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Don’t be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve…

Lately I have been under the weather. I’ve felt bloated, gross, sick and tired.  I feel like that thing that Gary and Wyatt turned Chet into in the 80s movie Weird Science. I need some serious motivation to kick these February blahs. A new outfit usually helps. Yes, I have issues.

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In one of my recent posts, Roses are Red, I didn’t come across as a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. However, I am always a fan of finding an excuse for a new outfit. I plan on celebrating the holiday but I will be doing it in two very different ways. One involves the kid’s school parties and one involves a metal concert. Opposite ends of the spectrum but they don’t have to be when it comes to fashion. The key to transitioning an outfit from day into night ? It’s all about the accessories.

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I am in love with this super fun sweater. The heart patch on the sleeve is cute but not overly cutesy for my own personal taste. The coated denim is edgy enough to balance the cuteness of the sweater. Little black suede booties are perfect for running around and still being comfortable.  The arrow necklace subtly links in the tie to Cupid. All perfect for volunteering for a first grade party. Really, does it get much cuter then the little ones who still get excited about exchanging valentines? It is so nice that they don’t have that opposite gender cootie thing going on yet. In order to transition it to date night, I will swap out day look jewelry for something a little edgier and change the booties out for heels.  This way the same sweater and pants can work double duty. Prefer to wear your heart front and center? Here’s another cute option from Old Navy.

All the jewelry is by Stella and Dot because frankly I am obsessed right now. I currently have 3 friends that sell the line, and all joined not just because they needed something to do, but because they truly love the jewelry. When my budget allows I am all about buying, or should I say receiving, the good stuff. And of course I get super excited about the cheapie costume pieces. But I find Stella and Dot to be perfect for those times when I can’t break the bank but I don’t want the piece that may break on me after a couple of times wearing it. Their renegade bracelet is one of my wear everyday because it goes with everything pieces. If you are local and want to see the Stella and Dot collection up close and in person my sister, Kelly Figueroa, has just signed on as a stylist. You can contact her through her Facebook page by clicking here. Check out the collection and let me know which pieces are your favorite!

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You may have noticed I mentioned that the date night portion of my Valentine’s outfit will be worn to a metal concert. Yes, you heard me right. Our good friend is in the metal band, Downfall. I like many types of music but very heavy metal is a new frontier for me. The band is playing this Friday night and I can’t think of a more romantic thing to do than go somewhere with my husband where we can drink but can’t hear each other talk. After 11 years of marriage sometimes that is a good idea. Just kidding. But I do  think it is a very important part of life to try things out of your comfort zone. I also think it would be funny to request the band play something from Taylor Swift but they might not.

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  1. As always a great post! Cant wait to see the outfit Friday night. Downfall (and J) really appreciate your support!

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