A Backpack For Grownups

Do you hear that highly annoying song from Dora in your head yet? “Backpack,  Backpack! Backpack,  Backpack! On The Backpack Loaded Up  With Things And Knickknack’s Too Anything That You Might Need I Got Inside For  You Backpack,  Backpack! Backpack,  Backpack! Yeah!!” careful, it gets STUCK in your head. It’s only mid July and the storesContinue reading “A Backpack For Grownups”

Red, White, and DENIM…ode to the jean jacket

THE Denim jacket. My denim jacket. It doesn’t get more American than the iconic denim jacket. It’s timeless, a true classic. And while I can’t guarantee you will look and feel as cool as Lauren Hutton posting with her own motorcycle on the beach, it will point you in the right direction.  In the arsenal of trying to balance looking chic with lookingContinue reading “Red, White, and DENIM…ode to the jean jacket”

The Great Cover-Up

“Mom, did you know spiders don’t have butts?” “No, Hayden, I did not know that. Or should I say I never thought about it.” This is typical of any conversation with my 6-year-old boy. It involves body parts and/or going to the bathroom. The babycenter.com newsletter emails tell me it’s a normal phase. I hopeContinue reading “The Great Cover-Up”


Multitasking… A long, long time ago, in a land far, far away, I used to be good at multitasking. Now I just have multiple tasks lying around that were started and stopped. I use the excuse that I had children so they took my brain power. When it comes to my clothing there are noContinue reading “Multitasking…”

Ask and you shall receive…

The other day we went out to breakfast as a family. After the waitress dropped off our food she said “Just let me know if I can bring you anything else.” After she walked away our son replied “How about a thousand marshmallows?” Say what? “Well, she said ANYTHING else.” If only it was that simple.Continue reading “Ask and you shall receive…”

It’s all fun and games until someone loses a gallbladder.

It’s all fun and games until someone loses a gallbladder. Do you know what your gallbladder does? Neither did I until a few weeks ago. I was hit with what can only be described as labor type contraction pains in my upper abdomen and ended up in the ER.  For whatever reason my gallbladder hasContinue reading “It’s all fun and games until someone loses a gallbladder.”

Eggings…Your Winter Wardrobe’s Secret Weapon

The sun finally showed up outside, but it decided to slap us with weather in the teens in the morning hours. So when no one wants to leave the house, let alone the bed, it becomes time to arm yourself with some serious winter gear.My absolute favorite, favorite, favorite are these exercise leggings, which I am going toContinue reading “Eggings…Your Winter Wardrobe’s Secret Weapon”