The Fashion Police

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Did you watch the red carpet at the Academy Awards  this past Sunday? It is my idea of the Super Bowl.  I love the pre-show better than the actual ceremony. Thank goodness it is not real life for the rest of us. Can you imagine going into your local Starbucks and seeing this?

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And as if that wasn’t bad enough you would  see….

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And he would  ask

“Who are you wearing?”

You might get through that okay, mumbling something about your t-shirt that was on sale at Target.  Then later that night you sit down and flip on the E Channel only to see…

A group of people dissecting and commenting YOU! Your figure, outfit,  hair,  shoes, basically all of YOU!  Shrinking  in horror you decide to camp out in your home for the next week. You go incognito to the grocery store to pick up the necessities – ice cream and magazines only to open the magazine and find.

Can you imagine if this was real life? How horrible would that be? Although if you are wearing garters like Mile Cyrus to Starbucks, we may have to talk… Thank goodness THIS IS NOT REAL LIFE. As glamorous as walking the red carpet looks, there a million things about it that I would never want to suffer through. Even as beautiful and talented as these movie stars are they still have to enlist an army of people to package them that way. We are so lucky because we can take chances in our lives and not have to suffer the consequences in front of millions. If you find a funky necklace or a bright pair of jeans you want to wear, you should try it. I promise you that no one will come up to you and make a citizen’s arrest. Real life is not the red carpet. It can be if you want it to – just promise me you won’t listen to the snide comments on the sidelines.  If people are looking at you it is probably because they lke your look and are wondering if they could take that risk.

*Insider Tips – Confidence will ALWAYS be your best accessory. Whatever your look, hold your head up high and have a smile. AS Kit De Luca famously told Vivian in Pretty Woman – “Work it. Work it, baby. Work it ! Work it. Own it.” If you like it wear it! Don’t paint yourself into a corner and feel you are limited by what others expect you to look like. Take that risk on the shoe that you like, even if you are afraid it “really isn’t you.” Have fun!!. One of the best parts about being a girl is that we can dress however we want every day. I’m glad I’m not walking the red carpet but I am also glad I am not a guy walking the red carpet with the only choice being a variation on a tux. We have a rainbow of colors and a myriad of textures we can have fun with it. The key is to make an effort because we can!

Goldilocks and the 16 pairs of jeans (on the floor) –

One pair is too tight, another too long, too short, too big, too low, too high, too flared, too narrow. I found this out recently when I was trying to get dressed and they all ended up on the closet floor. I had it in my mind that I wanted to wear jeans but really there was only one pair that I LOVED. And of course they were in the wash. And yes, I debated pulling them out of the dirty laundry to wear them.

I have multiple pairs of jeans that I can and should get rid of. Something holds me back.  Oh but I paid so much for these! If I just loose those last 5 pounds! These are so comfy for when I am just going to lay around the house. The beaded denim I just have no excuse for… But it doesn’t matter if I spent a lot on them if I continue to go out and buy more in search of the perfect fit. I won’t really lose those last 5 pounds – at least not in the places I want to! And I have never put on jeans to “lounge” in. That’s what my workout clothes are for! …but that’s another story.

I am not listening to my own advice that I tell clients and friends. Which is – take the time to find a pair that you LOVE. I realize this is easier said than done. But there is a way.  Go to a store or department that specializes in denim. Use the knowledgeable staff who know denim and the fits and the rises. This will save you money and time. Locally, Chantilly Blue on State Street in Kennett Square  is fantastic – the owner and her staff are virtually denim whisperers. Tell the staff your issues, tell them a price point – (keep in mind a good pair is worth every cent and there is a difference in the quality of denim and fit). Then try, try, and try some more.  Sit in them. Bend over in them. Do not buy unless you are IN LOVE!

Then buy 2!  Hem one to wear with flats and one to wear with heels. If you want take a sharpie marker to the tag and write S for shorter on one and L for longer on another. Once you have these 2 basic pairs then you can go out and look for additions to your denim stock. Try sticking with the same brand but vary the wash – maybe lighter for spring? Darker for fall? Add in a color – white really is great all year round. Maybe go for a crop pair. Vary the leg – do you want a skinny pair? Wide leg? Flair? Ask the staff and they will know which styles are most complimentary to your shape and height – not all trends work for all bodies.

Then go into your closet with confidence and wear your denim! Imagine yourself like Goldie Locks going in and going right for Little’s Bear’s chair and knowing everything is going to fit just right.

So now I need another pair of Paige Premium Denim, Canyon Ranch Flare, dark rinse – which I vow to take right away to the tailor to hem shorter for spring to wear with cute flats.

* Insider tipsalways wash new denim once – even if it is brand new before taking it to the tailor. It ensures any initial shrinkage is taken care of right away. And be sure to ask to keep the original hem so no one but you knows they were altered.  Bring the shoes you will be wearing with the jeans with you so the tailor can shorten accordingly.

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