Scorched Earth

Every wanted to take a lighter to you entire closet? I got you. I’ve been there. I am there.

5 Simple Things You Can Do To Turn Your Closet Into Your Own Boutique.

Late spring is crazy, really crazy. The weather is crazy, our schedules get crazy, there are a crazy amount of events. And, as if on cue crazy stuff starts to happen in my life. For example, last Friday I spend from 9pm -3am at an emergency veterinary center because one of our senior aged beaglesContinue reading “5 Simple Things You Can Do To Turn Your Closet Into Your Own Boutique.”

Out with the old? Not so fast.

Is everyone else still recovering from the holidays? I know I am very slowly getting back into a normal routine. My birthday always falls in between Christmas and New Years. I don’t like that because I am usually exhausted by all of the holiday craziness. This year my family went out of their way toContinue reading “Out with the old? Not so fast.”

Roses are Red…

I am a gift slut. I love getting any kind of present.  It could be a pencil and I am still thrilled. The one exception?  Roses on Valentine’s Day. Do you like Valentine’s Day? I know I sound like a total cynic, but I am not a fan of the clichéd gifts that go alongContinue reading “Roses are Red…”