You’ve lost that summer feeling…

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You know that time of year. It may still technically be summer but even if it the temp hits 98 degrees and Nick Lachey pops out for a reunion tour you are not wearing a sundress any more (and word is the boy banders are coming back… ) Summer is over. It is done. At least on the fashion spectrum.

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My kids went back to school today. Probably a good thing because it was starting to become like the Hunger Games around here with my children ready to fight each other to the death, all for control of the right to decide to watch Sponge Bob or Good Luck Charlie on tv. I want to kill myself when I hear the theme song for either show and was very tempted to toss the tv altogether, except with my love of trashy shows it would have been like cutting off my own nose to spite my face, or however the saying goes.

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Summer may be winding down but transitioning out of that summer wardrobe can be tricky.  You may be done with summer but don’t forget to double-check those sales racks. There ARE fabulous finds.

Try your very best to be a buy now wear now and wear later shopper.

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I scored an AH-MAH-ZING silver sequin jacket at Chantilly Blue in Kennett Square for $25!!!!!!!!!!!!  And yes you will see me wearing  it right now with white skinny denim (in my opinion white denim is a year round classic) and again in the fall over black.

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When it is still sticky and hot I love looser shorts in a light fabric because they are so comfortable. They are wonderful right now with a simple white t-shirt and necklace, and perfect as it gets cooler paired with a black blazer, pointy flats or heels. Bonus points for extending your summer tanned legs before the pasties of winter take over.

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Elizabeth Maar and the Just Girls Boutiques in Newtown Square and Haverford still have their steal of a deal of 50, 60, and 70% off of their sale merchandise (buy 1 item get 50 off, 2 get 60 off, and 3 or more get 70%). That is only 30% of full price!! I work at the Newtown Square location on Wednesdays and it is so much fun to make complete ready for fall outfits right off of the sales rack.

The MVP of every wardrobe – a black tuxedo jacket, black lace tank, and Habitual classic dark denim, all for 70% and right on trend for fall.


Many stores offer deep discounts not only on summer sale but also on the start of their fall merchandise. How not to miss out? SIGN UP! Make sure you are on the email lists, like the store on facebook, etc. You will then be among the first to know when a sale is and you won’t miss out.

 Stay tuned for some fall must have features!

I will be posting interviews and guests posts from some of the most amazing and stylish women (inside and out!) that I know, click on the links below to like and follow them on Facebook and be the first to know about promotions and events. Not only are the owners fantastic but their staff are all kind, helpful, and knowledgable, allowing for your shopping trip to be an enjoyable experience. While you’re at it feel free to like my Facebook page as well in case you haven’t yet. Nothing like a little shameless self promotion!

Also if you are local save the date for a ladies night out shopping event in Kennett Square on Thursday night, September 27th. I will be helping out at Chantilly Blue and available for any styling questions and/or advice! And if you are not local? All of these stores below are happy to mail you anything fabulous you see on their site!

Ashley from Ashley Austin Boutique

Lisa from Chantilly Blue

Nellie from Elizabeth Maar Boutique

Kristen from Just Girls Boutique

Suzie Gaffney wardrobe consultant

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  1. I love white denim and I agree…wear it all year around. I will hit the Macy sale racks of summer wear and grab a few pieces for next year. Macy’s never disappoints me.

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