent Wedge
The perfect neutral from

*Insider Tip –  Trends are a  great way to refresh your wardrobe, keeping your look modern and updated. Not every trend works on every BODY. When trying  color blocking make sure the blocks of color break in a place you WANT to draw attention to in order to emphasize and flatter the best parts of your body. Have extra weight in the middle but love your legs? Try breaks of color toward your lower half, like the pastel dress above from Nordstrom’s. Have a narrow waist? Break up the color at your middle.

Dress available from Elizabeth Maar Boutique

*Insider Tip –   Not ready to wear all that color? Still love your black? Buy a colorful accessory. It can be done high or low-end with no committment. Try shoes, a bag, even jewelry in your favorite hue and pair it back to neutrals.

Sandals available from Ashley Austin Boutique

Remember – have fun! Fashion is one of the perks of being a woman. Because some things really aren’t for meant for men.

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Do you have nothing to wear….

but find yourself staring at a closet full of clothes you are sick of looking at?

Maybe nothing fits…

image via

or you just feel overwhelmed….

This is me trying to pick out paint for our family room - there were 23 samples on the wall - that is 20 too many. I was OVERWHELMED.

Couple these problems with the average woman’s pms and it is the perfect storm.  We can become highly likely to stab someone with our empty hangers after throwing the offending clothes on the floor.

no i dont have pms
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There is help! I am offering mini consults. These can be done in just 1 hour. This is perfect if you don’t have the time, budget, or stamina for the full 3 hour session but you just need a kick-start. Consider it a minute clinic for whatever your closet issue may be. Sometimes it just helps to go through and get started on a clean out. Or maybe you have cleaned out but now are stumped as to what to put together to make outfits. For more information please go to my Services Offered heading at the top of the page. Together we can face whatever it is head on.

Because going out without pants on just isn’t an option at our age.

*Insider Tip –Mini sessions can be purchased as gift certificates and make fabulous mother’s day or birthday gifts. If you have been married at least 5 years you are aware that the fantasy of your significant other dreaming up the perfect gift is just that – a fantasy. If you have been married at least 10 you have gotten over that fantasy and faced the reality –  you  have to literally spell out (with directions, links, printouts, pictures) exactly what it is that you want. This way everybody is happy. Remember “if momma ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy.”

I need to vent…

I really do hate it when fashion type people get all preachy about “wear this, not that”, “this is in, this is out.” I think it is far more interesting when everyone looks different in a room rather than clones of what some magazines told them to wear. However, it may be time for a citizen’s arrest on the slutty stripper shoes. Enough is enough. It was so fun and surprisingly more comfortable when platform pumps started to make their way into the mainstream. It was nice not to have cram my feet into the over exaggerated pointed toe that was starting to almost become sharp on the end. But now things have gone too far the opposite.

image via the
You know that certain store that we all go in for paper towels and socks and leave hours later confused by how that cost us upwards of $200 and our trunks are mysteriously full?  I personally think there is something added to their in-house Starbucks that just makes us stay and spend money. So here is what I saw today in the shoe aisle…

Oh hell no.
Perfect for picking up the kids from school.

Listen, again, I really, truly am all for expressing individuality. But I am baffled but the recent trend of these super platforms. What is it that one is trying to express?? And where, seriously, where are you wearing these out to? I realize Snooki wears them on the boardwalk but what about the rest of us? The sad part is I have noticed younger and younger girls wearing shoes like this out with their friends to bars and parties. So maybe I am just old but I don’t get it. I have yet to see one girl actually walk in these monsters without looking like a giraffe trying to tip toe across quick sand.

Even Lady Gaga stumbles in her McQueen’s
image via

 The Fashion Police on the E channel actually have a segment called “Starlet or Streetwalker” where they cover up the person’s head and you have to guess just by looking at the outfit and the shoes it if a celebrity or an “escort.” Even the hosts usually guess incorrectly.

This answer should be pretty obvious…. image via

I would like to start a plea to getting back to wearing beautiful shoes. A great place to start is Ashley Austin in Kennett Square PA. A great time to start would be this Thursday, April 12, from 5-9.  Ashley Austin and Chantilly Blue (owner is THE denim whisperer Lisa – mentioned here in a previous post) are hosting a most fabulous Girls Night Out. Ashley Austin is an amazing boutique with fabulous shoes, accessories and jewelry. They have the nicest staff ever and a wide range of prices and styles to suit every taste and budget. Unless you are a stripper in need of some shoes. In which case these are on clearance for $10.49!  But hurry! There is only one pair left…which makes me scared to think they sold out of the rest.

*Insider Tip –Support your local stores! I can’t stress enough how important this is. They need us and we need them. You may sometimes think you are getting a better deal at a larger retailer but you will not get the service or the quality available from a smaller shop. Here in Kennett Square we have some of the nicest merchants ever with an amazing array of inventory that rivals, or, in my opinion, is even better than what you find at the mall.  The staff at our local retailers are helpful and knowledgable about the products they sell. I  see a lot of fantastic bumper stickers for “Buy Fresh Buy Local” supporting our smaller farmers. I want to see us supporting our local retailers as well.  Shop Quality and Service. Shop Local.

