Life lessons…Part 1.

Summer is going by so fast and I have been so very lucky to be able to spend a huge part of it at my parents’ beach house. I thought I’d share with you some new things I learned while I was away.

Lesson 1 –

Don’t paint your nails after drinking martinis with your mom.

Pinterest ( is a fabulous site. I mean it has to be good if I will sit at the computer until I start to drool while on it, ignoring my kids, my house, my own personal hygiene. It makes me laugh, it inspires me, it connects me with beautiful photos. Like a gorgeous glossy magazine with no ads that just goes on and on. Recently I had been inspired to do the glitter french manicure. Yes, I do realize that sounds ridiculous even before I had a sip of alcohol.  I went out with my mom to her favorite destination – her “Cheers” at the beach. We both agreed the first drink seemed strong, really strong. The waitress told us with a wink that they were “extra special” and prepared by one of the bartenders that my parents know well. I swear my parents are not big drinkers but because they go to their shore house all year, even in the dead of winter, they know the staff at this restaurant well. My parents consider themselves locals, prompting my mom to dismiss the rest of us as “shoobies.”


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Shoobie is a term used in South Jersey to describe a tourist who visits the seashore for a day (a daytripper), primarily to use the beach during the summer months.

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Okay so after the first martini and an intense game of “I spy” with the kids we felt great so we decided to have just one more.

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If we’d stayed and had a third…image via pinterest

When we came home I was inspired by pinterest to do my nails like this.

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image via pinterest

Something subtle, and pretty. Just a smidge of my 7 year old’s glitter along the tips.

What I did was this.

Yes, I know hard to look at. Grotesque. The picture above was actually a better version of what happened, taken in the morning after I peeled off the clear coat painted almost to my knuckle. There were 3 coats of light blue,  gold glitter on the tips, with about 4 globs of clear sealing the deal and running all over the tips of my fingers, not just the nails. The glitter itself was not just on the tips of my nails but halfway down the nail bed, and under my nails cementing itself to the skin on my fingertips. I had heinous sheet marks embedded into the thick coats of clear. The purple blue color was even painted on the back of my iphone case. Oh and I did not have any remover with me. Oh and I also thought I would do my toes to match.

Friends don’t let friends drink and paint their nails.

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*Insider Tip – Do join pinterest! It is free and it is easy. And no you don’t have to have everyone on Facebook know every time you want to pin something – unless you want to share. I just don’t want everyone to know I pinned 200 items at 2 in the morning. You don’t have to pin anything yourself if you don’t want to. You can sign up and just play around and explore. It is great for recipes, decorating, great quotes, helpful household hints, kid stuff. Pretty much everything. Obviously my favorites are the clothing. There is never anything wrong with being inspired by someone’s look and recreating it on your own. Now I don’t mean single white female style where you go out and get the haircut too, but feel free to try a similar look. I have a friend who is slightly embarrassed that she always buys the complete display look on the mannequin. That is actually great! That is what they are there for! Take it from someone like me who has worked in retail for a long time and dressed hundreds of mannequins, it is a compliment to me if someone buys the outfit I put on display. You can link to my pinterest right here and see if it is something you like.


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If you do like it be prepared to not brush your hair, your teeth or sleep for a while…

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Check back this week for more lessons from the beach!

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5 thoughts on “Life lessons…Part 1.

  1. I love that mom considers her own children shoobies. And I’m not surprised that one martini got either one of you tipsy. Between your tolerance levels and the amount that Mom and Dad tip those bartenders, you were bound to have a healthy pour! 🙂

      1. Suzie – this is the Ocean City folk lore from the 70″s. A shoobie came to the beach for the day and brought everything in a shoe box. Sounds good I’m just not sure how true it is. I have friends from the Ocean City I will ask them.
        We’ve been friends for 40 years and of courses we call ourselves the “shore girl.” Best – Karen

  2. When I lived at the shore, one of the first things I learned from the locals was the term shoobie. The locals would love to discuss how the shoobies would be gone after Labor Day… When I visit the shore now, my son reminds me that I am a shoobie and he is not since he was born down there. I loved living there and hope to go back. But for now, I take being called a shoobie!

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