Get dressed without getting stressed.

Studies have shown the average adult makes 35,000 decisions in one day. Don’t waste them first thing in the morning when it comes to deciding what to wear. You have lots of things to do and not a lot of time to do them. Get dressed quickly, efficiently, and stylishly with a closet and wardrobe that suits you and your needs.

Suzie gaffney, founder of suzie gaffney styling

Why work with a personal stylist?

Imagine going into a large restaurant to eat where they serve lots of different types of foods. Except they don’t offer you a menu and instead they just ask you to tell them what you want. Now imagine doing that every day. It would be exhausting, overwhelming, and you would run out ideas. That’s why we look forward to reading the menu and hearing the specials. It gives our brain a starting point to help us figure out what we want, and sometimes what we don’t want. Now imagine having photos of outfits , a menu of different looks to choose from. What if Instead of staring into your closet and trying to come up with outfits for every single day, you already had pictures of complete outfits using your own clothes for any occasion. Yes! This is possible! I use and amazing virtual program that allows you to have your outfits downloaded onto your own personalized app. You can pick out what you want to wear whenever you want, right from your phone!

What is like to work with a personal stylist?

Working with a stylist doesn’t have to mean you need a makeover or have to be wearing the latest trend. It’s about finding out what you like to wear and what makes you happy. It’s focusing on developing the look you want to present to others, whether it’s for work or in your personal life, and not so much getting caught up in fashion or looking like you just stepped off a runway. I want to take away any intimidation of working with a stylist – it is a judgement free zone and is meant to be fun and informative. There is an initial investment to work with a personal stylist, but you end up saving both time and money by learning to shop with purpose and curate a closet full of clothes you love. 

“Suzie is the absolute best- this is about the greatest gift anyone can give to themselves or someone they love. It’s made permanent changes in the way I shop, dress, organize my closet…Suzie is just unbelievably super and kind during what can be a pretty emotional process.”

Whitney H.

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