Shop and Support – This Thursday

Shop and Support – This Thursday



March was Brain Injury Awareness Month, but I want to bring attention to it in April. Why? Because when someone suffers a traumatic brain injury (TBI) it doesn’t go away, ever. Month after month, year after year, the sufferer may look healed, or may look like nothing ever happened. But just because they look okay doesn’t mean they feel okay, which is a very tough thing to explain to other people who can’t see what is happening inside their brain. They can’t put band aids on their brains and it wouldn’t work anyway because the boo-boo will always remain under the band aid. In an ideal world, TBI sufferers would have little caution signs on them that would say things like:

I don’t like loud or sudden noises.

Sometimes I can’t remember things.

I can’t always be friendly because my brain is using all its energy on thinking versus feeling.

I may be feeling anxious, annoyed and/or angry but I don’t know why.

New people and situations are hard for me.

Imagine feeling all those things but no one else knows that. They expect you to look and act like everyone else, to remember their name and to be friendly and social. Everyday is a challenge.


This is exactly why awareness is so important. One of the most critical times for a pediatric TBI patient is during the initial recovery. There is a fight to want to be “normal” but “normal” activities don’t work the same. The Maddi’s Bag foundation  was created by one of my best friends, Jenny Raimondo, in the hopes of helping other children who have suffered a traumatic injury to the brain. Jenny and her family know all too well how important it is to have some comforting items to pass the time while in the hospital for recovery. Their daughter Maddi Raimondo suffers from TBI and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after she miraculously survived a fall from a building while on a family trip to Mexico. Jenni and her family collect everyday items to put into bags that they give to pediatric hospital patients in the TBI unit. The items in these bags help both the patient and the family to spend time together and provide some comforts from home.


Want to show your support? This Thursday, April 6th, from 10am – 8pm, is Spring Girls Shopping Day in Kennett Square. Ashley Austin, Houppette, No. 109 and Chantilly Blue will all have sales and specials for you to kick off your Spring wardrobe. Chantilly Blue has graciously partnered with Maddi’s Bag to show their support by requesting you bring in any item off of the list below.


Besides knowing you are helping an amazing cause, for every item donated from the list,  you will receive 20% off one full priced item. Bring one, bring ten… No Limit!

That’s 20% off of premium denim, and not just any premium denim but denim fit to YOUR body by the denim doctor herself, Lisa Baldwin of Chantilly Blue. Lisa and her staff take the confusion out of the fit challenges so many of us encounter when shopping for denim. They know our bodies and they know their brands, so you don’t have to spend hours in the fitting room or going through the racks wondering what a slim, skinny or straight leg is and which one will look best on you. There are lots of colors, lots of shades and, as always, lots of sizes.

They also have gorgeous pieces in for Spring that will take you into Summer and beyond. Need help on how to put it all together? I’ll be popping in to give you ideas of how you can pair your new buys with your existing wardrobe. I am all about putting versatility into the wardrobes of my clients and Chantilly Blue nails it when it comes to easy pieces that can be used to dress outfits up or down. I stopped by the other day and put together these  few outfits in just a few minutes, all paired with the latest and greatest jewelry from Power Beads by Jen.  I had so many more ideas but I was limited on time so I can’t wait to go back and put together more!


*Insider Tip – Avoid Shoefusion (when you don’t know what shoe goes with what pant).

The question I hear the most when I am putting together outfits for a client is ” What shoes should I wear with that?”  Many of my clients buy their denim and take it right down to Ashley Austin to find the perfect shoe. I’ve also had clients fall in love with a shoe at Ashley Austin and head right over to Chantilly Blue to make sure they find the perfect pair of denim to show off their new shoe. Denim can be tricky, especially with all of the various lengths, cuffs and hems. Here are some ideas to help. All shoes from Ashley Austin. 

  1. Cropped and frayed denim?  Wear a heel to lengthen the legs and elongate the ankle and show off this season’s most popular look.  And try to wipe the drool off your face after you look at these beauties below.

2.  Flared hem? You need a pointed toe and or a platform to lift the jeans off the floor and show off the cut. Open toe works too just make sure they is enough of a platform to keep the hem from dragging on the ground.


3. Skinny to the ankle? Try a pointed style flat or a classic stiletto. You want to the look to be clean at the bottom, avoid any ankle detail so you don’t have to worry about the hem getting in the way.


