Drawer Wars

Find calm among the chaos in your drawers….

I am a completely visual learner. I need to see something to understand it. I am also a visual dresser. I need to see it to wear it. My closet is lacking in the space I want so my dresser drawers have to be used wisely. I know for many people, especially my own children, folded clothes in drawers do not stay nicely folded. Unless you are a man, or, you opt for the LIFO method, (the LAST shirt put in is the FIRST one out), you will usually find  yourself rifling through a pile to find what you need. You end up with a jumbled mess, squeezing everything in just so you can jam the drawer shut.


The Solution?

STEP 1 – Empty the drawer.

Take everything out of the drawer and throw it onto the floor or the bed.


STEP 2 – Sort.

Are you really wearing that white t-shirt with the yellow in the underarms? No. Or for that matter please don’t. Scared you won’t find a new one? Write it down in that essential notebook I keep bugging you about. And trust me, when you don’t have one it will force you to go out and buy one. Holding on to a bad one just because you are afraid of not finding a new one is bad logic. It’s like when you keep dating the jerk guy just because you are afraid of being alone.

The going, going, GONE pile.


STEP 3 – Rethink how you fold.

The usual method looks something like this:


Try folding in thirds, like this:


STEP 4 – Organize.

I prefer to sort by color. Printed t’s go in one column, solid colors in the others. I don’t worry about v-neck or crew-neck because when you fold in thirds you can see the neckline. Although I do keep all my short sleeves in one drawer, tanks in another, and long sleeves in another one. Yes, I have a t-shirt problem.


STEP 5 – Admire your clean and organized drawers!



I do have some favorite t’s that are my go-to pieces, they are the ones that I prefer to hang to dry. I like to keep those out and hang them in my closets.That way wrinkling is never an issue, and they are right there in my view when I need them. I can grab and go.



Truth be told this really doesn’t take long. You can do it while are watching tv at night, while you are on the phone with a friend, or in between sets up sit-ups, (not me, but maybe you will). You can even bribe a child to help you. Keep going and you can apply this method to all of your drawers. I do the same thing with my “I-don’t-excercise-but-I-wear-excercise-clothes.”


I organized the zip-ups on the right, and yoga tanks on the left.


Sorry for the dark pic but this is the bottoms drawer. I sort it by shorts and tennis skirts, (I tried it once), capris, and full length leggings and yoga pants.

So grab a glass of wine and get going! You will be so proud of yourself! You may even be motivated enough to put away laundry. Maybe. Okay, probably not.

Like the idea but still feel like this is just not fitting into your schedule? Call me! You can go out to dinner and by the time you come back it will be all done! And I promise not to spill any wine while I am sorting 🙂

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  1. I’ve always struggled with my drawers….love the suggestions! I’m definitely a LIFO user now, but would love to have more options. I have t-shirts I know I have, but haven’t seen in years.

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