The ONLY place to go for premium denim is….

I have a love/hate relationship with my jeans. They are like that loyal friend that you’ve had forever and will be honest with you no matter what. We need those kind of people in our lives but sometimes the truth is hard to hear. Jeans won’t let you get away with 5 or so extraContinue reading “The ONLY place to go for premium denim is….”

Are You In A Rut?

  Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut? I know I am and I also know I am the one keeping me in that rut. Yesterday for dinner I had a grilled cheese and a martini, followed by 3 sea salted chocolate covered caravels (Damn you Lisa for introducing me to those!!).Continue reading “Are You In A Rut?”

Shop 4 CHOP and Maddi’s Bag – November 5th, 2015

Two years ago, on Easter day, I received a text message with a photo wishing me and my family Happy Easter. It was a beautiful photo of my best friend’s daughters and their cousins, celebrating their holiday during a family vacation off the coast of Mexico.  Just seconds later their lives would be forever changed. Moments afterContinue reading “Shop 4 CHOP and Maddi’s Bag – November 5th, 2015”

How To Choose Outfits For A Family Photo Session

Have you ever done a family photo shoot? My kids are now 11 and 9 and I’m ashamed to say that this is our very first time doing a photo session. Usually I only have to worry about getting myself dressed but this time I was styling my whole family. There are so many waysContinue reading “How To Choose Outfits For A Family Photo Session”


If I could climb to the top of the mountains to sing my praises for Pinterest I would. I’m just not that ambitious about climbing and my singing voice is just scary. But I love, love, love Pinterest. It’s easy to use, easy to organize, and there are endless photos of just about anything andContinue reading “Pinspiration”

The Popular Girls

My daughter started sixth grade at middle school this year in a new school district. We moved just three short miles away from our previous school district but in her mind I might as well have sent her to school in China. She feels like an outsider and there is absolutely nothing I can doContinue reading “The Popular Girls”

Plain and Simple – The Search For a White T-Shirt.

Please tell me that somewhere in the world a white non-sheer T-shirt still exists!!!! Doesn’t having to wear 2 shirts defeat the purpose of wearing a T in the first place?!?! – posted on my page from my friend Rebecca. It’s on my top 10 must have list that I give to all my clientsContinue reading “Plain and Simple – The Search For a White T-Shirt.”

Think Spring! J.Crew Factory Sale…My Picks

Remember how excited you were as a kid to find out what was in your Easter basket? While now that you are a grown-up you can create your own basket. And why not fill it with goodies from J.Crew Factory’s 50% sale. And you can get an additional 20% off clearance items!!! Here’s the codeContinue reading “Think Spring! J.Crew Factory Sale…My Picks”

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