Spring Forward

Arthur Elgort for Vogue via

It is officially spring on the calendar. Which means regardless of the temperature outside something shifts in our minds and we just can’t or won’t put on anything  winter related anymore – even if we get an unseasonably cool day. It is the opposite of early fall, where we wait for any dip into the 60s as an excuse to wear our new fall coats and boots. As the days are now longer we are jumping at the chance to shed coats and bare our (hopefully) pedicured feet in open toed shoes.

Hopefully an enjoyable pedicure....image via

Of course my dream closet is a huge room where everything would all be in one space. In reality most of us are limited to the confines of some sort of spacing issues. My 5-year-old son is always asking why my  formal dresses are in his walk-in closet. “Because.” I get to answer that way because I am now a mom! In Pennsylvania we get to visually enjoy the rotation of all four seasons, the exception being this past winter. I thought I was being proactive in buying my kids’ snowgear early this year but it proved to be a  waste of time and money.  We all know Murphy’s/Mom’s law clearly states that they will not be the same size in snowpants and boots for next winter.

Way too many boots.

I am so jealous of my friend Erin in Atlanta who essentially has 2 seasons – as she puts it “warm and warmer” – because I dislike our cold weather and because it simplifies the wardrobes of her family. The grass always seems greener…pun intented.  But here Spring has sprung in our closets it is time to take inventory. The goal of your closet is always to simplify, unless of course you enjoy chaos and confusion to start your morning. So anything you will not wear now take out. Don’t worry – if we get it a freak snowstorm you are only storing it in your own home so you can always go get it. Know your own body – do you run cold, do you run hot? After having kids my body sweats anytime the temperature is over 40 degrees so anything with wool in it goes. Same for anything furry, velvet, or generally just heavy for me to even look at. I know that even if it is cold the sun is stronger throughout the day so I prefer to layer instead of throwing on coats anymore. Scarves in lighter weights, brighter colors are a perfect fill-in for the morning chill.

Even the always amazing Rachel Bilson has trouble pulling this off. photo via jose perez/splash news
If you are truly in a four season climate than wait before you clutter your closet with strapless sundresses and shorter skirts. Unless you are an editor at Lucky shopping magazine, are in your early 20’s, or work at Anthropogie,  it is really hard to pull off that whole layered sundress with tights and cardigan look for your everyday life. Don’t clutter up your space with too many options. As much as it might be a pain try to change your closet over according to the weather where you live, even if it is truly for all four seasons.  It will be easier to work with less and save you time getting dressed in the morning.

photo via
Okay, now it’s out. What to do with it? This depends on your space options. In an ideal situation if you have a guest bedroom closet you commandeer it. It is your house, you probably don’t have guests who visit and take up a whole closet so you deserve to use it. Again, one of those perks of being the adult mom in the house. Hopefully that gives you enough room so that you can leave things hanging rather than having to fold up everything. The exception to this is sweaters – DO fold to avoid those funky shoulder marks and to prevent the fibers from growing and stretching on the hanger.  Does that closet have a shelf?

Use baskets or containers to swap out things in you keep in drawers. I take out my turtlenecks and exchange them with bathing suit cover-ups. I swap tights with bathing suits. Whatever is not being used goes into the basket at the top of my guest room closet.

If you don’t have the option of a guest room closet there are other ways to store. Plastic bins can work for short-term storage.  The preference is to store clothes where the humidity is under control, and the temperature stays on the cool side. If you are really stuck consider storing inside unused suitcases.  Basements, if unfinished are not the best place. You are better off finding options for under the bed or sneaking out areas of your kids closets if possible. Plus you want to eliminate inviting bugs of any kind. If there is any bit of dirt on the clothes it acts like attracts bugs like Lindsay Lohan to bad decisions. And now imagine if the bugs stay and decides to start a family – yuck.

This bin of sweaters looks like a great place to raise my kids!

*Insider tip– Put scarves somewhere you will see them so that you will wear them – your coat closet downstairs? Right in your bedroom closet near your clothes so you can see the colors? This shower ring idea from Pinterest is genius, simple, and inexpensive. You can also put to use the back of your door, any door really.

photo via pinterest
*Insider tip– clean before you stow. It will feel like an annoying waste of money now but you will be so happy later that you took the time to do it. You will be so upset come fall if you take out a coat and see a coffee stain that had time to set in all summer and now has no chance of being cleaned out.  Take winter coats, sweaters, anything that needs repair (buttons, threads loose) to the dry cleaner before you store it. REMEMBER TO TAKE THE DRY CLEANING PLASTIC OFF WHEN YOU GET HOME. The dry cleaning plastic bags are meant for transport, not for storage. If left on the plastic can cause humidity and damage the fibers, even causing discoloration.

"Did I ever take that blue dress to the drycleaners...?"pic via
I know, so very wrong of me to go there with Monica but it was just too obvious. Happy Spring Cleaning!

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