Cleaning before the cleaning lady.

Those who know me well know I DO NOT cook well. I have tried. And failed. And failed miserably.  I do not even like to cook. I am a grazer. I hate the preparation of cooking a large meal. I lack the patience. And then I have to clean it all up? I am just as happy with veggies, humus and wine. Which would be fine if I didn’t have a family. My kids eat cereal – a lot. I do make sure it is organic and healthy but still it is a sad excuse for a dinner for my kids. Sometimes I force feed a side of carrots. And my poor husband. I really do feel terrible when he walks in the door from a long day at work and all I can really offer in the way of a warm meal is grilled cheese.

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When I walk into the grocery store I am overwhelmed. Following a recipe makes me stressed. I have completely avoided having people over to our home just because I get so anxious about what to feed them. I have a good friend who is a confessed “foodie.” She spends what I would consider a outragous amount of money on exotic foods and various cooking paraphernalia. I would be mortified to have her over for an actual meal at my house. Now that I think about it I don’t think I ever have and we have been friends a very long time. We tend to go out to eat when we get together so I can just avoid the whole thing.

When the local grocery store copies Amazon

My point of me confessing this is that I can relate to those of you who feel this way about their closet. I know people who won’t go places because the thought of picking out an outfit to go out it makes them want to head for the hills. I also know people who say they were embarrassed of me seeing the insides of their closets or their what was in their wardrobe.  If you feel that way about your clothes or your closet please know that I am not there to make fun of you, your closet, or your clothes. Don’t be like the people I know who have a house cleaning service and then they frantically run around cleaning the night before. I asked someone I know who does this why she cleans first and she said doesn’t want even the cleaning people to see her house that messy. She is paying them to come over and clean! The way I feel about closets and wardrobes is the messier the better. If your closet is perfect and everyday you are dressed like a movie star then you don’t need me. I love a challenge. I am like Jason Bourne and become totally brainwashed with a laser focus mission to complete your wardrobe. It is sick but I dream of shopping. Yes, very sick.

*Insider Tip- I try to defend my lack of cooking skills with humor but that fact is that I am embarrassed.  I would like to learn but I am scared to even try. Everyone has things they are good at. Everyone has things they are bad at. One of the best things we can do in life is take a risk. It helps us to grow and change as people. Don’t be afraid to ask others for help in any area of expertise you feel you are lacking in. Sometimes you find out more about something and find that you can do it and you do like it. Other times you find that it is better left outsourced to others and that is okay too. In the meantime I could use a pantry consultant or a cooking stylist…anyone? Bueller?

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