A Different Type of Client

Michelle is lovely, funny and complex. She has a lovely voice that sounds like a delicate whisper. She worries about the size of her arms in a sleeveless top and the size number on the tag of her clothes. She frets over finding the right makeup and how long it can take to grow outContinue reading “A Different Type of Client”

Help – I’m Drowning!

“Women can have it all!” Who said that? And can I punch that person? What if we don’t want it all? What if we just want a little bit?  I don’t need it all. I’m not good at all of it. Sometimes I want all of it to go away.   Some days I don’t knowContinue reading “Help – I’m Drowning!”

Don’t Fear the Flare

Mention flared denim and you will immediately get two distinct reactions. The first is “Sorry, not into that hippie look” and the second reaction is a look of love. I am in the latter camp and here’s why I want you to be too. First, let’s clear up a misconceptions. Flared jeans are not theContinue reading “Don’t Fear the Flare”

The ONLY place to go for premium denim is….

I have a love/hate relationship with my jeans. They are like that loyal friend that you’ve had forever and will be honest with you no matter what. We need those kind of people in our lives but sometimes the truth is hard to hear. Jeans won’t let you get away with 5 or so extraContinue reading “The ONLY place to go for premium denim is….”

For The Love Of Ice

It’s cold, so cold that you feel like you smell it, or even taste it in the air. Your bones feel frigid and brittle. The sounds are loud and clear; blades on the ice, sticks tapping and pucks thumping. The kids are covered from head to toe, helmet to tightly laced skates. The parents areContinue reading “For The Love Of Ice”

Are You In A Rut?

  Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut? I know I am and I also know I am the one keeping me in that rut. Yesterday for dinner I had a grilled cheese and a martini, followed by 3 sea salted chocolate covered caravels (Damn you Lisa for introducing me to those!!).Continue reading “Are You In A Rut?”

Why Can’t I Wear A Sleeping Bag?

Getting really drunk and having a snow day off at home with your kids have a lot in common. It’s really fun when it starts but it can leave you wiped out with a horrible headache. My kids are usually capable, fairly independent people, but when it comes to putting on snow clothes they become 2Continue reading “Why Can’t I Wear A Sleeping Bag?”

What to Wear – Brunch

This morning a friend called and asked what exactly should she wear to brunch? My mind exploded with ideas but here are some general ideas/guidelines. The overall goal is to achieve an outfit that looks pulled together, without looking like you tried too hard, not too fussy but comfortable, with a dash of chic. To keepContinue reading “What to Wear – Brunch”

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