Word to your Mother.

If you are lucky enough to have a mom, be a mom (pets count too), or know a mom then you know this is a holiday that celebrates women. It is so nice to get the gifts and homemade cards from the kids but it also is pretty amazing all the cards and well wishes I get from all the other women in my life.

It is such a blessing to be born a girl but there are plenty of trial and tribulations to make us earn that right. The emotional pressures alone are immense.As woman we are always concerned with our image. Did you know there have been studies that have shown that most woman would pick to be pretty over smart? That is scary. I think we can be both. We are our own worst enemies. The voices in our heads that tell us that we are not skinny, tall, or pretty enough. Well guess what? There will always be someone in the room that we will perceive as skinnier, taller, pretty and younger.  It is a waste of our time and energy to obsess over what we don’t have. Someday our 80-year-old selves will look back at where we are now and say “Damn, I had good legs! Why wasn’t I wearing shorts?!?!”

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So often what looks like perfection is an illusion. Photoshop and retouching have forever changed what is presented as standards of beauty in the media. You never know what it took for someone to look they way they do.

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Everyone has their flaws but it is how you own them that makes it work. Have you seen Megan Fox’s thumb? It is wonky – it just is and she will say so. But have you seen Megan Fox?? I would take her wonky thumb to have her face any day of the week.

Perfect Megan Fox and her not so perfect thumb.
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We can certainly make the effort to do the best with what we have. There are tools out there to fix just about everything conceivable. Have you seen the shapers with butt enhancing pads??

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The problem with that is we only will really look great on the outside when we feel great on the inside.  As women we can get muddled down in our insecurities. We should take the time to build each other up rather than break each other down. We have to remember that we are constantly setting examples for our daughters, nieces, cousins, sisters and friends.  We can’t help but soak up our attitudes and sense of style from those around this. I inherited a borderline obsessive love of anything shiny or sparkly from my mom. We both have enough sequins  in our closets to make Liberace jealous.

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We need to set the example that perfection is unattainable. True beauty comes from the inside and radiates out. This is the philosophy we need to pass on. Not one of looking in the mirror and judging our size, our imperfections. Our flaws and mishaps are what make us relatable to one another.

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*Insider Tip – This mother’s day pay another woman a compliment. Even if it is a complete stranger. I guarantee you will completely make her day. We went to a work function for my husband and I realized as we were arriving that I had completely gotten the wrong idea of the dress code from my husband. Lesson learned was that men easily mix up “casual” and “cocktail.”  I felt woefully unprepared being that this is after all what I do  – style other people.  I was feeling terribly insecure as I looked around the room at the sea of fabulously dressed women. Just then one of them approached me and introduced herself. She told me she was awarding me with best dressed in the room because my dress was so different. Now this wasn’t an official award but just a sincere compliment. She said she goes to a ton of these functions with her husband throughout the year. To keep herself from being bored and to meet new people she makes it her mission to go up and compliment the person whose outfit she likes the best. What a wonderful thing to do!

My not quite cocktail ready dress

*Insider Tip –  Be tough. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you aren’t good enough. Including you!

Clolthing is our way of playing dress up. And with so many options out there we are free to choose and express ourselves however we want. The key is dressing and shopping for the body you have right now. Sadly, tomorrow is not guarenteed. So what are we waiting for?

Need more motivation? If you haven’t already seen it check out this youtube clip of 4 year old Jessica and her daily affirmation. Too cute!


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