Great Advice

I am lucky to be enjoying some sunshine this week as I tag along on a work conference for my hubby. Of course I am not completely social media free so I am checking in here and there. A friend recently re-posted this status from Clinton Kelly, from the TLC show What Not To Where. [...]

Valentine’s Day

So let's be honest, flowers die. Candy makes us feel happy while we are eating it but not the next day when our jeans feel tight. Here is my list of things that I would like to "BE MINE." 1. Red nail polish. Perfect for your nails, or your toes! Or for both. I am [...]

Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect...My Personal Public Service Announcement. It was the night before my kids were starting back to school, and in an effort to be prepared I had my kids pick out their clothes the night before. My daughter went in and dug out a pair of shorts that she wore to death over the summer, [...]

Spring Things

Spring is a time of renewal...especially for your wardrobe! There is no better time than RIGHT NOW to replenish and refresh. Trust me, if you wait until summer, you won't be able to find what you are looking for. And if you live locally? You won't want to miss the Spring Shopping event at Ashley [...]

Superbowl Showdown

Superbowl Showdown Yesterday morning our son asked if we could get a "Game Day Bucket." "A what?" I asked, with a great deal of trepidation. Apparently it is Kentucky Fried Chicken's idea of dinner. Eww. Not my idea of dinner. "I don't think we should eat anything out of bucket," I said. Our daughter said "If you [...]

Holiday Hell

That's right. I said it.  I tried for a better, nicer title, I really did. But this one has been stuck in my head for about 2 weeks. I don't mean to be all Grinch-like about this time of year but I haven't run into one woman that doesn't feel this way.  We all keep [...]

The Right to Vote

The Right to Vote

Some things are just gross. Our son watches the NHL (National Hockey League) network 24/7. Hockey is still on lockout but he doesn't care, all he wants to do watch and play hockey. This should be an improvement over Sponge Bob and his band of idiots but there seems to be only 3 commercials ever [...]