4. Cuffed hem? Ankle boots, platform sneakers or a chunkier block heel work well, just make sure to show a little skin between the bottom of the cuff and the top of the heel.

A good rule of thumb is that the chunkier/heavier the hem, then the chunkier and heavier the shoe. The tighter to the ankle, the taller and more delicate you can go with the shoe.

Need more help? Schedule a Spring Styling Session with me – 610.517.2983.

And don’t forget to please treat other people with kindness, patience, and respect. After all, you never know who is wearing an invisible crown.

Thanks for reading!


Let It Go

Let It Go

Like so many other women I know I have trouble sleeping through the night. Three o’clock in the  morning seems to be that witching hour that I struggle to stay asleep. Sometimes it’s because my to-do list decides to start adding more to the list, other times it’s hormonal and I find myself drenched in sweat and contemplating sticking my head into the freezer. Two nights ago it was the latter so I got up and roamed the house looking for a cooler place to sleep. I went it to my son’s room because I knew he had the fan blasting on him. I figure I gave birth to my kids so I can call eminent domain on anything they own. I would have crawled into his bed but there was no room. Although he has a generous queen size bed it was jammed with stuff as it always is. It’s been like this since he was in his crib. Even at 1 year old he would point to objects in his room and insist on sleeping with them, and not just the usual suspects like stuffed animals. Books, toys, shoes, nothing was off limits. And as soon as he had what he figured was the right amount of “stuff” he would then go easily off to sleep. I never fought him on this because sleep is sleep and we all need it.

Yesterday I decided that I could not remember the last time I had washed the kid’s sheets. Yes, that’s gross. I am claiming the laziness known as summer as my defense. In order to get to the sheets on my son’s bed I had to dig through mounds of stuff. This included but was not limited to: 3 sports themed pillow pets, an assortment of stuffed objects won at a claw machine, at least a dozen other stuffed animals, 2 keychains, 1 hockey puck, 1 street hockey ball and 3 books. The crazier part of this is that he completely panicked when I made his bed and only put back about 2 stuffed animals. He went through and put the exact same things back on the bed with him, explaining to me what each and every one meant to him and why he wanted them so close when he slept. Crazier still is that I understood. He had true sentimental value to all the stuff that I just saw as inanimate objects. He knew how he got each and every item, he had named each and every stuffed animal, and he had a sort of order to what I saw as a bunch of things thrown on the corner of his bed. I let go of the fact that his bed always looked messy and accepted that it made him happy.

Letting go of things sometimes has to happen to whether we want it to or not. This has been at the forefront of my mind this week with my kids getting ready to go back to school on Monday. My kids are going into the fourth and sixth grades and if I could freeze time I would. In fact I may even reverse it just a year or so to keep them both together at elementary school. Other friends of mine have children starting Kindergarten, for some families this is the first time that their child will be out of the house for a huge part of the day, every day of the week. They have to let go of time they get to spend with them and accept that their kids are starting to grow up and carry backpacks with homework.

2015-08-26 14.39.31

I like to stay organized, particularly in my closet. If you can believe it I really don’t have that many clothes. Except for a few vintage items I am not even emotionally attached to my clothes, so it’s easy for me to keep up with editing and purging. My downfall? Shopping bags. Yep, totally weird I know. Not all bags make the cut. The prettier the better. Thick corded and colored handles? Love. Thick, sturdy bottoms that reek of an expensive purchase? I swoon. Stores like Lulu Lemon and Athleta with their eco-conscious reusable bags? Super hard to get rid off because they feel like real bags!  I find myself having as much appreciation for the shopping bag as the purchased items inside of it. This is silly. I tell myself I will use these bags again, after all it is the socially responsible thing to do. I fold and stack them nice and neatly inside our front coat closet, ready to use. When I do use a bag I even find myself not just picking one out for it’s capacity but also for it’s style. In my mind each bag tells the recipient something about me because of where the bag is from. A Lulu lemon bag says I can afford overpriced and expensive workout clothes and I have the body of a Pilates instructor.  A Lilly Pulitzer bag brightly covered with one of their signature prints? This says I am preppy and cute. A bag from anyone of the cool local boutiques in our town? Of course this must mean that I am hip and local. This is utterly ridiculous and I know it. These are bags I use to drop off a leftover dish from a party or send with my kids into school to carry a project. I don’t think anyone ever notices what kind of bag something is in nor are they making any assumptions about me and my family.

