Each and every visit is personalized for you and your needs, so no need to worry about which package is an exact fit, sometimes you might need a combination. Give me a call and we can discuss what package or combinations will work best for you. Below is a menu of services and how they work.


The Wardrobe Edit

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$255 for 3 hours /each additional hour $85

We will start with a questionnaire that will help us both understand your current style and how I can be of help. Next we will meet for a three-hour consultation. Together we will go through your closet and take it all out. It will be messy but it will be worth it because I’ll make sure every item fits you and your lifestyle. Along the way we will discuss what style of clothing flatters you. After completing an inventory of what you already own we will only put back what you love and works for you and your body. I will sort the pieces that do not work into what can be donated or consigned. I will take any bags for donation with me when I leave and do the donating for you. What to hear how this works from a client perspective?  Click HERE to see what my client Alison had to say about her experience.


The Clean Closet

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$255 for 3 hours /each additional hour $85

Think of this service as more of an organizational mission. I’ll take it all out and put it back in an organized, efficient fashion. Perfect for men, teenagers and children, after you treat yourself of course!  Can be done with or without you. I can take any items you have for donation with me to drop them off for you. Need help with more than just your closet? I’ll tackle your dresser drawers, jewelry, shoes and handbags. More importantly I will make sure they are organized in a way that makes sense to YOU and how YOU live YOUR life. Your day starts with getting dressed and you deserve to have it simplified and organized.

The Suitcase

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$255 for 3 hours /each additional hour $85

I’ll pull looks based on your itinerary and streamline your packing so you will be able to unpack quickly and enjoy your trip. Outfits and details (accessories) will be photographed so you can reference them for your selection while traveling. Husbands love this service because I promise them to reduce your luggage load by half!

The Shop Your Closet

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$255 for 3 hours /each additional hour $85

Already have your closet organized? Love your clothes but feel you have nothing to wear? Then I’ll come over and help you put together outfits based on what you already own. We will take photos you can use for future outfits, as well as develop a constructive shopping list for future purchases.

The Seasonal Switch

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$255 for 3 hours /each additional hour $85

Once you are become an established client you’ll appreciate this time saving service. When the weather changes I will bring out the clothes for that season, while putting your other clothes in an organized and orderly fashion until you need them again. If your style or size changes I will make note and edit out what you don’t need as well as make a list of anything you will need. The best part of this service is that you don’t even have to lift a finger unless you want to.

Audit Your Wardrobe and Shop Your Closet*

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* Please note that depending on the size of your wardrobe the audit and the shop your closet feature may have to be completed through additional appointments. $85 per hour. Combine these two services for the ultimate package. After doing the hard work the reward is shopping your newly edited closet! We will use existing pieces to create new outfits and take photos to help you create a look book. I will create personalized constructive shopping list to fill in any gaps.

The Personal Shopper


 $ 85 per hour

This service can be completed together, or I can do the shopping and bring it to you. I make it part of my job to build relationships with lots of different types of shops and stores. I do the homework to research the inventory so you don’t have to. You’re only job will be to try on the clothes. No time to shop or just don’t like to? No worries. I’ll take care of everything based on your budget and bring it to you.  You can then try on in the comfort of your own home. Let me do the buying and returning so you don’t have to.


The Virtual Consult

YFamily Photo Shoot Look 2 by sgaffney on Polyvore featuring J.Crew, Frye and Banana Republic:      Fall Photo Shoot BEP

$85 – $100

Need an outfit idea for just one occasion or event? Maybe a family photo session or a wedding? Let me put together a link to a Pinterest board created just for you, filled with outfit ideas and shopping links, all based around your budget and location.  You never even have to set foot in a store! If you prefer to hit the stores but don’t know what to buy I can send you shopping lists for your specific destination. This service is an essential for planning outfits for family photo shoot sessions.

The Group Consult

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$200 – $300 based on time and specifics

Perfect for a party or a girl’s night out event. Totally customizable. Get together with friends for mini consults. Bring an item or items to the party and I can help answer your specific styling questions. Can be done one-on-one or in a group. Can be combined with a single group presentation on various topics (Closet Essentials, Wardrobe Essentials, Shopping Tips and Tricks, etc.). I can also arrange for private shopping parties at various local boutiques and shops.



*Gift certificates available for all of the above services. Give the gift of a clean closet and a fresh take on style!