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Your Virtual Closet – How does that work?

If you have become a client with Suzie Gaffney Styling in the last 4 years you should have access to your online “Closet”.
For details on each section please see below.

This is where I can post pictures of recommended shopping items (they can be anything from hangers to beauty products to clothes) that  when clicked on will link directly to each site so you can see the details and shop that site. This is very similar to Pinterest. And as full disclosure there are some companies that provide an affiliate commission link because of agreements they have with the Hue and Stripe software I use for the virtual closet. The list and percentage commission changes frequently so please be assured that I post based on where to find the best price for you. If an item is bought and kept you can click the tag icon and it will be moved into your virtual closet. 

2. 🧍‍♀️LOOK BOOK
This where pictures of outfits go – for some clients the pictures are of outfits I’ve pulled together and laid out (typically called a flat lay where the outfit is a picture of the items laying together). Other clients prefer pictures where they are wearing the actual outfits I’ve put together. The other option is done virtually  – I use uploaded photos of individual items that I style together in a grid format for each outfit. This requires individual photos of items that can be taken and uploaded either by me or from you at your home. This also works using photos of any items that were bought on the Finds list and then moved into your virtual closet. Sections can be created in your Look book that correspond with how you like to find your outfits – some clients do this by season, by level of active, casual, dressy, or by specific trips. The names and arrangement can always be updated, edited and reorganized by me. 

3. 👚👖👢CLOSET
As mentioned, items purchased from the finds section can be moved here by the click of a button. Also, uploaded photos taken of individual items in your current wardrobe. Each client has different categories in their closet that closely resemble how you think of your physical closet organized. Like the Look book, I can make changes or updates to the specific categories within your closet.

All 3 sections are interactive between you and I so updates are immediate with regards to comments and questions. And all 3 sections are accessible by your own personal app. So you’ll have your closet, outfits and shopping list with you wherever you go.

Please send me a text at 610-517-2983 or email me at I can send you your personal link that you can click on from your phone or computer. 

Also, please note, not all of the 3 sections are turned on as visible for each client due to preference. You can also send me a text or email request to expand or close what you have visible. Some clients want access to all, while some prefer to keep it more streamlined and only see the sections they need.  

Here are the exact instructions from Hue & Stripe – and of course please feel free to contact me and I can walk you through it step by step! 

How do I access my Closet in the future?
We recommend bookmarking this link on your computer and any mobile devices.On your computer:In Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, press Cmd+d on a Mac (Ctrl+d on a PC) to bookmark this pageOn your mobile device:For your Apple device (iPhone or iPad): press the Share button (found at the bottom center of your mobile browser – it looks like a box with an arrow coming out the top) and then select ‘Add to Home Screen‘For your Android device: press the 3 stacked dots icon in the top right of your screen and then select ‘Add to Home Screen‘Here is an example of how to add your Closet to your phone’s homescreen (as an app!): 
No problem! I totally get it. For some clients it can get overwhelming between deciding what to buy, what size to order and having to deal with returns. For these clients I have payment information on file (held encrypted) or they give me their information over the phone on which card to use. Then I go through and do the online shopping. I can have it delivered to you or I can receive it here, open it and drop it all off to you on your doorstep. Either way included in my personal shopping fee is that I will take care of the returns for you so you don’t have to – simply place on your doorstep and I’ll handle the rest! All you have to do is try on and you can let me know what worked – and of course you can send me pictures or we can facetime for feedback or advice on what to keep and what to return.   
Comfort level and the health and safety of you and your family is the number one priority. Some stores are open full time but shopping with masks on, some are limited hours or by appointment only. Want to schedule a private or semi-private shopping appointment? Let me know what your needs are or which stores you’d like to shop. I’m happy to contact the owner and arrange for a customized experience that suits your comfort level. Want to support local shops but just not ready to go inside? I’ll bring the store to you! I’ll pull items and outfits based on your needs and deliver them to your doorstep and I’ll return anything you don’t want to keep.  
If you want to save money by taking the photos yourself then you can snap pics against a white or light background – hang from a door or lay flat on a well lit area  – and then just text me the photos of the items you want uploaded to your virtual Closet. I’ll handle the rest of uploading and organizing them into categories that make sense for your specific Closet. And I’m always available to come in and take the photos of items you want uploaded so you can then have them styled in your Look book. You don’t even have to be home or around – just let me know what items and I’ll handle the rest.
Think of my shopping catalogues as similar to the Finds section in your virtual closet. They work the same way but the items I post are meant to appeal to a wider range of people. I usually put these out to focus on specific trends, stores or sales. This means that I go through all the shopping sites and do the research, picking what I think are the best choices. Most recently I created a Catalogue where I picked out my personal summer obsession – the caftan. Shop my top picks or just look through for style inspiration by clicking the picture below. For additional styling ideas you can read a guest blog post I did as a contributor for Fashion Up by clicking HERE. 
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