Halloween inspired outfit

How to take a skull sweater from spooky….


to sophisticated.


Do you dress up for Halloween? I generally don’t. Even when I was little I just didn’t love the costume part. But there is something about wearing a skull on your sweater that will make you feel like a total badass. In last week’s post I emphasized the importance of not labeling yourself. I also believe we shouldn’t label our clothes. If that was the case this “badass” sweater would only get worn 1 day a year. And nothing is worth purchasing to wear one day a year.

So how to give it a different vibe? It’s all about what you pair it with. In the first pic, the black jeans, leopard wedge boots and the funky jewelry all work together to give an edgier look. In the second pick, I added a navy blazer with gold buttons, cuffed a clean pair of straight jeans, added classic gold hoops and finished with leopard driving mocs. Suddenly the look is almost preppy, save for the gold foil skull peeping out from the jacket.

I believe our clothes should multitask, even if at first they appear to lack the ability to do so.


Skull Sweater – Just Girls Boutique

Black Jeans – Chantilly Blue

Black and Leopard Wedge Ankle Boots – Ashley Austin Boutique

Gold Spike Bracelet  – Stella and Dot

Gold and Black necklace – DeChic Boutique

Navy Blazer – Marshalls

Gold Hoops – Elizabeth Maar Boutique

Straight Jeans – Chantilly Blue

Leopard Driving Mocs – Ashley Austin Boutique


Sometimes we know an outfit feels “off” but don’t know why. It’s amazing how the smallest of details, say a carnation pink manicure versus deep dark purple nails can convey a whole different message. Don’t be afraid to experiment with tweaking your look to get the most out of your wardrobe. Because some days we want to feel badass, and some days we want to feel sophisticated. For my friends and clients who cook I often relate it to how just a teaspoon of a certain spice can change up the whole flavor of a dish. And it’s really up to you what flavor you choose!

Do you have a special occasion coming up? Maybe you know the impression you want to give, but you are not sure what pieces in your wardrobe to pull together to achieve that look? Call me up for a mini or express session. In 1 hour we can find the pieces to give you the presence you want!

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