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Client Testimonials

See what clients of Suzie Gaffney Wardrobe Consulting have to say….



“You truly have a gift that made me feel comfortable letting you into my messy closet to see my most embarrassing things I’ve held on to for way too long (who keeps restaurant shoes from high school???? haha)  But honestly, you are so very talented and I am so thrilled you came over to help me. I look forward to continuing to use your guidance to help me with my “mom style” 🙂   You’re the best! ”

– Jill (Downingtown, PA)


“In short, Suzie was amazing! She is a girls’ girl and has your best fashionista at heart, regardless of your age.  She came into my home and graciously helped me part with years of clothes that I couldn’t bring myself to let go of.  At the same time, Suzie, with her amazing style and eye for color combinations, retrofitted my wardrobe using my existing classic pieces and tailoring them to meet today’s style trends.  She gave me back my old wardrobe with a new and exciting flare. It was a wonderful experience that I recommend to everyone who has a closet full of clothes and cannot seem to find a thing to wear!  Since she “Suzied” me and my closet, it takes me so much less time to pull together outfits and feel great about what I am wearing everyday.”

-Laura (Hockessin, DE)

“Suzie, As always it was great to spend time with you today! I am excited with the new ideas I have for outfits and ready to tackle my shopping list this weekend.
-Liz” (Unionville, PA)


“It was great working with you! When you left, I ran upstairs to my closet and shouted, “Thank you Suzie” as I can finally breathe without being burdened by my mothers clothing and the multitude of well wishing gifts from my family and friend. Thanks for helping me purge. Knowing that my discarded clothing is going somewhere is a good feeling. I continued to organize by taking my summer shirts out and putting them in an empty closet, so now, I can move my hangers to and fro and push my clothing from one side of the rack to another. Woohool! Life’s simple pleasures, thanks to you! ”

-Ellen (Newtown Square, PA)


“Have to say – Suzie Gaffney certainly has an amazing touch. So glad to be a client!!!! Thanks Suzie.”



“Suzie’s talent was a huge help in our photo shoot! She has a brilliant eye for fashion and can help you organize your closet, which we all need as the seasons change!”

– Currie Hair Skin and Nails Salon


“I had the BEST clothing experience of my life today…..we got rid of “no longer wear; don’t fit; don’t flatter;” clothes….best of all, Suzie put together outfits that I would not have done on my own. I am SO HAPPY with my clothes NOW! I will ask Suzie to come back again to do the same with my spring/summer clothes. Thank you, thank you – it was really FUN!”

-Jane (Downingtown, PA)



“Thank you so much for sending all the great follow up pictures and information….I really got so much out of our meeting (even with all those crazy distractions)! I felt a newer level of confidence with my selections when we went to Maryland and I even put together an unlikely outfit for a dinner in Nashville on Tuesday!”

– Linda (Malvern, PA)


Suzie Gaffney Wardrobe Consulting came to my house yesterday and organized my closet….. She is AMAZING!!”

– Lisa Baldwin, Owner Chantilly Blue


“I wanted to take a moment to say thank you again for your great fashion advice. Although you and I know that I’m slowly gaining weight for a future addition to our family, I’ve had about five co-workers in the past few weeks compliment me not only my new pairings of outfits, but commenting on how I’ve lost weight (!?!). Clearly, your advice about what type of pants I should wear helped me visually lose a few pounds! I never knew that the style of pants I wear could make such a difference. Thank you for this great gift of looking and feeling good (even in pregnancy!) and helping me to throw off the scent of the future news I’ll share.”

– Kyra



“When the great Suzie Gaffney came and helped me make decisions about my closet and things I was holding onto needlessly, the ability to be honest with myself and make ruthless cuts to get the job done was essential.”

– Whitney Hoffman


“I love all of your suggestions and I’ll be sure to save the pictures of the ideas for my clothes. My Mom and I did some major shopping today and I got many pair of jeans and some nicer pants! I’m almost done with the final shopping list of the clothes I need but if I have questions or need ideas about outfits I will definitely be sending you an email! Thank you so much for your help!”

– Morgan (Malvern, PA)


“Thank you so much! I had a blast and learned a lot about my style. My closet and room is still in tip top shape!”

– Claire (Kennett Square, PA)


“Suzie’s attention to detail and time spent were well worth the money. As someone who has a lot of clothes, but doesn’t know how to put it all together- Suzie helped me weed out things that didn’t fit well or were just taking up room in my closet. After that- she helped create different styles for each article in my closet. We created a small list of basic items that I could use in my closet and she helped me shop for them. She took many photos for me to remember what works for me. I later used Suzie to help pack for a trip and she helped me streamline my usually over-weight suitcase. We stuck to mixing and arching and I was able to for my entire vacation into a carry-on! I would highly recommend Suzie to other people struggling with their closet or someone just looking for help purging or packing!”

– Kelly


“Suzie Gaffney inspired me to think differently about my clothes. She taught me how to assemble cute trendy outfits from what I already had in my closet. And you know what? I look good. And when you look good, you feel good. And when you look & feel good you can conquer the world! Thank you Suzie!!!!”

– Jenni B. (Kennett Square, PA)


” Had the best spent morning with you! Leaving today, bags all packed and feeling great about what I am taking. You’re the best!”

-Susan (Berwyn, PA)

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