With school starting on Monday my head is a mess. I am already stressing over where they will store their book bags and where they will do their homework. These stupid shopping bags are actually in my way, and in reality I end up using them about 3 times a year. After all, I own about 3,000 of those reusable grocery bags that live in the dark corners of my trunk. Even there I never can remember to bring them into the store with me so I can actually use them. So I let go of all the beautifully constructed and printed shopping bags and in their place I gained an empty space. But that empty space gave my coat closet room, and that space and room gave my mind such peace, as weird as that my sound. Maybe I’ll use that space for book bags, or maybe I’ll keep it empty. I may have had to let things go but in turn I received so much more. And yes, don’t worry I did put the bags in recycling.

In my job I see clients struggling to let go all the time. A new client will sometimes ask me with fear in their eyes and a quiver to their voice if I am going to make them get rid of everything. I always tell them that I’ll never make them part with anything they aren’t ready to let go of. Forced interventions only work temporarily anyway, and that’s because they only deal with the physical aspect of our clothes, when in truth there is a huge mental aspect to our wardrobes. There are pieces in our wardrobe that hold specific memories, sometimes even scents. I remember how hard it was after my grandmother died to part with one of her sweaters because it still smelled like her perfume. Maybe it’s a dress you wore on your first date with your now husband, or a jacket from your high school sports team. I get it and I promise to never pry these things out of your hands. We are all allowed to keep a handful of items that make us feel something. The key is deciphering between the item and a memory. A bridesmaid dress you hated but wore for a friend you love? It can go. Letting go of the dress doesn’t mean you don’t love your friend. It means you don’t love the dress, and that’s okay because the fond memories from a great weekend will stay stored in your head and in your heart.

When you are ready to truly get rid of things you will know. The results will change your life, truly. Having less clothes to choose from actually leads to more outfits.Trust me on this. Keeping only what you love and makes you feel good is the real way to show others who you are. So much better than sending that message out in the form of a single shopping bag. In reality we are all somewhat of a mix. My Lilly shirt may be paired with cool local jeans and shoes, topped off with an overpriced athletic jacket from Lulu Lemon. But that’s okay, because that’s all me.

*Insider Tip – The 1 in 1 out rule.

Want to maintain a clean and organized closet? Try my 1 in 1 out rule. Or if you are already feeling too crammed make this a 1 in 2 out rule.Whenever you buy something new make sure to get rid of something else. Keeping a clean closet takes discipline. Too much input and not enough output can quickly add up and feel overwhelming, landing you right back to and overstuffed closet with nothing to wear. And this doesn’t mean if you buy another pair of jeans that you have to get rid of a pair of jeans, but make sure you get rid of something. Maybe it’s a pair of shoes that were always just a bit too tight or a sweater that is itchy. Just keep the flow and you’ll be good to go!

Thanks for reading and and extra special Good Luck to all my friends who are teachers. I don’t know how you do what you do but I am so grateful. Without all of you I would be homeschooling and that would be hell for both of us since I have the patience of a gnat. Oh and I stink at Science.


This Thursday…Shop forThe Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

This Thursday…Shop forThe Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Last Easter I received a text message with a photo wishing me and my family Happy Easter. It was a beautiful photo of my best friend’s daughters, celebrating the holiday on vacation in Mexico with relatives. Just seconds later their lives would be forever changed.

Maddi, second from right.

Moments after this photo was taken Maddi, the youngest of the three Raimondo girls took a tragic misstep and fell off the rooftop deck.  Jenny literally watched helplessly as her daughter’s eyes locked with hers as she fell. Racing to the street below it was several minutes before they knew if Maddie had even survived the fall. It took an ambulance, a ferry and yet another ambulance ride over the course of 2 full hours before they could even get Maddi to a hospital in Cancun, all the while not knowing what injuries other than the obvious external had occurred. Admitted to an emergency room in a hospital in a foreign country, they fought the language barrier to try to figure out their next step. Over the next 2 days test were run and surgery was deemed necessary to deal with many broken bones, internal bleeding and skull fractures.  Dozens of frantic phone calls were placed, x-rays were emailed and financial arrangements were made to obtain a medically staffed flight to transport Maddi to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. They landed in Philadelphia a full 2 1/2 days after her initial fall, exhausted, terrified and grateful to be at home at one of the best pediatric care hospitals in our country.

children's hospital of philadelphia images - Google Search

Today if you were to meet Maddi for the first time she looks like every other happy little girl her age. But her and her family are forever changed. It has been a very long road that has included surgeries and rehab. There are still obstacles, both physical and emotional to surmount, and only time will tell for sure what challenges will appear. Jenny, for sure, has changed, both as a mother and a human being. Time stood still and a new sense of gratitude has taken over her heart. Her and her family were fortunate. They had a lot of support and resources as they went through this journey, she knows that not everyone is so lucky.

