What to wear…NYC day trip…and a rainy forecast.

New York City…there is no place like it. You will find every type of person in the city but I don’t know one gal that doesn’t stress when they are visiting the Big Apple. From a client this week… “Going to NYC for the day on the 25th, maybe just throw me some advice aboutContinue reading “What to wear…NYC day trip…and a rainy forecast.”

Is your closet ready for fall?

  It may still feel like summer but any day now we will wake up to a crisp fall morning. Don’t wait to the last minute to dig through boxes and bins to locate your favorite fall essentials. Head on over to  Social Stylate where you can read my guest post,  find out how you can prepare your closet forContinue reading “Is your closet ready for fall?”

The most important thing to have in your closet is….

I’m doing an ode to Throw-Back Thursday with an excerpt of an old post. I cannot stress enough how important this little item is to have inside you closet!     It is not an item of clothing. It is a NOTEBOOK. What do you do when you are in your kitchen and you realize youContinue reading “The most important thing to have in your closet is….”

White Hot

    I believe that summer is all about keeping it simple. I prefer my clothing to be lightweight, easy and practical. I  purchase items around a limited color palette so that I can easily mix and match. In the winter my clothing base color is black, in the summer it is definitely all about white.Continue reading “White Hot”

I took my wine butt to the Polo Cup.

    If you backtrack to you how you met your best friend, or how you got your current job, chances are there were a series of right place right time events that occurred to make it all happen. A couple of years ago I was sitting in the chair at the dentist, (not my favoriteContinue reading “I took my wine butt to the Polo Cup.”

Get Your Sh*t Together

It’s that time of year folks. The birds start to chirp earlier,  the sun tries to warm us up and our schedules start to go in fast forward. I used to think it was just me who started to lose it this time of year but a quick sampling of my friends and family proves I’m notContinue reading “Get Your Sh*t Together”

How to Wear Camo

I consider camouflage  to be one of those fun patterns that can work as a neutral, meaning like leopard print camo can pretty much be paired back to anything. The key to not looking like a cast member of Duck Dynasty is all about the balance. I am  not one for fashion rules but I doContinue reading “How to Wear Camo”

Valentine’s Day

So let’s be honest, flowers die. Candy makes us feel happy while we are eating it but not the next day when our jeans feel tight. Here is my list of things that I would like to “BE MINE.” 1. Red nail polish. Perfect for your nails, or your toes! Or for both. I amContinue reading “Valentine’s Day”

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