Do you have nothing to wear….

but find yourself staring at a closet full of clothes you are sick of looking at? Maybe nothing fits… or you just feel overwhelmed…. Couple these problems with the average woman’s pms and it is the perfect storm.  We can become highly likely to stab someone with our empty hangers after throwing the offending clothes on the floor. […]

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I need to vent…

I really do hate it when fashion type people get all preachy about “wear this, not that”, “this is in, this is out.” I think it is far more interesting when everyone looks different in a room rather than clones of what some magazines told them to wear. However, it may be time for a […]

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Spring Forward

It is officially spring on the calendar. Which means regardless of the temperature outside something shifts in our minds and we just can’t or won’t put on anything  winter related anymore – even if we get an unseasonably cool day. It is the opposite of early fall, where we wait for any dip into the 60s as […]

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A Happy Closet

Recently, my family and I attended a convention for my husband’s line of work. The convention was at a Disney Resort in Orlando, Florida.  Disney World itself was hot, tiring, overwhelming, confusing… very much like childbirth.   And just like labor you kind of block out the bad parts and have this strange feeling that you […]

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A closet psychologist?

A client of mine and her daughter recently referred to me as a closet and wardrobe psychologist.  We laughed about what a great title that is because there is so much truth in it. There are so many reasons behind what we buy and why.  Your clothing is a huge reflection of who you are.  We […]

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