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I am lucky to be enjoying some sunshine this week as I tag along on a work conference for my hubby.

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Of course I am not completely social media free so I am checking in here and there. A friend recently re-posted this status from Clinton Kelly, from the TLC show What Not To Where. I loved his message and I think it is worth it to take the time to read it.

Status Update
By Clinton Kelly (Official)
I stopped filming “What Not to Wear” almost 10 months ago now. Honestly it feels like it was 3 weeks ago, and for some reason, I’ve had a thought coursing through my mind lately. I figured I would write it down and share it on Facebook, because … well, why the hell not. Here goes:I don’t care what you wear. I really don’t. And I don’t care what you think of what I wear. I really don’t. I care what I wear. And I think you should care about what you wear. Your style can make you happy, and even though I don’t know you, I’d like you to be happy, because as a human being, you deserve to be happy. Clothes won’t make you happy in that really deep, profound way. A solid core of happiness, I believe, comes from expressing love to those who deserve it and accepting love from others because you know you deserve it. 

Nevertheless, clothes can make you happy in an important way.

Your personal style is a form of nonverbal communication, just like your facial expressions and your body language. If someone were to smile while giving you some really bad news, you would feel especially uncomfortable. If an acquaintance invited you to her house for a friendly lunch and then sat with her arms folded and legs crossed, you would think something was amiss. Similarly, when your clothes do not match who you are as a person, you and others around you experience a lack of harmony, a dissonance. 

It’s hard to convince others — but more importantly yourself — that you are a vibrant human being when you look like you can barely convince yourself to roll out of bed in the morning.

And for the record, dissonance works both ways. A $5,000 suits doesn’t prove to others — or yourself — that you’re a good guy if in fact, you’re actually a jackass.

I guess I want you to know that you control your nonverbal messaging. And when you feel as though the message you want to be sending to the rest of the world is in harmony with the message you are actually sending, you feel more confident, more at peace, and quite frankly, happier.

*Insider Tip – Do the work.

You’re outside appearance and your inside feelings do not function in a vacuum. They feed off of each other. Sometimes you have to work on the inside to be able to change your outside. Sometimes you need to make outward physical changes to feel different inside. But you have to make the commitment to yourself to do the work needed to make the changes. I can come in and help you change your closet or clean up your style, but ultimately you need to do the emotional soul-searching to figure out how you got to where you are and more importantly where you want to be.Yes it can be hard, but most good things take a little effort to get the desired results. And it is never too late.  Think of me as your guide and we can get you to where you want to be, so you can get on with your life and all the other important people in it.

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