My Daily Essentials

My Daily Essentials by sgaffney featuring lip care Chanel perfume fragrance / Burt s Bees lip care, $5.94 / Body treatment, $25 / Donna Karan antiperspirant deodorant / Beauty product / Maybelline tattoo makeup / Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs – Tan Glow / Beauty product / REVERSE / Polo Red White Blue EDT Lately sleepContinue reading “My Daily Essentials”

Why You Need a White Oxford Shirt

Preppy Palms We just got back from our annual vacation to Florida and I am pissed. It is cold here. Too cold for March. I want to go back to live in the sunshine. And I want a palm tree. Just a little one that I can raise as my own.   I know how lucky we areContinue reading “Why You Need a White Oxford Shirt”