P.T.M.D. – Post Traumatic Moving Disorder.

It’s officially been one month since we moved into our new “old” home.  In one of my previous posts  I explained how we fell  swiftly and deeply in love with this home.  We have now entered the phase where the glow wears off a little and you wonder if you can handle living with the wayContinue reading “P.T.M.D. – Post Traumatic Moving Disorder.”

So we bought a house…

My home was running like a well oiled machine. If I were to get up in the middle of the night I could find most anything I need in complete darkness. Whether it is children’s cough syrup, or the exact location of my softest T-shirt, everything is in its place. I know what time the daylight willContinue reading “So we bought a house…”

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