Maddi, Jenny, Ella and Sammi

As they have continued to move forward Jenny and her family want to give back. Ideally they would love to create a transportation oriented emergency fund, to be given out to other families in the need of medical transport at critical times. This is the big picture goal that will take a lot of time and resources. In the meantime Jenny noticed something small but significant that made Maddi’s time at C.H.O.P. easier.Everything at C.H.O.P. is bright, upbeat and meant to make children feel comfortable while they are spending time at a hospital. The one thing that wasn’t child sized was the trays. Standard issue hospital trays are necessary for all type of medically logistical reasons but they didn’t always serve the needs of the kids that were truly stuck in their beds, doing endless hours of crafts and coloring, sometimes for fun and sometimes for therapy. A simple $10 purchase made this experience much easier for Maddi’s small size, with side compartments to hold supplies and other needs. This is a basic purchase that Jenny and her family are hoping to provide as a donation to the trauma department at C.H.O.P.

Childrens Lap Tray - Red in Lap Desks

How can you help? 

This Thursday come out to the Raimondo family home for a truly unique shopping experience. A simple $5 donation at the door gives you access to 16 different vendors. Please use this opportunity to do some early holiday shopping, with products for everyone on your list and nearly every age, you do not want to miss out! Also I will have a drawing for a free hour of personal shopping, but you need to attend to get your name in to win. s4c

*Insider Tip – Shop for a cause.

Even if you hate to shop the holidays make it pretty hard to avoid. Since you are going to be spending money choose wisely where you spend your dough. If you are going to be checking off items on your list try your best to shop small and shop local, these businesses by nature put money back into our communities and our small town, plus it is almost always a more enjoyable experience than shopping online or fighting the mall crowds.

Behind the Photo Shoot, AKA 50 Shades of Awkward


I am  bummed that February is almost over. I can no longer dress up in my red jacket, leopard scarf and snake-skin boots and hang out near the checkout isles of grocery stores, waiting to be recognized for being in a magazine. Don’t laugh, I actually did consider this just because I was so excited to be in Main Line Today magazine. Shameless self promotion but  you can click here for the link to the article. Someone I’d never ever met called me and wanted to feature me in the Style section because of a business that I created. I am damn proud  that I turned a dream about something I love to do into a reality. If you had told me this 10 years ago I would have put you in a straight-jacket and called the authorities. This little business of mine is just a couple of years old, I still keep waiting for someone to tap me on the shoulder and tell me I don’t belong. It will be the Queen of the cool girls who will come up and tell me what I already know, that I am not a cool girl and I need to leave this party. But I’m not gonna lie, this felt really cool.

Except let’s get real. On Facebook so many have lives that look perfect, which is annoying. Then there are those others whose lives are filled with downer comments and drama, which is also annoying. In between somewhere is real life. I’m gonna give you the real life version of behind the scenes of the photo shoot. First off this stuff gets planned way ahead of time. I got the first actual email from the magazine back in August. I almost thought they made a mistake. So then I wrote back. Then I called. Crickets. Seriously, I got no response. Okay, I thought, they probably did make a mistake. Eventually in September I did receive a phone call back. The editor explained she had been super busy and apologized for not getting back to me earlier. I tried to act casual but could not. I asked her if I could put her on hold to get out of my car and do a happy dance. I went to pick up my kids from school that day. When they got in the car I told them I had a huge surprise.

” Guess what? Mommy’s going to be in a magazine.”

They both cried, but not tears of joy.

“I thought you were going to surprise us with a play date!” sobbed my daughter.

” I thought you were going to surprise us with food!” sobbed my son.

That’s me, raising ’em right.

