The Gift List

Over the years of working in closets and with clothes there are a few items that I have tried and trusted and go to time and time again. Some are weird…sulfur on your face (trust me) and some our way expensive (cashmere travel wrap). But these are the things I recommend to all my clientsContinue reading “The Gift List”

Why Can’t I Wear A Sleeping Bag?

Getting really drunk and having a snow day off at home with your kids have a lot in common. It’s really fun when it starts but it can leave you wiped out with a horrible headache. My kids are usually capable, fairly independent people, but when it comes to putting on snow clothes they become 2Continue reading “Why Can’t I Wear A Sleeping Bag?”

Warm and Chic.

The Holiday season is rumbling in like a swiftly approaching freight train. I’m wiling to bet you will have at least one event that requires you to dress up. Unless you are a sixteen year old girl going to a winter formal, chances are you don’t want to wear a short dress with tiny strapsContinue reading “Warm and Chic.”

It’s Almost Here! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

    I hate to use the dreaded F word, you know, FALL, but believe it or not it isn’t that far away. Clothing suppliers operate on their own calendar and we are pretty much forced to follow in order to get the best picks. For example, try getting your size in a pair ofContinue reading “It’s Almost Here! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!”

Erin go Bra(gh)

Don’t worry. I’m not suggesting you wear shamrocks on your boobs. This post is about what lies beneath. THE BRA. Breasts, gazongas, the girls, jugs, melons, your rack. None of these names work well but for the sake of this blog entry I’m going with boobs. Boobs are one of those annoying things that if you haveContinue reading “Erin go Bra(gh)”

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