So I am sure most of you have heard the term L.B.D. and how you must always have the perfect Little Black Dress in your closet  that can work for any occasion. I think this is true but I think the L.B.J. is equally important. And don’t worry I promise not to make every post from here on out use too many acronyms and abbreviations otherwise you will all be like OMG! WITFITS? IDK IOH!

Translation – Oh my God! What In The F*** Is This Sh**? I don’t know. I’m outta here!

L.B.J. stands for Little Black Jacket and I think it is becoming the number one must have item for your wardrobe. I have had clients ranging from under 20 to over 60 and everyone needs one. And to be clear I say jacket but I really mean some form of a blazer, with or without buttons or a collar. Here are all the reasons I think they are just perfect.

It goes over everything. I mean everything, and BAM! Insta cool factor!

with print pants…*(notice how the black neutralizies the busy print of the pant for a good balance to the eye)

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with shorts..

TIFFANI THIESSEN  Tiffani proves that shorts are totally party-appropriate, wearing them with a black-and-white polka-dot blouse and a fitted blazer. She further elevates the ensemble by adding a clutch, a statement pendant and pedi-revealing peep-toe pumps.

With dresses…

Rachel Zoe and her adorable son Skylar head back to their hotel in New York City. The stylist and reality star is dressed in a black and white maxi dress paired with a black blazer and her stylish son looks dapper in a fedora and plaid shorts.

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*(Note how the black tights and black jacket work together to winterize a summerish dress or print)

It can even work with maternity…

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How to pick the perfect jacket? They come at all price points but remember to buy the best you can afford as this is a piece that if made well can stay in your closet forever and ever. To boost longevity look for minimal embellishments and a neutral button (so you don’t feel limited to gold or silver accents).

Also take note of where the bottom of the jacket stops. It should compliment YOU and YOUR figure.

If you are more hourglass and want to show off your waist look for tailoring in the seams to bring the jacket in at your waistline. You are the figure that hates yourself in skinny jeans and is happier with a flare or bootcut because you have deep seeded resentment about your thighs and bum. This is more my shape so I am all about the waistline. Although if I make the face that Jennifer Lopez is making I just end up looking confused and constipated instead of sexy.

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If you carry more weight in your waist go for a straighter, longer, more boyfriend style. You have the body type that is fighting the weight in the middle but gravity defies your buns so you look great in skinny jeans. This way it hits more at your hips where you want to hightlight the more narrow part of your body.

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Got boobies and lots of ’em? Try and stay away from anthing that hits too high across the chest. Look for details that notch in under your breasts so you don’t box your shape out.

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If you are straight like a stringbean and longing for more curves add ’em in visually with more detail and a wider lapel on the jacket.

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Hate your face? No problem the LBJ can also help.

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Just kidding.

*Insider Tip – Already have the LBJ? how about the LWJ? Ooohhhhh – so fun. Let me post the ways.

Black & White: Love this white and black tuxedo jacket with electric blue jeans:

And nobody does it better than the legendary octogenarian and still working supermodel Carmen dell’Orefice. Perfection.

carmen-dellorefice-6.jpg (1500×1141):