I'm sure this will be coming my way at some point - World's Okayest Mom
image via Pinterest

Fast forward to the actual photo shoot. The night before did not go smoothly. Our lovely daughter has this habit of piling things she feels she is finished with outside her bedroom door, for us to dispose of. I am not referring to trash. I am talking about shoes we bought last week because she had to have them, never wore and is now over them and no longer wants the offensive object in her room.  This inevitably includes a strange array of various knickknacks, anything from a zsu-zsu toy hamster pet to various headbands to perfectly good unused notebooks. I am sure if she could there would be times she would put me in that pile. I rattled off a long lecture about the value of money, clothes, etc. Our lovely son has a major meltdown because we could not find his favorite hockey puck. There were 2,341 others in the garage, the basement, in the lawn, in and under the couch but he needed this specific one. Then I broke a glass in the dishwasher. Have you ever done this? There is no quick and easy way to clean this up. None. Then our lovely dog threw up on the sisal rug, the one that looks like woven sea grass and is not meant to come into contact with liquid. Great.

big_joe_cougartown.png (500×281)
image via Pinterest via Cougar Town

In an effort to relax I poured a glass of wine. And maybe another after that. This helped me get to sleep, just not to stay asleep. From 3-4 am I was wide awake on my iPad on a Pinterest photo journey of completely random stuff. Of course when my alarm goes off at 7 I am drowning in a very deep sleep. When I do get up I notice I developed a nasty sinus headache and I cannot breathe through my nose. Lovely. Groggy, I get the kids ready and out the door for school, scolding myself for that extra glass of wine. I am moving very slowly  and I am running out time. I try on no less than 33 different outfits. There is nothing like being photographed as a “fashionista” that makes you feel like you have never ever gotten yourself dressed before. I was way over-thinking it. After tons of hairspray and enough makeup to make me look like a Real Housewives cast member I attempt to fight the sinus issue with a full arsenal of whatever I had on hand. I am just finishing the oh so sexy nasal drain from the Neti-Pot when the doorbell rings. I feel like a total hot mess.

We all have days like this!   I'll See Your Hot Mess & Raise You A Walking
image via Pinterest

So it’s go time. Time to act cool and natural. The photographer is very nice and very quiet. So what do I do to the nice and quiet photographer. Well naturally I talk his ear off of course.

Our beagle greets him in our front foyer.

Me: “Are you okay with dogs? I mean he is old. He is a beagle. He was a wedding gift actually. He is almost 13. Do you like dogs?

Photographer: “I have a cat.”

Me: ” Oh a cat! Is it like a typical cat personality cat or more like a dog acting kinda cat? I have friends that have dog acting kinda cats. Those kind are cool.”

Photographer: “Um I guess she is kinda friendly.”

Me: “Oh what’s her name?”

Photographer: “Lola.”

Me: “Oh! Lola! That’s what I named my car, I mean my truck. I am a truck kinda girl, well really it’s a big SUV. I name all of our cars….blah blah blah.”

Internal Me: “SHUT UP! SHUT UP!”

Photographer: (Now he just looks scared.)

Every. Single. Time.
image via Pinterest

He gets all set up and directs me on where to stand. Then he gets behind the camera and starts to get chatty. Of course, this is where he is comfortable and I am not. In an effort to get me to move around naturally he starts asking me how I started my business. This is the equivalent of going to the dentist and they decide to start asking you questions as they are working inside your mouth. I can’t respond with anything because I am too busy shifting my arms, my legs, my shoulders. Basically feeling 50 shades of awkward. In about 20 minutes he takes about 400 photos and is packed up and on his way. To say I was terrified of what the outcome would look like was an understatement. Then I went upstairs so I can start the really important part of my day. I changed into sweatpants to start cleaning the scary toilet in my kids’ bathroom. Total glamour.

In the end the picture turned out fine. No I didn’t love it but my own sister pointed out to me that it was a pretty safe bet I wasn’t going to be happy with any photo. As much as I was nervous about the magazine I remembered how good it made me feel. The magazine will come and go on the newsstand but I keep every letter and every email from a happy client. They are how I know I am succeeding at my business.

*Insider Tip – Wear color.

If you have to be photographed for something reach for that pop of color. When you are in doubt putting a color that you know looks good on you closer to your face is guaranteed to look better in photos then a drearier shade. Even if you are in all black a simple scarf can brighten the whole look. I swear that red jacket saved me from looking like I was a serious sinus sufferer.

*Insider Tip – Ignore yourself.

I recently listened to the most amazing speaker. She asked the audience how many of us had 2 voices in our heads. Pretty much the entire group raised their hands. The key is when to tell the negative one to shut up. We can be our own worst enemy and sometimes we just need to get out of our own way. Or better yet, turn up the volume on the positive voice, the one that is telling you that you CAN do it.

