Too Much Of A Good Thing

Nothing makes my head swivel faster than a shiny sequin. It can become quite the problem because I am easily distracted by anything sparkly. Then the distraction is followed by this “I HAVE TO HAVE IT” mentality. It’s as if I fear a shortage of glitter and the need to stockpile it in my wardrobe.

Too much bling is NOT a good thing.

Like many of my own clients, I don’t like to admit I have a problem. Many people don’t realize they are hoarding a certain type of style. That is until we complete the wardrobe audit. Only then does it become obvious what the addiction is. For some people it is the color black. When faced with an assortment of sweaters the safe choice always feels like black. The problem is when you get it home and you have 8 other black sweaters.

So what to do?

First, identify the problem.

The best way to do this is to remove the contents of your closet and sort by type and color. This is at the very heart of a wardrobe audit. I take it all out and regroup. It isn’t always as obvious as sequins, or an animal print addiction. The common theme could be an over abundance of long sleeve v-necks, all plain. Sometimes, it is an obvious lack of an item, like all pants but not one dress.

That’s A LOT of t-shirts.

Second, ask why?

Having too much of the same thing usually means one of two things is going on. Either you keep buying the same item because you have yet to find the one you really love, or, you are stuck in with a style habit, where it is easiest to keep buying and wearing what you are used to. With regard to a lack of a certain style, maybe it’s time to rethink your thinking. Women have a tendency to label themselves and say things like “Oh, my legs are horrible, I could never wear a skirt.” But ask yourself when was the last time you tried one. Today there are limitless styles and options. Is it is because you are petite, and the off the rack skirts always seem too long? What about asking a tailor to nip the skirt up an inch or two, to get a custom look fit for your shape and height. Human beings are creatures of habit. We are drawn toward the things we already know we love. For me that would be things of the shiny and sparkly variety.

Where’s the color?

The Solution? It’s this week’s *Insider Tip –  Follow the One in One out rule.

Now you know what you have too much of, and hopefully why. This does not mean you have to give up your style, or what you love. I will never stop loving, and buying, garments that look like they have their own party going on. But given the fact that I am not a 20-year-old rock star, I have to consider the wearability of sequins, versus my investment cost. In order to keep my habit in check I follow a strict ONE IN ONE OUT rule. If I bring home a new item that fits my pattern addiction, I have to get rid of one that it’s in my closet. Sounds harsh, because I may love them all, but you don’t want to overdose. Sometimes you may find that you keep buying black jackets because you really don’t love any of the ones that you already own. If that’s the case DO NOT settle. Wait to buy one that you ABSOLUTELY LOVE. Then bring it home and get rid of the all the so-so options in your closet.  If you finally buy a skirt, give up a pair of pants that has been well-loved but has seen their time. A well diversified closet will reflect a certain amount of signature style, while remaining versatile and uncluttered. Sometimes going a little bit out of our comfort zones can lead to big changes in our style.  Remember, with regards to stuff, less is ALWAYS more. 

A well-rounded collection.

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