No Sleep Till Christmas

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A Christmas (W)Rap

Anyone else completely overwhelmed by the holidays? I wrote a little motivation rap, just sing it to the tune of The Beastie Boys No Sleep Till Brooklyn.  Click here if you need to remember the tune. I’m gonna put on my best smiley face and fake it until I make it.


No sleep till Christmas

Foot on the pedal, cuz I’m always running late
Stress level’s higher than my Visa interest rate
Two weeks till Christmas, it’s about that time
Store to store I’m running, I’m losing my mind

Onto cyber shopping cuz I’m sick of the mall,
running out of options, no time to stall
Distracted by you tube, watching clips of cats
Girl, don’t you know Ain’t nobody got time for dat.

My Christmas cards aren’t done and I think I know why
Check out my kids’ photo, my son’s got food on his tie
Hook me up Tiny Prints for overnight shipping
$34.95! They must be tripping!

No sleep till Christmas

Another night, another fight, all about the elf
Another spot, I forgot, just put it on the shelf
Our kids are crazy, asking us for phones
Damn I didn’t even get mine till I was grown

Need a trip to Starbucks, triple vente stat
The lines out the door, what’s up with that
Grumpy peeps are waiting and the barista looks pissed
Some chick came in with 9 funky drinks on her list

Set aside some time to put up the tree,
Poured a little vino for my hubby and me
Dropped 4 ornaments and have half broken lights
My kids can’t go 10 minutes, without a fight.

No sleep till
No sleep till Christmas
No sleep till Christmas

Went to a party to try and relax
Bartender, fill er up to the max
Woke up hung over, that’s a drag
Can’t stay up past midnight without feeling like a hag.

Wrap paper to the tape, the tape to the paper
This mess would be easier if I used a damn stapler.
Got ribbons, bags, shiny bows
Where my scissors at? Nobody knows.

Step off mommies, get out of my way
Only 1 Barbie castle, left at Tar-jay.
Hearing Jingle Bells even in my sleep
‘Cause I’ll be rocking Christmas songs 8 days a week

No sleep till
No sleep till Christmas
No sleep till Christmas
No sleep till Christmas
No sleep till Christmas

No sleep till Christmas
No sleep till Christmas
No sleep till Christmas

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