You got this...!!!
image via Pinterest

Thanks for reading!


On the Naughty List

These gifts are banned…from giving and receiving. 

It’s easy to pick up any magazine or watch any show featuring top gift picks. I’m gonna go a different way. Here’s what NOT TO BUY FOR THOSE ON YOUR LIST .

For your kids:

1.The Doggie Doo game.

This “game”  says on the front of the box “Feed and walk your little pup. When he makes a mess you clean it up!” Defecation is not fun people!  My 7-year-old son is already obsessed with the words butt and poo. He doesn’t need any more encouragement to bring out his inner Beavis and/or Butthead. He can follow our real dog around the yard if he really thinks this is fun.

2. The iPotty.

That’s right. Let’s start those boys young on taking hours to go the bathroom.  I thought it was bad enough I had to bribe my daughter with candy. I shouldn’t judge a parent in the desperate throes of potty training. The whole process stinks, literally. I just think this could lead to future issues.

2. The Gooey Louie.


Gooey Louie Game

Really? Really? This is a game? And someone out there is making money out it? I am desperately trying to get my kids to keep their fingers out of their own noses, let along something or someone else’s nose.  This is the description on Amazon:

  • “Pick” a winner with Gooey Louie
  • Put your finger up his nose and try to pick a winner
  • Watch out, if you pick the wrong gooey Louie’s eyes will pop, he’ll flip his lid and his brain will fly out

No, I didn’t make that up.

For your mom/sister/friend:

1. Anything with a numbered size.

Vintage Check Boyfriend Blazer Oversized Street Style fashion

I have not so fond memories of a certain Christmas where my father ventured out on his own to buy my mom a jacket to wear to work. He picked it out because he “like the pattern.” He failed to read THE SIZE. The size he chose was about 6 up from what my mother usually wears. This didn’t go over well. After several hand gestures, choice words and tears my father learned to not by anything with a number as its size. Did I mention it is also the same Christmas we decided to record us opening our gifts. It’s like watching a dark comedy.  Women are offended by a poorly chosen size. And men, most men, are clueless about a women’s size. So just don’t go there.

2. Bacon scented cologne.

bacon classic fragrance from fargginay

Friends don’t let loved ones smell like bacon. At least they shouldn’t. So not right. Unless your friend/sister has a biological clock that is ticking like a time bomb this is gross. Even then there is no telling just who or what they could attract. They may be followed home a pack of wild dogs, who will be very angry to find there is no actual bacon.

For your husband/brother/father:

1. The Ostrich pillow.

Do you like this person? At all? Even if they are a dog tired constant traveler no good can come out of this “nap-on-the-go” head contraption. There is a good case they will be detained at the airport for insanity. This gift basically just says “I want others to make fun of you.”

2. Keeping up with the Kardashians complete box set. 

Want to give the man in your life a lobotomy? Here is your non-surgical answer.  This is just cruel. Women can handle it. Kind of. Men are not equipped for this kind of stuff.

So are you done your shopping? I am not. I am close but the mission is not yet completed. I am spending too much time rewriting Beastie Boys songs. (See last week’s blog post if you missed it)  I’ve also been busy obsessively editing all the stuff we already have in the house to make room for more stuff. My organizational tendencies tend to go into a panic mode this time of year. Plus I want to work on a petition to keep Christmas lights out all year long. It makes me so happy to see them when I am out and about.

*Insider Tip – Go to the source.

Stuck on a gift for someone? Sleuth out where they like to shop. Many stores, especially smaller businesses, know their customers and what they have been eyeing up. Some stores are so organized they have wish lists that people can fill out. Locally Ashley Austin, Chantilly Blue, DeChic Boutique and Elizabeth Maar Boutiques all provide the opportunity for customers to fill out wish lists. Does it eliminate some of the mystery? Yep. But it also eliminates some of the misery. It really sucks to spend tons of time searching for that special something only to settle on anything, not even knowing if the person really wanted or needed the gift.

And don’t forget, a wardrobe consult from Suzie Gaffney Wardrobe Consulting can include any range of services including, but not limited to:

Trip Packing

Virtual Shopping Packages

Closet Clean Outs

Personal Styling

Private Shopping Outings

Personal Shopping delivered right to your door

Gift certificates can be mailed or hand delivered!


As always, thanks for reading!